Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Mid-Week Meanderings

Here I am, bedraggled and water logged, reporting in from the Northland.

Yesterday hubby and I made a concerted effort to get the lawn cut and the weed whipping done but we only got about half the job completed. We had terrific winds all day with several periods of spitting rain making us wonder if we should grab all tools and equipment and head inside before getting drenched. We toughed it out until about 3-3:30 when hubby who was clad in shorts decided he was getting too cold as the temp was dropping by then. I had jeans on because I was mulching (some of it on hands and knees) with the grass clippings so I said I was going to finish using up the clippings already in the garden cart.

Of course, 'bout then the rain started pelting down. I (foolishly) parked the garden cart under the big birch tree thinking the rain would blow by because of all the wind and I would finish up the mulching this morning. Now I have about two feet of clippings smashed down to a very soggy six inches to deal with.

It blew and rained all night and it blew and rained all day today. We got a little over an inch and a half according to our rain gauge. The wind is still buffeting the trees but I do think the precipitation has stopped now at 6 p.m.

No segue here . . . that's what happens when you're bedraggled and water logged, I guess.

There seem to frequently be years when I don't manage to get my 4th of July decorations out and placed around the house. Methinks it has something to do with busy summer time. But this year, I am on top of it. Matter of fact, I put up my red, white and blue decorations over a week ago. Better late than never? How about better a little early than never??

Don't know if this wall hanging qualifies as particularly 4th of July-ish but it is the right color scheme so I usually hang it up on this blank wall.

Little flags get stuck in plants throughout the house.

We have an enclosed porch at the back of the house and this quilted flag hangs to the left of the door coming into the house proper. I should incorporate some kind of a "Welcome" sign with it, doncha think?

I hang this banner of little flags on a high book shelf. Somebody needs to get up there and straighten those books. (And while you're at it, would you give them a good dusting, too, please?)

Mr. Bear is holding a holiday greeting sign and another flag.

I think I like being ready (even a little early) with my decorations. Adds a bit of festive color to the place if nothing else.

Has everyone who's interested entered their name for the drawing tonight for my extra copy of "The New Laurel's Kitchen" cook book? I'll draw a name at 8 o'clock tonight and post the winner first thing tomorrow morning.

That's all, Folks. Signing off . . .


Erin said...

That wall hanging is absolutely patriotic, I love it! I admit I scrolled way down right away because I saw it and thought you were finding time to quilt LOL!

LindaCO said...

Love the string of flags.

Sparkless said...

Love your decorations. We don't fuss for Canada Day here.
You are getting the same kind of weather we are. I can't believe I actually want to see the sun!

Word verification is "retcho"!

fullfreezer said...

Love the wall hanging. It's definitely patriotic.
We had off and on showers all day and it never made it above 65. What is with this weather!? Maybe I should have invested in a couple of mushroom logs.

The Apple Pie Gal said...

I LOVE those flags! I think I need to make some of those ASAP. And would you believe the other day I found a Christmas decoration hiding out in my kitchen! Geesh! This is why I stink at seasonal things and calendars.

Ruth @ Hope, Joy and Faith Farm said...

I love decorating for the holidays, and your decorations are perfect! I have a few flags I tuck around and that's about it. We have had nice weather, but I'd like a quick rain to dampen things up so we can burn the brush piles from the trees hubby fell.

Sue said...

Love the decorations-you have the neatest place!
As for the clippings, I've found putting them in a wheelbarrow full of water makes them a dream to spread (lots and LOTS of water!). I always have them heaped up for a few days to "cook" the weed seeds out of them, so I found that putting them in water helps to spread them much easier.
We've had a ridiculous amount of rain the past three days-but thankfully no wind. Looking forward to the temperature drop though to catch up on some baking. Don NEEDS cookies. Or so he says...

Susan said...

I tell you, you've had the worst spring around! Just when is summer arriving up there? I love the fact that you decorate. I am lucky if I get my flag up outside. However, decorating is a moot point when one lives with the Boyz.

Lorie said...

Love your July Fourth stuff. Especially the quilts. I hope to get a huge load of grass clippings tomorrow when son mows the lawn. I did not have enough last time to get all the mulching I wanted done, and of course since then the weeds have invaded. It never ends!

Jane said...

The decorations are beautiful. The only way you know what season it is around here is by which boots are at the door.

judy said...

Inow where to look [ no--I am not a kleptomania] -hey my dad's birthday was the 4th of July. and where ever did you get that cute garden wagon,but I'm sure is a important tool around your place.

MamaTea said...

What a very festive house you have! Love that flag quilt. :) This weather is fabulous...for ducks, right? Actually...I think even the ducks have given up. :)

Mama Pea said...

Erin - Time to quilt? What's that?? Nope, none of this stuff is new. The flag on the porch gets too much sun on it and is getting mighty faded. Time to make a new one!

LindaCO - Thank you, ma'am. I think they're my favorite little patriotic decoration.

Sparkless - Thanks, Sparkless. Yep, we're getting pretty squishy out there. "Retcho" seems appropriate.

Judy - Our temps sure have been basically cool for the most part this summer. Maybe July will be summer??

APG - Thank you! Whenever I change decorations, I ALWAYS forget to take down and put away at least one thing!

Mama Pea said...

Ruth - Yup, there never seems to be the right time to get those dang brush piles burned up!

Sue - My hubby has been known to say that cookies are the only thing that keeps him going! Like he never gets a decent meal around here . . .

Susan - July. Yup, July is when summer will come. I hope. Maybe.

P.S. The Boyz no doubt have their own style of "decorating" for you!

Lorie - Never enough mulch!! Seems no matter what kind of weather we have -- too wet, too dry -- the weeds THRIVE! Why is that??

Jane - Thank you! Knowing you, you probably DO have a pair of cowboy boots for each specific season!

judy - We've had that garden cart for years. It's been used (and abused) so much hubby needs to replace the bottom boards.

Mama Tea - Squish, squish, squish. Yup, we now have enough moisture. Can we figure out how to send some of it to Jane??