Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Padded Cell, Anyone?

Yep, this is what I have been reduced to . . .

. . . putting up a picture of a newly painted wall as a blog post.

I feel like a horse wearing blinders. All I can see, hear, smell or taste (well, scratch the taste part) is yellow paint.

I have just this last day today to finish getting the new coat of paint on the kitchen walls so B will give the okay and help us go on the kitchen floor tiles tomorrow. She told me she refuses to have the new tile go down if I'm gonna splatter paint on it. What?! She thinks I'm a messy painter? I've only had one or two or three bad boo-boos on the floor. And that was white paint when we were doing the ceiling. Ceilings are hard. Who can do a ceiling without some fallout?

I bonked early last night. Was in bed by 8 p.m. Truly not feeling too great. I battled slight nausea and a little dizziness all day and figured the dizziness alone was a good enough excuse not spend late night hours on a ladder.

Because I called it quits early last night, I vowed I'd be painting by sunrise this morning. (I may have been a little hasty in that pronouncement.) It's 6:12 a.m. right now and although I still have to get some breakfast in us, I will be holding that paint brush soon.

Stay tuned for more stimulating pictures of blank walls.

P.S. Something fun (and gawgeous!) just came up! Mama Tea over on her blog just posted a giveaway that is well worth you taking a look at. She's giving away a headband and matching scarf that she crocheted herself. This beautiful, crazy lady taught herself how to crochet a couple of months ago and she's become an expert in a very short time. It's worth it to go have a look and enter your name for a chance to have these two lovely items for your very own!


  1. Even if you posted a picture of *nothing* at all, we'd still read your blog and love you. :) I really like the color, and i wish I was there to help you!

  2. Aw....and thanks for adding the give away! You're a darlin'!

  3. Hum, I think you have paint poisoning. It might be time to put down the brush and get some fresh air. Put it down Mama Pea, put it down.

  4. I agree with Jane-put it down and take a rest-you only have a few years on me young lady,do I have to get tough but I do know what you mean I was having a all out panic attack last night because my chest hurt and my arm was numb but at least I didn't foolishly go to the E.R. like I have in the past they always tell me I'm fine but most of my sister died by my age! tell C.M. I got her very funny cards and thank you very very much. I want to frame them and I'm also having a very bad "hair day"

  5. Mama Tea - With encouragement like yours, I shall persevere!!

    Jane - I'd like to communicate with you via e-mail on something you may find humorous. Would you contact me via my "Contact" box on my right hand sidebar with your e-mail info? (But if you don't want to share your address, that's fine. I understand that perfectly. No problem!)

    judy - Oh yeah, those ol' emotions can do a number on you when you're not looking. You take care of yourself. Glad you got CM's little gift!

  6. LOve the wall color! We do have good taste!

  7. Alright, time for a breather. And I mean real air. Not poly, not paint!

    All the work in the world is NOT worth it if you end up high on fumes, fall from the ladder and break your neck.

    I'm telling you, your next post NEEDS (and better) be a blank wall. As in a blank of nothing done getting done!

    Please, please, please!

  8. Let's try to remember that we must survive in order to enjoy all this hard work! I think you've overdone it, my dear Mama Pea. I know you've got deadlines, but it may be time to follow Jane's advice - put down that paint brush! Go out and breathe some fresh air. It's not fair to make me worry about you when I'm this far away...

  9. LOL! I agree with Jane you need to step away from the paintbrush and get some fresh air.
    Do you talk to your wall?

  10. the earthquake is near Richmond Virginia so I don't know how far Erin is from there but I'm sure I speak for everyone to say we pray Erin and her family are safe-there are no news crews in the area yet but we should know more soon

  11. sorry to hear about the queasiness! LOVE that yellow!

  12. Oh, I love the yellow---almost as much as the scallopy shelves.
    Are you done filling that pantry yet?
    And watch the paint fumes, okay? You don't want to croak before you get the kitchen done!!!!!

  13. dr momi - We must confer before I make any decisions for the living room! ;o}

    APG - I know if I fell off the ladder and broke my body you'd come take care of me.

    I just finished the kitchen walls. Nah-nah-na-nah-nah! I am being careful, I promise. Honest.

    Susan - E-gods, I wonder if I could take both you AND APG playing nursemaid for me?? (You'd have your hands full. I do not stay still well.) We ate our lunch out on the deck today and I took healthy, deep breaths all the time out there. (Just about choked on my pickle.) Do I get any credit for that?

    Sparkless - I don't talk to the walls but I say awful, bad things to the drips and splatters of paint that get away from me.

    judy - If you haven't yet heard, Erin didn't even know about the quake. She didn't feel a thing. Thankfully!

    Dmarie - I'm feeling much better today, thanks. We're really liking the yellow, too!

    Sue - The pantry is full . . . of supplies for the remodeling. I just knew that was gonna happen. Oh well, all the more fun (filling the pantry with stuff I want to put in there) to look forward to later.

    Manomanoman, if I croaked before I got to enjoy my finished house, I would be REALLY mad!

  14. Boy am I arriving late to everyone's party these days! I made a conscious decision 3 paint jobs ago to not tape or cover floors anymore - surprisingly I found I cut in better without tape and the floor???? - latex wipes off so easily I don't even worry about it, even on the wood! Loving all these updates, but get some fresh air, Mama! Hey we may need your "padded room" to evacuate to come Friday heehee... I don't think Irene can find us up there!

  15. Maybe the dizziness is from all the paint fumes....just remember how much you will love the kitchen when is done :)

  16. Erin - Yep, no hurricanes, no tornadoes . . . but we have had a couple of incidents of horrendous straight-line winds in the last ten years though.

    I got talked into buying some green "frog tape" for my painting of walls (had lots of moulding to paint around) and it's the best stuff I've found. On to the flooring tomorrow!

  17. Stephanie - Now that I see all the walls painted in that cheerful yellow I love it already!

  18. OK -you gals had your laugh at my expense but you know what they say about being at a football game and thinking that they are talking about you in the huddle--THEY ARE JK-I'M NOT A ALARMIST JUST PARANOID SCHIZOID

  19. Ah well then you aren't like the woman in "Shirley Valentine" Plot: Wondering what has happened to herself, now feeling stagnant and in a rut, Shirley Valentine finds herself regularly talking to the wall while preparing her husband's chips and egg. When her best friend wins a trip-for-two to Greece, she packs her bags, leaves a note on the kitchen table, and heads for a fortnight of rest and relaxation. What she finds is romance and a new awareness of who she is and what her existence can be with just a little effort on her part.