Friday, June 17, 2011

Just The Usual . . .

We had the second hawk attack in our poultry yard early this morning. The chickens seem to have an inborn sense of fear of large birds flying overhead because they immediately run for cover in such instances. This includes setting up a terrible squawk and scurrying for the bushes when even a sea gull does a fly-by.

But Mother and Father Goose don't have this same good sense and are gonna learn the hard way one of these days. I think it was within the last two weeks that Father Goose lost a few feathers when a hawk (or possibly an owl) swooped down and tried to pick him up. Mr. Goose escaped with only the loss of a few feathers.

Something tried to take Mother Goose (on the right in the above picture) home this morning for their breakfast. Once again, other than quite a few feathers being dislodged and mussed up on her back, she escaped. If the hawk got a good hold, I wonder if s/he could actually fly away with a goose. Somehow I kinda doubt it. (The impossibility of it hasn't kept s/he from trying though, has it?)

Yesterday Papa Pea pulled this out of one of our vehicles. It's an air cleaner that was taken over by a whole herd of mice . . . or at least one very industrious one. Sunflower seeds are stuffed between the fins and several attempts were made to burrow into the thing to make a cozy nest.

Adding to the morning's action, we had our second swarm of bees in three days. The first one a couple of days ago Papa Pea just happened to notice as it was heading northeast over our property. He spent a bit of time looking for it in the woods up behind our nearest neighbor's property but couldn't locate it. Lost that bunch of bees, we did.

Today we saw (and heard!) another swarm forming over the poultry yard. Lucky for us, they landed about twenty feet up in a pine tree right in the yard and hubby was able to capture most of them and sweet talk the buzzy little bunch into this deep super.

Other than that, not much is going on. Well, not totally true. We've also become privy to a couple of bits of not-so-welcome information (into every life a little ???? must fall) needing to be processed. Not suitable information to share here so I won't get into any of it. Besides, I would have to change names to protect the innocent . . . except there ain't no "innocents" involved in these particular situations!


Jane said...

Now I am nervous for YOUR birds. You better have a talking to with those geese of yours. If this is Father Gooses' way of becoming single again, he is no better than a politician.

Erin said...

Those poor geese! I bet the chickens are thinking "what's with them?", we warned them! Sorry but hubby and I had a good laugh at the sunflower seeds in that air filter LOL. A big CONGRATS on that hive, that's pretty cool! Wish you all the best with your other thing, I just hate it when I'm forced to deal with not-nice stuff!

Sparkless said...

Lucky geese! And that filter makes me smile even if it is a huge nuisance for Papa Pea to have to change it. Something about mice makes me smile. Most likely it's because we've never had a mouse problem.
Nice to get a hive like that. Are they wild bees or can you tell? I've heard that wild bees are less likely to have colony collapse.

judy said...

That was neat-captured bee's-never would have came to mind even tho my brother used to raise bee's.I won't say a word except you really got my curiosity peeked-I know-I know,curiosity killed the cat.HAVE A NICE WEEK-END.

MamaTea said...

I had no idea that a hawk would even attempt a goose. We've had plenty of chicken incidents here, but they've never tried on the geese - as far as I know. Tell Father Goose to stick his big guns up and protect his woman!

Sorry to hear about the negative stuff. Hope things turn out ok, and that you''ll not be on the receiving end of anymore nasty information!

Mama Pea said...

Jane - Yet another kafuffle in the poultry yard again today. We both ran out but couldn't spot anything. All the chickens were hiding and the geese were standing under small pear tree hissing. (Dummies.) But no scattered feathers at least.

Erin - Yeah, that air filter was pretty funny. Geesh, the trouble those mice don't make! Thanks for you support, too.

Sparkless - The two bee swarms we've had are from our own honey bee hives. When conditions get too crowded in a hive, the bees raise another queen and take off to find less crowded quarters. Up here in our unhospitable climate, they can't survive in, say, a hollow tree like they could farther south. So when we can catch a swarm, we can start another hive and not lose valuable bees.

judy - Capturing the bees were just reclaiming or rescuing some of our own that were trying to tell us they needed more living space, thank you very much!

Mama Tea - I'm sure if the chickens weren't more wary, the hawk would rather snatch one of them. Guess he figures he's gotta try for what's available (and dumber)!

Regarding the other "stuff," I guess it is better to know what's coming down so you can be prepared or in a position to help where it's needed. But don't people know I've got plenty to keep me busy with all usual wanna-do stuff without bringing on unnecessary conflicts?? Geesh. ;o})

The Apple Pie Gal said...

Cross my fingers, still haven't lost one. I dread the day. Did you run out with a broom? Don't they know there are mice right there on your property they could easily rid you of?

Props to Pops on the bees! Gotta love when opportunity knocks!

Patty said...

Unnecessary conflicts are never fun. I hope for a smooth resolution for all involved.
That's very interesting about the bees. I always forget that you have them. It would be such an interesting homeschool field trip to learn about them!
I hope Mr./Mrs. Hawk gives up and moves on soon, but not to our place. Though our air traffic controlling dog would probably discourage him/her soon enough. :)

Mama Pea said...

APG - Maybe I should set up handy roosts for the hawks by our vehicles so they can catch them going in and out!

Patty - Hey! You could rent out your air traffic controlling dog during hawk season!