Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Too Pooped to Pop (Or Post)

Busy, busy day on deconstruction/construction while popping back and forth into the kitchen to make a big pot of lentil soup and a pot of spaghetti sauce. (Why I though this was a good idea, I have no idea. I guess I just like to stay busy. And frazzled.)

We got nearly 3" of rain last night. The pond rose considerably but amazingly enough there is no standing water to be seen around the property today. Apparently the ground was dry enough that it's still absorbing it. Rest assured, the berry patches and the few things I have in garden beds are well watered.

We have scallions, radishes, spinach and a bit of lettuce at harvesting stage. We've started our summer tradition of a big tossed salad at least once a day.

I made a really good Lamb's Quarters Quiche a couple of nights ago and was going to share the recipe today, but I really am too tired to write anything but this short post tonight. I'll post it tomorrow, I promise.


  1. Relax tonight pretty lady, you deserve it! I wish I could pitch in and help doing construction, I think I've almost had it with the weather and other assorted perils in the garden this year. I found a darn grasshopper in my cucumbers tonight, I've NEVER had grasshoppers here... ugh!

  2. Erin - I'm getting more and more suspicious all these bacterial invaders and insect pests are not just coincidence this year. Hmmm?

    Hope you can get both your computer and well pump problems fixed without too much financial outlay. Don't feel bad about having spent the money for your pressure canner. I know the price will be up by this fall (that's why I went ahead and got mine now rather than saving the money for the remodeling) and now that you've got it, you'll have it FOREVER.

  3. Mama Pea--Have you ever canned meat? I'm thinking about trying my hand at chicken and turkey on Thursday...

    For the first time since we started planting here, the deer came in and ate off all the tops of my edamame last night...I am heartsick...They didn't touch anything else, that I can see.

    It seems like if I'm not going blue blazes, I'm at a complete stop. No middle ground for this girl either...

  4. Rain is good as long as you aren't getting flooding. Lots of nitrogen in rain which is good for the plants.
    You put me to shame Mama Pea. I'd only get half or less of what you get done in a day. You worked hard. Have a wonderful sleep.

  5. hope your still sleeping in,but I'm off and running 3 days of hospital stuff. at least I will be the in the air-cond. hospitals. I WOULD RATHER HAVE FRESH CRISP AIR,BUT WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO? YOU NEED TO SLOW DOWN A BIT. YOU CAN STAY BUSY BUT STAY LOW.WE ALL WANT TO SEE THE FINISHED PRODUCT------WHEN?THIS FALL ON THE HOUSE?

  6. Hang in there Mama Pea. The payoff will be a wonderful kitchen and next year at this time, all this will be a thing of the past.

  7. Your post headline is one of our favorite sayings around here! Well I hope you feel refreshed this morning! Glad to hear you weren't washed away with all that rain. Now so long as you don't continue to get inches on top of inches, you should be good!

  8. Now, don't make me come up there and check for signs of burning on both ends of your candle...Hey! Maybe I should!

  9. Akannie - No, I've never canned meat so you go ahead and do it so I can come to you when I attempt it!

    We simply COULD NOT garden up here without our 7' high fence to keep the deer out. I know some people say they're willing to share with the dear, but we depend on the garden to feed US!

    Sparkless - I still have trouble putting the emphasis on what I DIDN'T get done during the day . . . and I know that's not good. Wanna whop me upside the head to straighten me out, please?

    judy - As to when the house will be finished . . . some days I'm convinced it will be a l-o-n-g time away!

    Jane - From your mouth to the carpenter god's ears!!! ;o}

    APG - I actually thought of you during that downpour. Amazing how much the earth, gardens, etc. can take in the way of water and still survive.

    Susan - I think my candle is showing signs of being burned in the middle . . . awake at 3 a.m. again this morning. ARRRRRGH!

    If you came to check on me, you'd want to help and then I'd have to work even harder to keep up with you!