Monday, May 30, 2011

Sunday Night That's Really Monday Night

Wonder when I'll get my days straight after this last week and long weekend?

Lotsa rain and cold weather again today. No threat of forest fire though.

If our grass grows any longer, we'll have to cut and bale it. If it would ever dry out enough for that.

Hubby is now back to wearing flannel shirts again. I've had on a turtleneck and sweatshirt all day.

I've been going to change to my summer straw purse but am thinking it might look funny carrying it while wearing Sorels.

Today ended out in frustration. Not anything awful, terrible, bad. Just didn't make much progress on what I wanted to forge ahead on.

Tomorrow is another day. A new beginning. Open to all kinds of possibilities. Maybe it will even be sunny. And warm. Nah.


  1. Sure hope your weather clears up soon Mama Pea! You guys have been stuck in that pattern for too long.

  2. Mama Pea, wish I could send some of our heat to you. This is just too hot, too soon and too long. I am up at the crack of dawn to do the watering...96 again today.

  3. Dreary weather can really dampen the spirits---I'm sending all my sympathy your way.

    I wish I could send some of our heat, too. It's supposed to be cloudless and five degrees shy of 100. Ouch.

  4. You didn't get any of the heat we had? I had my air on. I forgot you live on up-wards of Embar-ass Mn.You guys always are cooler than the rest of the state.I AM SENDING THE HEAT STRAIGHT FOR YOU.

  5. Sorry to hear of your frustrations. I had quite a few last night too. At least this weekend is over. Thank goodness.

  6. It finally turned hot here too, and now the air is on. That has not, however, stopped the rain. lol

    The gardens are going gangbusters in this weather though, and the mulching has started.
    Gonna be a busy summer, methinks...

  7. Ok you need to switch to that purse PRONTO. The image I got of you with the straw purse and Sorels will have me giggling for the rest of the week! Maybe tuck a pair of choppers in the purse just in case :)

    It's 91 here and it's only 7:45 am, hazy yucky and I can barely see across the yard. Blech!

  8. This weather is absolutely sucktastic. Its hard to be motivated or chipper in this kind of weather...and its hard to get anything done! I am sending you whatever rays of sunshine I can scrape up...

  9. Hope this new day brings better things.

  10. Stephanie - Ha! "Stuck" seems to be the word!

    Lorie - Oh, my! At those temperatures it's really hard to keep the garden and flowers going. My sympathies!

    JJ - You folks out East are REALLY getting socked with unusually hot weather so early in the season! What's up with that?

    judy - Please don't send ALL of your heat up here. I couldn't take that!

    Jane - Read your blog this morning. Sophie may be put off regarding groundhogs forever! Years ago when we had our Bouvier, one fall I came upon him making a big pile of leaves. (Yes, he was actually pulling them into a mound.) Underneath the pile? A groundhop he had killed.

  11. Akannie - You have the heat AND the rain? That must be a steamy mess! But . . . good conditions for the garden, and weeds, too. :o}

    Erin - I saw a tourist couple walking in town this weekend and like all other visitors, they had on jackets and hats. She also had on fuzzy white mittens!

    Ya know what? I am going to stop whining about our cool temps. I could not survive in the 90+ degrees you people are having to deal with. I'll stick with this air from the Arctic Circle. (Wouldn't I have had a fantastic crop of peas this year??)

    Mama Tea - I wonder if we'll ever see a year when all of us don't have yucky weather to complain about? If it ain't one thing . . .

    LindaCO - Thank you for your wishes, dear girl. It WILL be a good day!

  12. Hey MP, Sure wish GA and MN could average our temps and we could both be quite comfortable ;o) Crazy hot down here for end of May with record breaking highs. We'll see if we can't send some warm winds up your way soon....and a breath of cool from you would be sweet, too. Have a blessed week.

  13. You are really getting a kick in the tush with this weather. It is time to let the sunshine in, hear me, Mother Nature? I would, of course, love to send you some of my weather, as we went from March to August in a week's time, with none of the nice, mild spring weather. I am sending good weather vibes in your direction.

  14. I've just read your posts and the comments from the past week. I was part of that crazy group who went camping over the holiday ... rain, sleet, snow flakes and WIND!!! We came home yesterday hoping for calmer weather, and I wake up to light rain ... oh bother!! The sun is trying to peek through, but not too successful yet. I doubt we had any temps above 50 since Wednesday. I'm not too concerned about summer yet, where is spring????

    Your crazed bee incident had me remembering my incident with LOTS of crazed ground wasps. I had wasps in my hair and up my sleeves - got about 8-9 stings, and on the scalp and neck is very, very painful. Thank goodness I'm not allergic to them or I would have been in trouble! I'll stop my book now and wish you lots of good weather - If you get any, send some back to me pleeaase.

  15. thimblevee - Your idea of mixing our temps sounds good to me. If only . . . :o}

    Susan - Methinks we both missed out on nice spring weather this year! How unfair. Shall we enter a protest?

    Yvette - Oh, bummer, what terrible camping weather! You must have been a little glad to get back to your house!

    I once stepped on a nest of ground hornets. Not a fun experience. I don't know how many stings I ended up with but a lot!

  16. It's back to cold and rainy for us too today. It's supposed to be nice Fri-Sun so I look forward to that.
    I hope you get some sun and warmer weather soon.

  17. Sparkless - At least you can look forward to a sunny weekend. If our forecast holds true, tomorrow will be a no-rain (hooray!) day, but then back to the moisture falling for several more days. We have wind howling now and that makes me nervous because all the tree roots will be in soft, squishy soil because of our copious quantities of recent rain. That's when they blow over easily. Drat.

  18. Careful what you wish for. We went from 50s to 90s. No Spring! Sorta stinky if you ask me! Where were the 70s darnit!?

  19. APG - I know, and I have a sneaky suspicion that's exactly what's going to happen here. One day it's going to be in the 80s and humid. (That's about as high as it gets in these parts, but it still seems miserable to us wimps.) Especially when that kind of weather will bring out the biting bugs full force.