Saturday, August 6, 2011

Running on Fumes

Add ImageHa-ha, those would be polyurethane fumes! I got the very last of the painting and polying done in the pantry today. Tomorrow the door can go back on, we'll have a way of closing it off and we can see how cool it stays in there in this hot summer time.

The good news is I don't think the temp hit 80 today. (I know, some of you would do desperate things for a day down in the 80s.) The bad news is we had such humidity that my underwear has been stuck tight to me all day long. I went out to pick blueberries before noon time and really felt yucky by the time I came in. And it was even a gray day without any sunshine. But that heavy air laden with about 96.5% water was a killer.

Did you know that the Sweet Pea flower actually forms a pod that looks a lot like . . . well, a pea pod?

Yup, it surely does. The pods seem to be developing early this year (because of all the heat?) so I'm going to try saving the seeds for planting next year. If they don't seem dry enough by the time our wet, cold weather hits in the fall, I'll hang the pods inside to dry thoroughly.

When we made the decision I shouldn't try to do the full-blown garden this year because I'd be so busy with the remodeling, we both agreed that we should also nix any new plantings or garden additions/expansions of any kind. Guess who came to me very sheepishly this spring with some Jerusalem Artichoke tubers that had just arrived in the mail, ones that he had "forgotten" he'd ordered?

I planted them in one of our raised beds because they will spread and take over the acreage if not contained in some way. Haven't they done well so far this season? Tall, sturdy and very healthy looking. We're looking forward to seeing what kind of a crop we get this fall when the tubers can be dug.

Remember I made mention of the bed I had our cherry tomatoes in last year? And the 4,000 volunteer plants that sprouted there? I finally got around to doing a quick pruning in that bed today and was pleased to find we actually had some little green tomatoes forming. With luck, we'll have tomatoes for our salads one of these days.

A couple/few years ago, I planted a clematis waaay over at the side of the yard against our 7' high deer fence. It really was a poor choice of location because the yard boy (aka Papa Pea) has mowed it completely down two times (or is it three?) and I tend to forget to give it any TLC at all. Despite this concentrated neglect, it's blooming its little heart out this year . . . but only at the very top of the fence. There are two spindly bare nekkid vines climbing up, up, up to the top of the fence where it spreads out and gives us this lovely show of huge, purple flowers. Ya gotta love a plant with a will like that!


Lynda said...

Your sunchokes sure look healthy. I have wanted to grow some for quite a while. They can be a bit pricey. I always think about getting them when I make my potato order...and then don't order them. Maybe this will be the year. Your clematis is beautiful! I had a nice white one growing in the year it never grew back...such a sad loss.

Sparkless said...

The "Ungarden" sure is still producing lots of yummy stuff.
I hope your fumey days are coming to a close soon. Nothing worse than those polyurethane fumes to give you a headache and kill a few million brain cells.

MamaTea said...

Amazing how much can still grow when you're not even trying...and in all this crazy weather we've been having! i hope you get to have your tomatoes soon!

Dr. Momi said...

LOL! You kow it's humid when your underwear sticks to you all day.
:-)....I'm looking forward to next weeks 70's.

Sue said...

Humidity-ugh. We've had it bad this week too and even though the temps are pretty decent (mid 80's), that humidity puts the kabosh on doing much past 10 am.

You're untended garden is doing great. I think I'm going to do that next year.....I'll plant it and NEVER look at it again for 6 weeks. I just dug 2 volunteer Red Pontiacs that yielded well over 5 pounds. I'm willing to bet I don't get that from the ones I planted.
Maybe I'll come up next summer and watch YOU garden! LOL!!

Leigh said...

Yes, why is it "cooler" temperatures always seem to be accompanied by higher humidity! Looks like things are doing well in your non-planned garden. The Jerusalem artichokes look great! I really need to plant some too. Looking forward to seeing the photos of your finished pantry.

Jane said...

I didnt think I would say it, but I think I am ready for fall. And speaking of fall, when I ordered my Jerusalem Artichokes they told me they will only ship in the fall, not the spring. Well darn it, now they cheated me out of a fall harvest. Well I cant wait to see when you dig them up and the harvest you get. At least I will be prepared.

Stephanie said...

Wow, you have an awful lot growing for someone who purposely didn't do a garden this year! LOL! So glad the progress on the room is going well:)

Erin said...

I'm glad you are going to get a few cherry tomatoes, no work involved LOL! "Inadvertent Tomatoes" we'll call that strain. I think ANY heat above 80 when combined with humidity is intolerable, our heat index was 88 already at dawn thanks to the humidity but it might as well be 120, it's all yuck!

judy said...

Your cherry tomatoes are at the same stage mine-I never grew this kind before-neat how they grow in pairs! LOVE IT---LOVE IT ----LOVE IT---the weather forecast of coarse-70;s all week-I know be careful of what I wish for [ I don't need winter yet ] but I can't forget what one local farmer from isanti said-"We are in for drastic change in weather"I walked away thinking,what does she know,we all don't

judy said...

Your cherry tomatoes are at the same stage mine-I never grew this kind before-neat how they grow in pairs! LOVE IT---LOVE IT ----LOVE IT---the weather forecast of coarse-70;s all week-I know be careful of what I wish for [ I don't need winter yet ] but I can't forget what one local farmer from isanti said-"We are in for drastic change in weather"I walked away thinking,what does she know,we all don't

Mama Pea said...

Lynda - You MUST replant a clematis! They're so lovely. We haven't grown any Jerusalem Artichokes for years so we're eager to have them again, too. I've bought a few now and then at our organic co-op but I just know these will taste even better!

Sparkless - Yeah, I keep thinking about them coating my lungs, too. (I am being very careful though.)

Mama Tea - Seeds and plants just seemed to appear and jump into the dirt in my garden this year!

Dr. Momi - We, too, are being promised a cool down in the next week. Keep your fingers crossed!

Mama Pea said...

Sue - I have an idea! Why don't you come live here next summer and landscape our place with your amazing green flower thumb knowledge? I'll send you home with your truck stuffed to the gills with vegetables. (Whadda ya mean you couldn't leave Delores with no one to harass all summer??!)

Leigh - Thanks for your kind words. Picture of FINISHED pantry coming up soon. We're still debating moving the two freezers in right now or waiting in case we might need the space for stashing stuff we still need to move out of harm's (construction) way!

Jane - When Papa Pea handed me the artichoke tubers this spring, I told him I thought you could only plant them in the fall. But in reading the instructional blurb that came with them, it says you can plant in spring OR fall. Hurumpf!

Stephanie - I promise it just LOOKS like more than it really is!

Erin - Is there ANY cool down in sight for you??

judy - Well, THIS summer has been a drastic change, that's for sure!

Sue said...

LOL! Dolores would have to find someone else to B@#$% at, I suppose. But I don't know-could you handle blue tarps all over the place? Any more pics from the pantry? I'm DYING to see it all together!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi there, Linda here. I wanted to answer your question to my blog. I'm afraid my short term solution to getting more sleep has been to take the sleep meds that my doctor prescribed, for a few days straight instead of doing at most every other night. It has been really nice to get 4 pretty good night's sleep in a row, but now I'm going to see if what happens without them for a few days.
My plan, should I wake up, is to have my quantitative genetics book at the bedside to read. Something dense and incomprehensible, but that will occupy my mind. The other is to try a meditation/ visualization technique and focus on my breathing. I hope you find what works for you!

Susan said...

You watch those fumes, now, Mama Pea. Are pictures forthcoming? I want to see that bright yellow pantry with all it's wonderful cabinets and shelves.

Mama Pea said...

Sue - Since I know what gorgeousness follows the blue tarps, ya sure, you betcha!

I'm determined to get pics of the pantry today. Hubby has been using it as a repository for tools but I may make him clean up so I can take pics.

Linda - Thanks for the info. Not being able to sleep is soooo frustrating. Last night was the coolest temps we've had in an age, I was bone-tired . . . but still wide awake at 12:30 for a short while, then awake again at 3:30. Grrrr. I can fall back asleep within an hour if I read, but even my book light bothers my bed partner so I hate to do that. If I get up and leave the bedroom, I'm up for the duration. Oh well, we'll both keep working on this. I know we're not alone.

Susan - Thanks, dearie-dear. Will try for pics today again.

The Apple Pie Gal said... must be reminiscing the 70s :0D

Mama Pea said...

APG - You're such a funny girl! Poly fumes are not something I'd like to inhale for any period of time. I'm just hoping by doing the polying outside or with good ventilation, I'm not losing too many brain cells!