Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Want Heat Relief?

Just thought all of you dear readers who have been suffering with the terribly unseasonable high heat and humidity would like to know that we have a frost warning out for tonight.

Yup, we're to cover anything that might be harmed by the rapidly dropping temperature which may produce a killing frost.

I'm betting the temperatures in most parts of Alaska (maybe even Siberia) have been warmer than ours so far this year.

The weather hasn't been good for our poor honey bees who have been valiantly trying to gather nectar and raise brood while wearing down vests and mittens.

Our new chicks would have been able to be safely moved out of the garage earlier (and we wouldn't have to deal with the - cough, cough - dust they're raising) if the weather was a little kinder and gentler.

Strangely enough, our strawberries are a smidge bit ahead of schedule. The saying is "a month from blossom to berry" and I noticed the first blossoms a few days ago. That would put the first berries ready end of June rather than the first week in July which is when the first tempting red ripe ones can be taste tested up here.

It continues to be a very strange, and for some of you gardeners heartbreaking, spring/summer season. One can't help but wonder how it will end. Hopefully with a little less drama than it's started.


  1. So what I hear you saying is I should skip the tank tops and shorts and pack my sweaters and jeans?? Which is pretty much what I do when you guys have a "warm" summer too, LOL!

  2. Well call me chicken little, but I really do think the sky is falling. Just look at the wide spread weirdness to this year. And just when you think it might get better, something else weird happens, like deadly tornados, floods, record snow fall (they reopened ski slopes out west due to new snow fall??). Bring on the soylent green, cause I think thats whats coming. And dont be surprised if it snows in July and it is 95 in December. Can you tell I am a little frustrated ;)

  3. That's it! Not you too!! We all must start dancing naked.

    Isn't that what they used to do?

    Oh wait, you said frost. Ok put your clothes back on and then cover your crops!

  4. I'm on Jane's team, it's all happening in clusters and all over at that. But honestly what I wouldn't give to be able to wear a jacket around a fire pit at night right now... sounds devine! Your honeybees are out - that's got to be a good sign...

  5. Up here in the wilds of BC we've had a bit cooler weather than normal and more rainfall. But when you look at averages it's not that much above an average year. It's just for us the past several years have been abnormally early hot and dry years so now everyone thinks that's the way it should be swimming in April and May.
    My strawberries have a few berries already. So we are a week or so ahead of you Mama Pea. We had a rainstorm go through today and it hailed a bit but nothing bad enough to damage the gardens.
    Summer is coming and it's going to be a hot one from what they are forecasting. I need to go find a Farmers Almanac to see what they forecast for the summer weather.

  6. I definitely think it's global wierding in action. I'm with Jane on this one too. Next thing you know the zombies will be shuffling down the road.
    I'm also frustrated with the weather. We're supposed to get MORE rain tonight. Will it never end!??
    It will definitely be an interesting year in the garden.

  7. We are being rained on constantly, which is saying something for Oregon. Have barely started the garden. It's snowing on the mountain passes. Totally too much this year.

  8. Frost in June in MN? This weather is jist weird eh? Hope you covered your berries and wear socks to bed to keep warm ;-)

  9. Weird weather is right,I left yesterday to the VA wearing socks ,shoes [ this time of year its toe-less for feet like to feel air] I also had a coat on-by the time I got home I shed most everything---I did see a jet taking off at the international air-port and I was just breaking out in song"Leaving on a jet plane-don't know when I'll be back again"----------I'll have the plane stop for you---head up to---Alaska,it has to be warmer! lol

  10. I'm doing the garden dance. You know, in the house finding seeds while it rains, stops raining, find my hoe, run to the garden and drop some seeds, starts raining, run back to the house. PTL we didn't get frost last night because I was bold enough to put in my tomato plants on Tuesday. Next I think I'll try the lawn mower dance before it becomes the hay mower dance.

  11. Off the subject of this post, but I was checking my stat's on my blog to see what phrases people use to find it. And one of the keyword searches was 'Mama Pea bodybuilding" What the.... but funny.

  12. Jen - You know the drill well. So what will you pack this summer? Long johns and knit hats? (Sure hope you don't have to!)

    Jane - It is truly frustrating for a rational person (like you . . . not me) to try to figure out just how to cope with the wide spread weirdness. Unfortunately, it's not just our weather. :o(

    APG - I was so chilled last night when I went to bed (not from dancing naked) that I pulled out my flannel pjs again. (Yeah, you guessed it. I was too warm all night.)

    Erin - Despite feeling real empathy for the other gardeners in this area, I'm happy (thank you very much) with the cool weather so far. Both hubby and I would be dead by now from the heat and humidity you're suffering.

    Sparkless - You bring up a good point. I have been totally out of touch with the Old Farmer's Almanac this year. Have they forecast any of this weird stuff?

  13. Judy - Global weirding . . . you've just coined a new (appropriate!) term!

    Ruth - Do you get a long enough season into the fall that you'll be okay getting everything in late?

    Nancy - Our berry patch is too large to cover without a great deal of effort so we didn't. But we lucked out . . . no frost last night!

    judy - Lots of other places are having MUCH worse weather than we are . . . I actually feel lucky!

    odiie - I know exactly what you mean. At the end of the day you're exhausted from your running around but haven't accomplished but a wee bit!

    Jane "Mama Pea body building . . ." What the . . . ?? That makes no sense to me unless you're secretly doing a blog about your body building competition days and writing it under my blog name. At any rate, I'm honored to be in the same sentence as "body building." (I will be thinking about this most of the day today . . . )

  14. Weird it is. We went from 92 yesterday to 60 today. And they are cautioning that there may be frost in the mountains (me) tonight. Sheesh. I have my row cover folded at the ready. I love that - Global Weirding! An apt description. Who's been bodybuilding? Jane? Mama Pea? Will we see some before/after pics?

  15. Susan - Who's been body building? Well, it ain't me. (Must be Jane going back to her former life.) I'm just lying in the hammock all this summer drinking wine and eating potato chips. And you'll not be seeing any pictures from either before or after I bulk up. ;o}

  16. I'm with Jane everything just seems "weird". Here in SC we're ranging 10-15 degrees above normal for this time of year and tying heat records, though wouldn't be surprised if we set one soon and Mama Pea your "frost warning" sounds wonderful to me right now! Yes, please enjoy and think of us poor souls suffering with 90 degrees at 9 pm as that is what our gauge read last night. Sigh...this summer already feels loooooooong.

  17. Lisa - As I've said, I'm not going to whine anymore about our "cool" weather when so many of you are suffering through unseasonably HOT spells. So instead of sending a warm hug, I'll send a cool one! ;o}

  18. Unless the drama is positive, I couldn't agree more!! :) Happy strawberries are awesome!

  19. Patty - Are your tomato plants still hangin' in there? I hope, I hope.