Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Limpin' Along

Still not quite up to 100% after those two dastardly bees tried to take me out last Saturday, but did do some actual "work" today. My swollen head (okay, just the one-half of my face) is almost back to normal as is the back of my neck and shoulders.

So what did I do today? I did some painting of windows, framing for a skylight and a grid for a window and then helped Papa Pea measure, cut and put up molding in the pantry.

If all goes well, I'll start painting the undercoat on the pantry ceiling and walls tomorrow.

Yesterday hubby mowed down the healthy stand of buckwheat we had growing in the pumpkin patch as a cover crop.

The buckwheat came through and grew well after germinating very, very slowly during our cold, cold spring. It had flowered out and and I wanted it cut down before it went to seed. Otherwise, I'd be weeding buckwheat plants from the pumpkin patch . . . forever.

Hoping to be back up to full-speed tomorrow. I am one crabby, cranky gal when I can't do what I wanna do! (Papa Pea agrees.)


Sparkless said...

Glad to hear you are getting better. You are so right that there is nothing worse than not being able to do what you want to do.
Buckwheat, that reminds me I have to make sure to buy some this fall so we can mix it with whole wheat flour. It makes the best pancakes! And the buckwheat berries are great cooked too.

Mama Pea said...

Sparkless - Yes! We like buckwheat groats cooked as a breakfast cereal, too. Gosh, your mention of buckwheat pancakes reminds me that I used to have a starter from which I made buckwheat sourdough pancakes. Wonder why I let that go . . . They were really good.

fullfreezer said...

So glad you are on the mend. I was just reading about buckwheat a few days ago, thinking it's a possibility to help with weed control. But it would mean taking part of the garden out of production. But I could still plant fall crops... Hmm, too much to think about...

Ruth @ Hope, Joy and Faith Farm said...

Glad you are starting to feel more yourself. I forced myself to stay off the computer for a few days (except for posting for-sale ads for firewood on facebook and craigs list) so I hadn't seen you had a lil' run-in with stingers. Hope you continue to improve with great speed, in the meantime, milk it for all it's worth!

Dirt Lover said...

Ha! Hope you are back to your normal sweet self very soon!

Sue said...

Down and out you STILL get more done than us mere mortals. The Goddess of Getting It All Done is invincible!

judywalk softly said...

OK miss crabby momma pea-you are still getting a new pantry,the thought of that alone must bring chills up your spine. Hey,I have more crabby days than not, sorry to say. I don't grow old softly ,much to my children's requisite. Walk softly,with a big can of spay[ just to deter the bee's not kill them,but if only for self defense.....]

Erin said...

When I first saw that photo I'd though you'd gone mad, planting a field of beans LOL! If my stuff fails much more this year, I'm thinking I should just rip it all out and cover crop! Sorry you are still feeling the after effects of those stings, hope today is better.

judy said...


Mama Pea said...

Judy - When it comes to our gardens, there is no end to new things to try, crops to shift around, find a way to control the #@%!!* weeds. At least we gardeners are never bored! (Or can barely find time for a shower.)

Ruth - Thanks, Friend. I have a HUGE guilt complex about looking lazy so it's doubly hard for me to take it easy even when I have an excuse! (Do I need therapy?)

Lori- It will be a long haul to ever find my "normal sweet self!" :o}

Sue - IF I am The Goddess of Getting It All Done (not), you are The Goddess of Making It All Breath-Takingly Beautiful!

judy - Yesterday when I was painting outside a wasp came buzzing by and I almost fainted. (I'm not very big and brave at the moment, am I?)

Erin - Ha-ha-ha! Yep, planting a field of beans would have been reason to send me to Mercyville. (That was the institution for the unstable where I grew up.)

I keep forgetting to tell you that I really like your "new" profile pic! It's so you!!

Jane said...

Um, you went that far, I would harvest the buckwheat. I could see some Russian brown bread in you future.

mtnchild said...

Mama Pea, I hope you have also scheduled an appointment with the doctor for that epi-pen. I really didn't enjoy your pictures and you need something to keep it from happening again.
I guess you can see out of both eyes again - for painting and a bit of gardening you need both eyes!
Hope you are back to normal real soon!!

Mama Pea said...

Jane - Just don't have any time for the harvesting this year, sad to say. We've got more on our (cracked) plates than we can handle right now.

Yvette - Thanks for your concern. I think I'm back up to full steam ahead today!