Tuesday, May 3, 2011

You're Invited

Come on in! Sit down and join my pity party. I'll grump and groan and it'll be fun!

It's Monday night and I am going on my third absolutely crummy day in a row. Nah, it's not physical. Just mental. Emotional. "Just!?," she says? Ha! There are times when I think that's the hardest to cure.

Even though both hubby and I have had something unpleasant working through our innards, it's not the flu or a mild case of food poisoning. It's emotions.

Our temp this morning was 33 degrees, gray with a stiff breeze and . . . what else? Snow flurries. Is there no sun? Is there no warmth?

We were both awakened this morning by Zoey the Wonder Dog gagging and choking and sounding like she couldn't get her breath. She's being such a good old girl in her infirmity but every day she seems to develop another distressing symptom of being a very old dog. She has these little bad spells, then seems to shake them off. At meal time you'll find her sitting in the place she always sits while her breakfast or dinner is served up. Yep, she still has a good appetite but we marvel at where the food is going because she gets skinnier every day. Dagnabbit, you expect a dog's life may come to an end at fourteen-plus years of age, but it affects you in a big way just the same.

Hubby makes a point of taking her outside with him for fresh air and exercise at least twice a day thinking it's good to keep her moving as long as she is comfortable doing it. When they were out this afternoon, the UPS man came and Zoey almost (almost I say) ran across the yard to greet him. (He always has a dog biscuit for her.)

On another topic, I decided over the weekend that I am going to try to have enough soups made up and frozen to last us through this whole coming summer season. Papa Pea is a true soup aficionado and would eat it for all three meals a day. (How lucky am I?) What could be easier in busy times than to pull a quart of soup out of the freezer? So I started a big, double batch of chili this morning. Well, actually I began by starting to cook the kidney beans for the chili first.

I had some errands to run (one of which took me 20 miles round trip on a wild goose chase) so turned off the pot before leaving the house (good move, Mama Pea) and when I got around to getting back to them in early afternoon, I decided they needed just a little more cooking so turned the pot back on.

Then I left the kitchen to deal with a little crisis. (These seem to continue to be popping up with frequency lately.) Some time later when I came back into the kitchen, I found the lid on the kidney beans bubbling away and a puddle of kidney bean water oozing out on the kitchen floor from UNDER THE STOVE.

My beans had been left on too high a flame (ya think?), had boiled over, the liquid ran down through the burner and between the stove and cabinet next to it . . . and down on to the floor under the stove.

The good thing was the beans didn't burn. The bad thing was that I had to take the stove top completely apart and mop up the mess as best I could. No, I didn't move the stove to clean the floor completely underneath. I'm just trying to put what that must look like out of my mind. Will it dry out by itself? Will it mold? Will I lose my Betty Crocker official membership pin because I'm such a kitchen slob?

Well, I finally got my pot of chili made. But where was all my good kidney bean juice that gives the chili such a good flavor? On the floor. Under the stove. I added some more tomato sauce and water and said, "Good enough."

This has certainly been a rambling, nonsensical post, and I'm not sure my whining is something I need to share so I may not even hit the Publish button.

* * * * * * * *

Now I'm back Tuesday morning, dear readers. I didn't put the above post up last night because I didn't feel I had the gray cell capacity to decide if it was a good idea or not.

But guess what? This morning there is sunshine spilling down on our little haven on earth. And that alone makes things seem so much better and has encouraged me to laugh at my whining yesterday. I hope you will, too.

Although the lights didn't go out in our bedroom until 11:30 last night which is very late for us, we didn't have an alarm this morning either mechanical or animal. I got a good nine hours of sleep and feel as though I have the strength to get up and do what needs to be done today. So I'm off! (As a good friend would add, "But no more than usual.")

Happy rhubarb basking in the sunshine.


MaineCelt said...

Happy Rhubarb to you, MamaPea!

I've been down in the doldrums too--mostly because we've been dragged down by a couple of self-centered young "farmhands" who've spent the last few months turning into hermit crabs--I can't decide whether the emphasis should be on "hermit" or "crab." But yesterday... they moved out. Whoopeee! And in a week we have our first "WWOOFer" coming to help on the farm for a month, and the cosmos feels generous again.

May you feel similarly renewed and aware of cosmic largesse!

Erin said...

LOL, you most definitely will be kicked out of the Betty Crocker club! Messy, but funny! You weather is just plain stupid at this point - you need a break! At least you got some decent sleep and have rhubarb peeking out!

Susan said...

I have it on good authority that the Betty Crocker inspectors never look UNDER the stove. And, frankly, if they did, they would deserve what they would find. Especially in my house. Mice, probably...Sunshine is the best medicine for just about everything that ails ya. Your rhubarb looks happy - pass it on!

odiie said...

Yeah!!!!!Sunshine, sunshine! And even warm temps to go with it, and...not just one but two days of it! I'm going to pretend like I'm planting something in the herb beds today. Life seems so much better with the sun!

Nancy said...

I enjoyed reading yer venting. It made me feel NOT ALONE lol. Glad the sun is shining for ya and ah rhubarb pie not too far off ;-)

Mama Pea said...

MaineCelt - Well, poop! I've heard tales before of interns or farmhands or helpers that were a lot more trouble than they were worth. Sorry you had to have this experience with your last two. Something like that is worse than dragging a 50 lb. rock around with you all day. Good riddance to them and wishing you the very best experience with your WWOOFer soon to arrive.

Erin - I did a little happy dance around the rhubarb this morning. It's hard to kill some things!

Susan - Tonight is supposedly the last night that we are to have frost . . . warmer weather to come. I hope, I hope, I hope!

odiie - Indeed the sun does help a whole bunch. Especially after the (non)spring we've had! Go play in the herb garden!

Nancy - And boyoboy, do I love rhubarb pie! Can hardly wait for the first one. Hang in there, we'll all make it and forget the whining and complaining soon!

Jane said...

Well I wouldn't worry about the spilled beans (liquid), you are getting a new kitchen anyway. It is the same theory why I dont always make the bed, I am just getting back in it at some point anyway. I like the path of least resistance.
As far as Zoey, I am right there with you. Mine is sixteen. I had a minor cry in the bathtub last night just thinking about it. She is still eating and using the outside bathroom. But those little things that just keep popping up just rip your heart apart. And I am sure having a Birthday recently didn't help your disposition. That is why you should only have a Birthday every 3 years or so. Much better for moral.

Jill said...

So glad you have sunshine!!
I think that is just what the Dr. ordered.
Sending hugs and many more rays of sunshine.

judy said...

Warmth indeed! it feels sooo good doesn't it.I have it on the best authority that not only Betty Crocker,but Rachel Ray and from the great beyond ,none other than Julia Child will be there to inspect the juice from the chili. If it is up to snuff,they will return it with another award!

Ruth @ Hope, Joy and Faith Farm said...

Hang in there... I know you'll be back to your happy, go-lucky self one of these days. At least that's what I keep telling myself. I'm feeling very similar to you, mine is financial with absolutely nothing I can do about it right now, so I'm trying to let it go for awhile. I mentioned to the teenager I thought I might be PMS'ing and the little brat said "for 3 months?"! Okay, you little pain in the butt, it's probably menopause and it'll take years to go away! So there!

Tiny Gardener said...

Everyone seems to be in the same boat with whatever this late-wintery-no sign of spring FUNK. That'r right, it's a funk. Even my friends that don't garden and think Im totally nuts are in a wintery funk. I am happy to see that I am not alone in this bad mood. I would KILL for some good ole sunshine!!!

I am sorry to hear that Zoey is nearing the end of her wonderful years. It is good to know that she seems to be remaining in good spirits. I am sure it's because of all the love she gets, not to mention the treats from UPS :)

And the mess... forget about it!

Lisa said...

Glad things are looking brighter for you today Mama Pea!
Too funny in that I'm cooking beans for ham'n beans tonight and I boiled mine over earlier today! I too thought I'd turned the burner down low enough to clean the outside of some of our windows and came in to find water everywhere! Mine is a smoothtop so it just went on down the sides when it overflowed the top.... the front too. I was too upset to do anything so turned everything off and came back when it was cool enough to clean up and get it back cooking again..... and no, I did not move that stove out to get underneath it either!
Thanks for your post.... it makes me feel... 'normal'?!!

Sparkless said...

It's amazing what 9 good hours of sleep and some sunshine will do for you. I hope your and Papa Pea's moods continue to improve right along with the weather.

Who cares what Betty Crocker things of what's under your stove, heck if no one can see it it doesn't exist, right? :)

My rhubarb is a bit taller than yours but not ready for harvest yet. I want to make some muffins and pies with it as soon as it's ready.

becky3086 said...

Sunshine and sleep will always make things better.

Sue said...

I had this WHOLE spiel typed out, and it sounded stiff and depressing so I erased it all and just want to say--I wish I could send you a hug and Ditto what everyone else said. Life is shit sometimes but above those clouds the sun is shining and we just gotta plod on through. Hugs to you!
(and send that sun this way, will ya?)

Mama Pea said...

Jane - So it's best to avoid birthdays? I shall keep that in mind.

Jill - Well, I gotta tell ya, the sunshine all day didn't hurt one bit!

judy - You be one silly lady!

Ruth - I hate it when someone says money won't buy happiness. Perhaps not in some instances but it sure would go a long way to making life easier and therefore more condusive to happy, carefree, joyful feelings!

Tiny Gardener - I know, so many people are battling this "funk" as you call it. I can't help but wonder if it has more to do with the general (crummy) state of our society than any of us realize.

Mama Pea said...

Lisa - That's what makes blogging such a good thing for me. I realize I'm not alone in all my little foibles. Misery loves company? ;o}

Sparkless - Bless your heart . . . if no one can see it, it doesn't exist. I love that. Now what do I do about all that stuff that is out in clear view??

becky3086 - You got that right!

Sue - Gosh, I wish you had sent your stiff and depressing spiel. I love the way you write and now I feel I missed something good! Hugs right back atcha. If we have sun again tomorrow, I'll send some to you. As for today, I'm keeping every little itty-bitty bit we have!

Sparkless said...

In answer to your questions Mama Pea, you hide it! Sheesh I can tell I've got my work cut out for me teaching you how to be a lazy housekeeper!

judy said...

I know some days I should not comment on the blogs-nothing but stupidity comes out, sorry.

Mama Pea said...

Sparkless - HIDE it! Oh! Now I'm starting to understand. ;o} (Keep up with the good suggestions!)

judy - No, no, no. Don't stop commenting. Your light-heartedness is welcomed! (Ya know what happens if we stop laughing!)

judy said...

You are forever a encouragement [ thanks ] .I needed a wake up call. and if I stop laughing all hell will break loose around here, I am the glue to holds the laughter together---lol