Sunday, May 15, 2011

Pooped . . . But Mission Accomplished!

The strawberry patch is done. Or at least as close to done as I could make it today.

I know this doesn't look very impressive because some of the plants are still pretty puny, but once they get some sun on them, they will really take off.

I got the whole bed completely weeded and tilled around the perimeter and between the double rows. Sawdust was spread around each and every plant and I even had enough to do between the rows. We saved four big burlap bags full of wood sawdust/shavings from our wood cutting adventures last year and it sure came in handy for this mulching job. I'll do a little more around the perimeter with grass clippings during the coming week.

Methinks I will have plenty of grass clippings because as you can see, the lawn area has gotten away from us and is in dire need of a haircut.

The big shadow you see at the top of the strawberry patch is our solar panels with the late afternoon sun behind them. What a gorgeous day we had today. The temp on the north side of the house never got above 47 degrees but we had bright sunshine all day. A few weeks ago, we hung a thermometer out on the south side of the house so we would have more of an idea of what the temperature was in the garden. But do you think I can remember to look at that one?

Strawberry patch is done. The raspberries are next. We also got two raised beds ready today for me to plant scallions and salad greens so we can stay big and strong all summer. If the weather holds, I plan on being outside every day this coming week.


  1. I bet you didn't have any trouble sleeping last night! What a job -- but how nice to finally get outside and working, no? Just think about those lovely pounds (and pounds) of strawberries you'll feast upon this year.

  2. Aren't grass clippings wonderful? What the heck did we used to do with them? I pile em up on's done amazing things for my sand. I even have WORMS now---something I never even saw the first year we were here.

    The patch looks great. Once you're done with the raspberries--head on down here. I got a little job for you.......................

  3. The bed looks great, so neat and tidy - it will be full of little white blossoms before you know it! That green grass sure is a welcome sight, didn't take long to green right up, did it?!

  4. Looks marvelous! Does your back hurt? Mine does just thinking about it.

    My mom always says she's "Too pooped to pop". Goofy yet fitting for you as well.

  5. Is it just me, or do you ever wish that you were like a horse and could just go out an graze the grass. No weeding, growing, cooking, cleaning up. Just eating. Think of the time we would have on our hands.

  6. You did an awesome job on your strawberry patch! Your gardens are always so beautiful... your hardwork really shows through. And to look forward to eating your very own fresh-picked strawberries...what a treat!

  7. you have your little piece of heaven and today I do too.Everyone is gone-NO I didn't kill them [yet] jk but it is so damned quit here today I. I might actually get to hear myself think today. Pat and Richie went to school.So did anthony and Devin . Dan and John went to work,but best of all Becca was well enough to take her other 3 home [ until Friday. I borrowed her Richie's and mine's Toyota. Her car.that's a whole different story. have to rob peter again to pay Paul so we can help her get her tranny fixed. if she doesn't get her car fixed,she can't start that new job,than, THAN---YOU DON'T WANT TO KNOW--until than I can enjoy my peace and quiet [ until 3:00pm ]

  8. Okay now you just put me to shame with my puny gardens. LOL! I'd love to have a strawberry bed that big. But then I'd need you to come tend it.

  9. Susan - I have so many strawberries preserved in various forms from last year that if we get a good crop again, I'm going to sell the fresh berries and use the money to buy some of the veggies I won't be raising in the garden this year.

    Sue - I mulch nearly the whole garden with grass clippings. They decompose (read disappear) quickly by the end of the season so I know nutrients are ending up in the soil.

    Hoping to attack the raspberries today . . .

    Erin - Cool weather and lots of moisture grows grass faster than anything else, that's for sure!

  10. APG - Ha! "Too pooped to pop" has been a saying in our family forever!

    (And, yes, my back does hurt. And my knees, and my shoulders, and my hands, and my arms, and my hair, and . . . and . . . )

  11. Jane - Geese know how to do it. They will pass on any grain we put out for them and eat just about exclusively on grass . . . and THRIVE!

    Lisa - Thanks so much! And it only took me TWO WHOLE DAYS to do the strawberries. Ugh.

    judy - Hope you really were able to enjoy your (temporary) peace and quiet.

    Sparkless - To be honest I find strawberries the most labor intensive fruit we can grow. So why do I do it? Simple. They are my husband's favorite. (And I'm a push-over.)