Saturday, July 9, 2011

Wonky on Paint Fumes

We worked in the pantry today painting. Not the greatest day for painting with windows open for ventilation because it rained hard for the first two-thirds of the day and our high temp was 63. (Not great for strawberry picking either. I'm gonna have a bunch out there next time it's dry enough for me to get into the patch.) Our rain gauge showed a healthy inch more of rain today.

Meanwhile, back in the pantry . . .

The ceiling is completely done. Hooray! Painting with your arms over your head is not fun, as some of you may already know. But, as I say, it's done now. That's a skylight that you see to the left of the picture. This room was originally planned as a back porch and we had the skylight in the roof, so there it stayed.

The inside measurements of the room are about 7' x 15' which is gonna make a really nice sized pantry for me. (Although you'll be amazed at how chuck full I have it planned already.)

This is looking straight into the pantry from the doorway. The window opposite looks north, out onto our back driveway area.

This is to the left inside the room. We used leftover, salvaged fireproof-cement board on the walls. (You just never know when some of my canned dill pickles might spontaneously combust!) It's not fancy, but the walls will be virtually covered with cabinets and shelves, plus the two freezers that will go in the room.

And looking to the right. The white color you see is the primer coat. The color coat still needs to be put on. The cabinets and shelves are going to be pine so I'm painting the walls a warm beige.

More real progress made today and if you'll all cross your fingers for us, we'll get the walls done tomorrow.


  1. It's looking great! I can't wait to see the finished product. I think anything done over your head is just exhausting. That roller just seems to get heavier and heavier. Keep up the good work and don't work too hard.

  2. Wahoo! What an awesome pantry! I know you will absolutely LOVE it! My pantry is big, but not that big. So cool that you will be able to have freezers in there. Only house I know of that had that is the old ranch house Hubby's grandparents lived in. An awesome house.

  3. That is going to be one nice pantry. It's bigger than my bedroom. I can't wait to see if all finished and full of all your preserves.

  4. Painting overhead is great for that little "arm-jiggly" I have going. Maybe I should have helped. Nah......

    I can imagine that space all filled with home raised goodies. How exciting. AND satisfying!

  5. you 2 are going amazingly fast it seems-looking goodsorry about the arm pain you may feel today.I have often dreamed of having a pantry, mine is wherever I find space,spare drawer,cab. and so on,I hear we are in for it this week-RAIN,just what you didn't want to hear.

  6. First you get rain, then you get a room that will have both canned goods and your frozen goods! I am overcome with envy! It will be like having your own small grocery store in there. You can call it "Dont shop and you save" or 'Pea's mercantile'. Will you offer coupons?

  7. Awesome! You are going to have the most wonderful pantry when this is all done! And I believe that you will have it filled to the rim! Is there ever enough pantry space??? Nope.

    Can not wait to see it all done and lined with pretty jars and buckets and pots and pans and tools and and and :)

  8. Cupboard and shelves unlimited!!! How wonderful is that. I know you will have it filled fast, but we can all dream. Will you also have storage for your small appliances in there or will it strictly be food?

    The closer you get to the end the faster it will go...

  9. Looks fantastic! Love the white, but like you, I hate painting ceiligs. Looks like you did a great job though. Can't wait to see this with some shelves!

  10. Looks excellent!! You are both doing a great job!

  11. Judy - My mom and I once wallpapered a ceiling! What a dumb idea. Eventually got it done but ended up laughing so hard through it that it took us 'bout three times as long as it should have.

    Lori - The two freezers really will take up a lot of space but it's the best place for them. I think. :o\

    Sue - I can hardly believe I'll have all the preserved stuff gathered together in one spot. I should be able to be better organized now.

    judy - Fast??! It seems to be taking FOREVER! No aches or pains today but we really felt tired.

  12. Jane (Poochie) - Ha! Pea's Mercantile! I like the way that sounds! (I'll have to take a shopping cart when I go in there.)

    APG - That's the scary part; how fast it's gonna fill up!

    Yvette - I am so looking forward to having a CONVENIENT place to store my big griddle, waffle iron, large roaster, water bath and pressure canner, etc., etc. Right now I have these things stuffed in the most awkward places!

    Leigh - The shelves are going to be on tracks and brackets and we finally got those all figured out today. Good thing it's only a one-time expense!

    Stephanie - Thanks so much. We need all the encouragement we can get!!

  13. very nice! I can already envision it full and I'm so jealous LOL!

  14. Erin - You will have a nice, big pantry full of goodies someday, I know, m'dear. And be well deserving of it! (Won't it be fun?)