Thursday, August 25, 2011

No Grumping From Me Today

Our plumbing problems are taken care of so this has been a good, good day! Running water is a fantastic thing to have, but can also be a royal pain in the patoot when it runs where you don't want it to run. During the repairs, we took extra pains and made some changes to allow for the installation of the new sink which hopefully will go in next week.

Got the grouting done on the tile under the wood stove. I am very pleased with the way it turned out. Papa Pea, who was unsure of using the small two inch squares, is now totally happy with it. (Big relief 'cause I talked him into them.)

I thought I'd give you a glimpse of what my kitchen looked like at mid-day today. No matter how messy your kitchen is it will seem much better after seeing mine.

At least there's no standing water on the floor!

We ate lunch out on the deck. Good thing the weather was lovely 'cause as you can see, it would have been impossible to eat on the table.

This is currently what our to-be living room looks like. Good thing we're so tired at night when we stop working that we usually go straight to bed. There is no cozy, restful place to sit and relax at the present time. No matter. We'd both fall asleep as soon as we sat down anyway.


  1. Oh Mama're getting there! That tile looks fabulous! I really like the small tile and think it turned out great! Just keep thinking, you'll look back on this "lovely" remodel project and say "Remember that time we didn't have any open place to sit because our house was in such disarray?" And Papa Pea will turn to you and say "Nope. I was too tired to care." :)

  2. I can picture it complete now. And no matter how messy your kitchen is it will still look better than my old grungy one. No matter how much I scrub or clean my kitchen never looks nice and sparkling clean. Everything in my kitchen needs replacing. A gut job for sure but my husband could never do it and on only his income we could never afford to pay someone else to do it. So you and Papa Pea should be proud of yourselves for tackling this job and getting it done!

  3. This is the last time you have to go through this.

    This is the last time you have to go through this.

    Repeat 89,973 times.

  4. Wow! You and Papa Pea never do things in a small way! I hope there's a clear path to the bed... I love the tile you picked for under the stove. It's so nice, that it's a shame it will be UNDER the stove! Another major step towards completion -- hang in there!

  5. So glad to hear the water issue is resolved!! Those tiles are gorgeous, great choice!

  6. I agree,floor looks fantastic and the gorgeous look is only one good aspect of it. It will have the wear and tear of brick.I love ceramic tile,you can't go wrong

  7. Wow, you all are really progressing since I looked in last. I know it may not seem that way as you are drowning in it all, but it is going to be so worth it. Just love the small tile.

  8. Good think you go straight to bed, I'd hate to see you wake up with a spatula stuck to the side of your face!

    Tiles do look lovely! :o) Hope you have a wonderful day!

  9. The tile looks great! Good idea to take your lunch outside, have you kept your bedroom as a stress-free zone or are you stepping over stuff there too?!

  10. My kitchen looks way worse, and I am not even remodeling. The tiles looks great.

  11. Mama Tea - Thanks for the pep talk. I needed it! :o}

    Sparkless - We had to wait about ten years before we could get to the point of having the extra $$ to get going on this so I understand your plight. If only we could all find that money tree . . .

    Sue - My hubby has always said he's going to live to be 126 (and he couldn't survive without me so I'll have to make it to 124) so this may NOT be our last remodeling job. On the other hand, after this remodel, I may not care any more. ;o}

    Susan - Yep, we can still get to the bed but it IS getting crowded in here!

    Stephanie - Glad you like the tiles too!

    judy - And I think the colors of the tiles won't show the debris that always drops around a wood stove.

  12. Lorie - I wish I weren't so impatient . . . but I've been waiting for ten years for this to happen. If I've waited that long, I should be able to hang in there a few more months, right?

    APG - It would be a spatula . . . or wet paint!

    LindaCO - Thank you, ma'am!

    Erin - The bedroom only has (so far) my eight running feet of cookbooks smooshed into it. (Yes, I actually have that many cookbooks.)

    Jane - You'll have to show me a picture of your kitchen that looks worse than mine to convince me!