Friday, May 6, 2011

A New "Tool"

What's a little over four feet tall, made of scrap lumber and will help Chicken Mama keep warm this winter?

It's a sawbuck! A handy-dandy little apparatus that our daughter asked her dad to make for her to assist in her wood cutting.

Papa Pea whipped this up last Monday and it was waiting for Chicken Mama when she arrived to pick up the dogs that evening.

Wa-hoo, isn't it funny what makes a Lady Homesteader happy?


Susan said...

Can you clone Papa Pea? I want either a sawbuck or a PP clone...or both. Heehee. That is a handy-dandy item and I know that Chicken Mama is going to get a lot of use out of it. We expect to see a photograph of her mountain 'o firewood.

Jane said...

Um, I think a demo photo should be shown here because I have no idea how you use that. Must be used for some fancy woodcutting. All I know is cut so we can lift it in the boiler.

Erin said...

That is one fantastic tool for the lady having to cut wood solo! I think she better give "him" a name... :)

judy said...

have papa pea do a how to video since my papa is not around to show my sons how to be jack of all trades plus master of them- my papa said my redneck husband was like a bull in a china shop but at least he never beat well not nearly jk

judy said...


Stephanie said...

Love it! My kids don't call me weird anymore when I ask for tools or other such goodies for presents lol.

Mama Pea said...

Susan - If I could clone Papa Pea, I'd keep him here to get double the amount of work done this summer! (How's that for being selfish, stingy and basically uncharitable?)

Sawbuck is in the mail. (If only!)

I wish CM would have a wood working party so we could get her wood shed filled first off this summer but she loves working up the wood and I think wants to do it all herself. We just may have to hog tie her some day, round up all her chainsaw-wielding friends and take over.

Jane - I told CM of your request for pictures and suggested we go back to our wood working area so I could take some pics of her using the sawbuck, but she said she'll set up her camera on a tripod and get pics of her working in front of her own stack o' wood and woodshed so it's authentic. Guess you'll have to wait for that.

Erin - Wonder if she could teach "him" to do other useful things around the homestead??

judy - Sorry, no prize for you today! I should ALWAYS proof-read my comments 'cause my fingers and brain aren't usually on the same wave length!

Stephanie - Well, that's exactly it! Flowers (for instance) are lovely, but a sawbuck will last (almost) forever and create one heckuva lot more memories! And make one's job easier.

Sparkless said...

It is amazing what simple things can make our lives easier. I think Papa Pea needs to come give my husband lessons on how to build stuff and generally be a handy guy.

Dirt Lover said...

I LOVE our sawbuck! Funny how we get excited over little things!

Mama Pea said...

Sparkless - Just shows to go ya, we only need to look back at the "tools" the early settlers used. They used the meager supplies they had but always found a way of doing it that made their work more efficient.

Lori - Hey, when something makes a job easier, what's NOT to get excited about! :o}