Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hawk Attack

We heard a ruckus in the poultry yard tonight just before dusk. Hubby went out to see what was going on.

Seems like a hungry hawk (Papa Pea saw its silhouette fly away) with eyes bigger than its stomach tried for one of our geese. Everyone else was in for the night but the geese always stay out until Papa Pea goes out to tell them it's time to go in for the night. (Really. He's always had to make them go to bed, just like little kids who want to stay up later than they should.)

Anyway, he found lots of white feathers scattered around and two geese hunkered down next to the wall of their shelter trying to make themselves look as small as possible. They are okay, just had the bajeebers scared out of 'em.

I guess maybe it's true that more white feathered fowl get taken by hawks than dark feathered ones. They must just show up better when you're up in the sky on a dinner scouting mission.


fullfreezer said...

Oosh, what a close call. We have so many hawks and even eagles here that we are planning to have a covered run to protect them from the air.
Glad all are OK.

Erin said...

I just checked in on my way to bed with a book, wow - you had an exciting evening, and not in a good way! Glad the geese are okay, we have so many hawks here there were days I worried about Sprocket out there when she was a puppy! That's pretty funny that Papa Pea has to put the geese to bed :)

Ruth @ Hope, Joy and Faith Farm said...

We had a hawk a couple of years ago coming in daily to pick off my youngsters. My yard is too big to cover, so it's frustrating. We always had to chase our ducks in at night. They just didn't want to go in the house, so I'd have to throw rocks at 'em (don't worry, with my aim, I never hit them!)

Sparkless said...

Wow those are lucky geese to have made it through a hawk attack! Glad Papa Pea was in time to save them.

The Apple Pie Gal said...

Good thing you guys were home! A goose is no small bird either. I saw what I now know was a turkey vulture (we have lots) and thought it didn't look so big afterall. Then it landed out in the field and boy it was alot bigger than it appeared up in the sky. Glad you made it thru the close call with just a few feathers strewn about.

Jane said...

A goose can't catch a break at your homestead. I have been chasing one away today myself. The birds sound the alarm when he is near and if I get out there quick he takes off. Not a fool proof system.

Susan said...

Ducks and geese must have that "last to bed" syndrome. My ducks will not go in until I shoo them in. I had a hawk perched on the fence early this morning - how did I know? The rooster was in histronics from INSIDE the coop. Glad they're okay.

Patty said...

Ohh! I'm glad he/she didn't get away with anyone. After all, Mr. and Mrs. Goose just got their life back.
You need a chicken guard dog who loves to chase birds out of the air space over your property. I'm sure this is a rare thing to find, but we were fortunate to get one. It's the funniest thing to see. She sees a large bird in the air over our property, and barks at it until it's no longer over our property, chasing it as far as the road.

mtnchild said...

Oooh, lucky geese. I just (6/3)lost a chicken to a loose dog, and the d*mn thing came back for seconds. The wounded bird will not make it, so ... I have an idea whose dog it is, but no sound proof. I'm still a bit upset and scared for the birds. I have a dog so my chickens are use to them. If it should happen to try again, I will shoot it!!

OK enough. Glad your geese are OK.

Mama Pea said...

Judy - Our poultry yard is so big we couldn't begin to cover it. It's usually in the fall (and hawk migration) that we have the most trouble.

Erin - I guess I'd have to say we're bothered quite a bit by hawks. We've lost several chicks hatched out by mama hens when they were out with her. Now I'm worrying about our new chicks when they're big enough to be let out in the poultry pen!

Ruth - Before we finally got our geese trained, we both had to go out each night to herd them into their house. It usually went pretty well except when they decided to head for the pond to avoid bedtime!

Sparkless - I'm kind of surprised a hawk would try to pick up a bird the size of a goose! He must have been really hungry.

Mama Pea said...

APG - We have turkey vultures, too. The very first time I ever saw one up here was when I was driving home on our gravel road and one swooped right across the hood of the car. I 'bout wet my pants!

Jane - "So, Jane, tell us what you did today."

"Um . . . chased hawks."

Susan - Well, now there's a rooster who's doing his job! Good boy!

Patty - Talk about a good guard dog! Does she notice airplanes, too? ;o}

Yvette - It's one thing to lose livestock to wild animals but when it's a domesticated dog . . . that IS hard to take. Hope that situation gets under control soon!