Wednesday, October 26, 2011

He Drove 300 Hundred Miles For My Pie

Truth be told, that's a little exaggeration.

When we had the restaurant, I made pies as a dessert and one of the pies was Burgundy Berry which had a filling of combined blueberries and cranberries.

There was a really nice guy who had been raised in our little town but at that time lived about three hundred miles away. His mother still lived in our town though.

He and his mom came in to the restaurant to eat frequently when he visited her, and his favorite pie was Burgundy Berry. When he made the drive up to visit for a couple of days, he would call as soon as he got into town to see if I had Burgundy Berry on the menu that day. If I did he would ask that I save a piece for him when they came in later. If I hadn't made a Burgundy Berry that day, he would politely ask if I would make it one of the days during this visit which I was glad to do. Sometimes he would even request I make a whole Burgundy Berry Pie he could take back home with him. Ya gotta love customers like that.

This past weekend I got to thinking that I hadn't made a Burgundy Berry Pie for some time, so dug out the recipe and made it on Monday. Tasted purdy darn good, too. Here's the recipe if you're interested.


1 cup sugar (or 1-1/4 cups depending on the sweetness of the blueberries)
2 tablespoons Minute Tapioca
1/4 teaspoon salt
2-1/2 cups blueberries (fresh or frozen)
1-1/2 cups cranberries, cut in half (fresh or frozen)

Combine sugar, tapioca and salt. Stir into mixed berries. Put into pastry lined pie plate. Top with a lattice crust. (This particular pie filling seems to come out too juicy if covered with a whole top crust.)

Bake at 425 degrees for 15 minutes, then reduce oven temp to 350 degrees and bake for another 45 minutes or until crust is golden brown and filling is bubbling.

Remove from oven and cool on wire rack. To make a slice totally delectable, serve with a dollop of vanilla ice cream on top.

Still tolerable . . . even without ice cream.

P.S. Yet more proof of why I should stick to pies . . .

Made this cake this morning and had . . . um, a little trouble inverting it onto the cooling rack. You shoulda seen the mess BEFORE I cleaned it up and shoveled it back onto the racks. Sigh.


Jennifer Jo said...

I'm making it ASAP. (Once we finish this sweet potato one that's cooling.)

Susan said...

Hate to say it, but I would still eat that cake. I have similar 'luck' with cakes - but that pie is worth 1000 miles! Once I get my new and improved pie dough worked out, I am gonna make it!

Jane said...

I think Susan and I will need to split the cake. I see nothing wrong with it. I dont worry about presentation. Taste good and fills the belly is all that counts.

dr momi said...

"Here's the recipe in case you're interested" .....well yes we're interested! :-)...especially with the yummy pictures! Love that last pic too LOL.

Mama Pea said...

JJ - Mmmm-mmm, sweet potato pie. Makes me even hungrier for pumpkin pie than I have been. Gotta get on that.

Susan - Of course we're still eating the cake! Hubby took a spatula and scooped a piece into a bowl first thing, daughter took some with her to work in a container and another big chunk just left with someone else. I think it's disappearing faster than a respectable looking cake usually does!

Keep workin' on that gluten-free pie dough!

Jane - I got all the pieces onto a plate, stirred together the powdered sugar glaze, drizzled that over the whole mess and it looked a lot better!

dr momi - The Burgundy Berry really is a nice pie. The two berries compliment each other and the color is pretty, don't ya think? (Especially with that scoop of vanilla ice cream!)

Mama Pea said...

JJ - Oh, gosh. What I meant to say was "hungrier for pumpkin pie I have been . . . craving." Not pumpkin pie I have . . . been. (Maybe it's just my brain that is the consistency of pumpkin pie. I really MUST learn to proof-read my comments. Someday.)

Mama Pea said...

JJ - I'm apparently just digging myself into a deeper stupor. I can't even read correctly when I DO proof-read. I'm turning off my computer and going to a rest home now where someone will take good care of me.

Jenyfer Matthews said...

OMG - I can't even make a decent regular pie crust and you are taunting me with cute leaves and pumpkin faces!!!!


That pie looks great - and I'm sure the cake was yummy too!

Patty said...

That looks like one awesome pie! So sorry to see that still tasty looking cake on the floor. :( I agree with Susan, though. I'd eat it. :)

Karen L. said...

If it tastes good, cake, like cookies and pie, is good no matter what it looks like. Glad you still ate it. Guess everyone was willing to scoop it up because they weren't worried about destroying the beauty of it. Not that your cake wasn't beautiful ..... well, actually it wasn't but it's surely better than no cake at all. Who was it that said "let them eat cake"? Some French aristocrat, I think, before getting their head removed from their body? Anyway, the Pineapple Cheese Pie that I mentioned before is made with a soft crust that is pressed into the pan. Then a can of drained pineapple pieces is poured in; then the cheese mixture is added. If you want the actual recipe, I could email it to you.

Sue said...

I just love the way you do cut-outs for the top---very festive and cute.
And for the record, Don and I have been known to drive 400 miles for pie. We still do, on occasion....cuz Sue don't "do" coconut creme!

judy said...

That cake really does look like the black berry coffee cake I con- cocked yesterday--it didn't dump as easily as it should of so Dan said"you gotta pound a little ma"the difference in pounding a little with my hand and his is a hammer so it dumped all over-your berry pie could be considered healthy? I almost forgot --duh-why we've been to the VA so much lately, got news of the better kind, tumor has not shrunk but, BUT, IT HAS NOT GROWN---YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

MamaTea said...

I don't care if you can't invert a're a pie genius. I would drive just as many miles to have some of that!! CUTE! And tasty too, I'm sure!

MaineCelt said...

Aye--I second the "pie genius" comment. That is the most gorgeous, yummy-looking, bee-yoo-tee-fully decorated pie I've ever seen, and I grew up in a family that was pretty serious about their pies!

Mama Pea said...

Jen - You are just funny!

Patty - I think I confused some of you. I did dump the cake all over . . . but all over the counter, not the floor. I confess we don't take off our shoes when we come in the house so eating anything that hit the floor around here might be a little chancy! ;o}

Karen L. - The cake did look like it had been run over by something with big wheels!

If it's not too much trouble, I would like to see the recipe for your Pineapple Cheese Pie. Can't quite wrap my tongue around it! ;o}

Sue - So is it Sue or Don who has to have the Coconut Creme that Sue don't "do?"

judy - Hooray! for the good news you got today. May the news continue to be good for a long time!

Mama Tea - You're so sweet! I don't know if we have a bunch of Hungry Hermans around here or what but 90% of my dilapidated cake is gone, gone, gone as of right now . . . 6:30 p.m. (And I haven't even had a piece yet!!)

Mama Pea said...

MaineCelt - Well, now you've made me blush. Such compliments! I'll never feel adequate putting on a regular old pie crust again! (Tee-hee.)

Erin said...

Pie sounds delicious! I am going to make that cranberry-cake-whatever you call it TO DIE FOR recipe again this year - it was such a hit at the party i went to but poor hubby was deployed during Thanksgiving so he only saw photos of it LOL!

odiie said...

Your pie is beautiful and your cake looks like mine, so what's not to love?
Has anyone tried buttermilk pie? My daughter just moved to Tennessee and she loves this pie. I got the recipe from her and was going to give it a try.

Mama Pea said...

Erin - Hey, Lady, are you back with us? Do you have your new computer? Sure have missed you!

Hope the cake turns out for you again and that your hubby gets some of it this time.

odiie - Go over to my list of blogs I read and click on "A Farmish Kind of Life." She posted a day or so ago about a buttermilk pie she made and it came out fantastic. I'm eager to try it. You could compare her recipe with the one you got from your daughter.