Friday, April 29, 2011

Was Today Our Spring?

Land o' Goshen, we had a day today that would almost make one think spring had, at long last, arrived in the North Woods. A temp of 52 in the shade and 72 (wow!) out on the south side of the house where it was super sunny. Now if only the forecast didn't look so unpleasant. Rain tonight with rain all day tomorrow, turning to a rain/snow mix in the evening. The same rain/snow mix for Sunday and Sunday night. Ugh.

But we enjoyed the great weather today and took advantage of it. We spent the last half of the afternoon pruning the fruit trees.

You can see we've got a few patches of green grass showing although most of the yard area is still brown. (But at least it's not covered with snow!) The trees are just barely starting to bud out. Last year, the apple trees were in full blossom four weeks from today. But we had an early spring last year . . . a whole lot different than this year.

In this shot you can see the barren raised beds in the background. Past my left shoulder is the strawberry patch still wearing its winter blanket of evergreen boughs. Because we're still getting freezing temps at night, I'm hesitant to uncover them yet. It's the warm temps during the day followed by freezing at night that can harm them.

My husband was being recalcitrant and wouldn't let me take pictures of him today to illustrate our method for pruning. I loped off branches half way up the trees and he took care of the upper portion. It worked pretty well and we got the trees done lickety-split. Only thing is we were slovenly and didn't pick up the pruned branches but just let them fall where they may. That's a job for another day. When it's not raining. Or snowing.


Ruth @ Hope, Joy and Faith Farm said...

Reminds me of the old saying "Make hay while the sun shines." We didn't prune when it was time, and so our trees missed this year. They are budded out now, so I'm waiting for snow and hail to take out the blossoms. Tell hubby he'd make a great model, and you'll pay him?

Mama Pea said...

Ruth - When he was in high school, hubby worked for a man (George) who owned an orchard. According to George, there were only 52 days a year when you couldn't prune. Sundays.

P.S. He'd take his "pay" in cookies. We haven't had any around for a while and he's hinting strongly that he'd like some!

MamaTea said...

It was a lovely day, wasn't it? Why does the forecast have to look so rotten now? I tell you, ya just have to get out and do what you can WHEN you can!

Sparkless said...

Looks like spring has finally come to you! Glad you got to get out and get some garden work done.
I still need to get out and prune my rose bushes back. I totally forgot about it till you reminded me of pruning. ACK!

Sue said...

Pruning is one of those jobs that I've never cared for. You're lucky you work well with your hubby-it goes much faster. And yea for spring! I'm so happy you're finally getting some nice weather(it means I get some too!!)

Susan said...

Doesn't having a warm, sunny day just make you feel great? We had one yesterday - at least the morning was nice. It deteriorated into rain later, but we have to carpe the moment, right?

Leigh said...

I know it must have been a joy to be working outside! I didn't realize you had so many garden beds. I'm going to have a bunch too, once they're all made. So nice to see someone else that many steps ahead of us.

Jane said...

So glad you had a good day! It helps get the blood flowing, doesn't it. We are having one day, today, with sun so I have to do 1001 things. Some spring.

Erin said...

Oh it's nice to see you with just a long sleeve shirt and vest and not the frozen north outfit! Looks like you had a very productive day, that must have made you feel GREAT at the end of the evening! Happy Birthday! Sending lots of hugs!

judy said...

I'm back for now at least- but I think you got warmer than we did in the mid -section of our lovely state. My son,Dan, actually got the fire pit in. Kids had a blast-hot dogs and marshmallows -until the rain came. Oh well,I'm sure we will fire it up all the time now .

Mama Pea said...

Mama Tea - No rain (yet) this morning but it's very dark and damp out there. Oh well. We may be missing spring but summer will come. It WILL, won't it??

Sparkless - Yep, it's almost like we need to make a special list of those spring chores that need to be done every year so we don't forget. Now get out there and take care of those rose bushes! ;o}

Sue - I actually really like pruning I can do on my knees or bending over. (Well, okay, not A LOT of bending over.) But doing trees with the pruner and arms over your head for any period of time . . . whoa, that sure uses muscles I apparently don't keep in very good shape!

Susan - Carpe the moment, FOR SURE! You never know when it will rain or snow again for 17 days!

Mama Pea said...

Leigh - The raised beds (28 originally but we took out one -- long story) are what we started with here on this property because the soil was so bad. There is some stuff that just doesn't do well in them (hence, we have the field garden also) but I really love them. They're always ready earliest in the spring.

Jane - Pace yourself. You could curl up and croak trying to get all 1001 of those chores done today. ;o}

Erin - I realize I still look over-dressed for 70 degree weather but there was a cool breeze that was wafting over, around and through us. Although Papa Pea had to shed a layer as he gets warm the second he starts moving. Not so with my slow metabolism!

Thanks so much for the B-D wishes and hugs!

judy - Nuthin' like an outdoor fire for both kids and adults to enjoy!

Jenyfer Matthews said...

Maybe last year's weather was so kind to you because it knew that you needed to be extra productive to make up for not gardening this year. No? Well, maybe you could just consider that it's just as well you won't be gardening in earnest this year since the spring is so late.

Garden aside, I know how you feel. I'm ready for some sun myself!

Mama Pea said...

Jen - If I were gardening full scale this year as usual, I probably would be tearing my hair out (like that would do a lot of good) right now because the weather is keeping me from getting a good start on the garden. All my seedlings inside would be long, lanky and limp because I couldn't put them out yet. So, bottom line, I should be happy I'm NOT battling all this emotional turmoil in my head this year. See? There's a bright side to everything. :o}