Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Today I Have Managed To . . .

. . . get through the whole day ignoring:

- all the dust bunnies and other unidentified creatures cavorting on the floor of every room in the house.

- the need to sit down and figure out the design for the new cabinets for our remodeled kitchen.

- the kindling bin which is fast approaching . . . empty.

- the fact that I really, really must make an appointment for a hair trim.

- my husband wisely suggesting I should take advantage of these last cold, wet, ishy days to stock the freezer with soups, ready-made meals and cookies for our upcoming super-busy summer.

- all my houseplants that are drooping from lack of water.

- my messy, messy desktop.

- hubby's very favorite everyday pants that need to be mended before he can wear them again.

- the last of last year's onions that are sprouting and molding and need to go to the compost heap.

- how many calories I've shoved into my mouth.


Sparkless said...

Water the house plants, the rest can wait. So you've been cooking up a storm? We had wraps for supper tonight with salad. Yup, I don't like to cook. LOL!

beth said...

The dust bunnies live here too. They are so quiet I sometimes forget they're here!

Judy T said...

You only have dust bunnies? I think we've got elephants, or at least hippos by now. But, alas, they must go. My parents invited themselves to our house for Easter. sigh..

Sparkless said...

Oh wait a minute. You ignored your hubby telling you to cook up a storm. I must have been distracted when I read this... got confused..or something.

Our cats gather up the dust bunnies and we just pick them up. The cats think they are great toys and so we leave them. It's either that or we are very lazy and I'm sticking to the first story.

Mama Pea said...

Sparkless - I LIKE your advice about what to do and what to let go! No, I haven't been cooking up a storm . . . but I really need to get it in gear and start doing it!

Beth - Thank heaven the dust bunnies don't make any noise. It would be really hard to ignore them like we do then!

Judy - Isn't that just it? We need a good kick-in-the-butt reason to attack the house so others don't know we're really such slobs. ;o}

Erin said...

Ah, let it go for a day.... says the girl who did about the same thing today! I'm in a heckuva slump and am hoping the energy returns very soon since my to-do list has decided NOT to go on spring break. Sometimes you need a recharge, and at least your weather isn't taunting you with outside chores quite yet!

Mama Pea said...

Sparkless - That's okay, I write wonky a lot of the time so I can understand why you misread it.

Maybe we need to get a cat so the dust bunnies serve a purpose!

Mama Pea said...

Erin - No, our weather is definitely not tempting us to be outside! Brrr! Even another chance of snow tonight . . . arrrghh.

Sue said...

LOL--I've been cooking like a madwoman the past two days. Snow, snow, snow.......so it gets me in the kitchen. Awoke to another 4" this morning. I would say I'm bummed out, but yea, like you guys, I HAVE to get the freezer full of stuff for in the busy summer months. So far I've got 3 pans each of lasagna, stuffed shells, and goulash. Twenty 2-cup bowls of chicken/rice soup and bean and ham soup. Eight containers of beef tips in gravy. And four fully cooked roasts all divided up into individual meals. And TONS of cinnamon rolls. AND--today is supposed to be snowy again. I'm roasting a few chickens and divy-ing them up.
Ha-I may NEVER have to cook this summer!!

I agree with Sparkless- let the stuff go that isn't necessary. You are so like me--you'll get a hair up your butt and get that other done at some point. For now-enjoy!!

Susan said...

So, Mama Pea, just what exactly HAVE you been doing? Quilting up a storm, I hope?

judy said...

well,everyone was up late last night except me. just wait until i figure out who took my energy and since i think everyone reads your blog momma pea i want to share a easy deco Easter recipe for those with kids or kids visiting-after you make your favorite cupcakes color some coconut -sprinkle on the cupcakes ,add a few robins eggs or jelly beans to look like a Easter basket-last but not least =get red licorice [ sort of stiff ]and mind you with semi-dirty minds -----i did not say stiffy ----anyway put a toothpick inserted into the holes at the end of licorice-WoLa -you have tiny ,lovey Easter baskets for kiddie's to enjoy the only picture i have is on my face book and i can re post it if asked oh ya and i do have dust bunnies galore-but only the high ones i can't reach Evan with my broom that my eldest broke again [ getting snow off his car ---grrrrr]

Jane @ Hard Work Homestead said...

How nice you will (eventually) mend your husbands pants. I draw the line there. There are just some things that need to go and his work pants are not my territory. The problem is he doesn't let them go and keeps wearing them to work. I try to explain that crotchless pants are not so cute on a 52 year old guy. Plus out in the world, they can really be taken the wrong way ;)

mtnchild said...

If I cleared all my dust bunnies out of the house it would probably seem a lot bigger ... 2 cats and a dog later, do I have dust bunnies???

I'm with Sparkless - water those plants and let the rest go for a day.

Mama Pea said...

Sue - GO AWAY. No, wait! I don't want to offend you in any way because long about July lst, after I haven't had time to cook for about 9-1/2 days, I may be sending you a desperate plea to overnight ship us some of that luscious food you have just squirreled away in your freezer. You are one crazy cookin' woman!!

Susan - I've been lying on the couch reading trashy novels and eating bon-bons.

judy - First off, stop feeding Evan so many Wheaties.

The Easter basket cupcake idea sounds so cute. And also lots of putzy work. Sorry, I'm not a putzer when it comes to food. You should see my frosted sugar cookies at Christmas . . . very "rustic."

I think some good, strong sunshine would give all of us a hit of much needed energy!

Mama Pea said...

Jane - If I didn't mend my husband's pants we would go broke buying new ones! He carries the equivalent of a 50 pound toolbox in his many cargo pants pockets every day. No matter what he needs, he has it with him. You can imagine the stress and wear that all puts on the pants fabric. Geesh.

Your dear hubby is going to get himself arrested if he continues to wear his "ventilated" pants!

Yvette - In all of our 104 married years, we've only gone one brief period without a dog inside. I could not believe how easy the house was to keep clean then! Lesson learned? Heck, no. We just keep getting another dog.

Dmarie said...

*chuckle* sounds like the recipe for a great day to me!

Mama Pea said...

Dmarie - Yeah, except all those things were still hanging around yelling at me today! Dang.