Monday, April 4, 2011

A River Runs Through It?

Nah, that's not really a river, but rather just ice with water on top of it. I took this shot a couple of minutes ago standing outside our back door.

As you can see, the hoopla over the winter storm was just that . . . blah, blah, blah. No storm hit us but we sure have been getting the precipitation. Temp first thing this morning was 34 degrees and it's up to 36 now. It's been snowing on and off since early yesterday. How can it snow when it's above freezing? Dunno, but that's been the case.

Hubby came in from chores this morning singing, "It's wet, it's wet, it's weally, weally wet!" Bone-chillin' damp, too.

I've been antsy to hang out my first load of laundry for the season, but it's not going to happen today, that's for sure.

Last year, one week from today I planted my first garden bed. (See picture above.) Ha! Would almost take a miracle for that to happen this year.

Oh, well. Such is spring in the Great Northland. Bugs aren't bad. And the weeds haven't started to grow yet. Inside we're warm, cozy and well-fed. We've got lots of interesting things to occupy our time today. Can't complain about that.


  1. That 'river' can not make it to nice to get to the wood shed. That will be a real test of the waterproof nature of your boots. While it may have warmed up here, it warmed up in 24 hours and now we are under a tornado watch. And by tomorrow more snow flurries. This is a nasty spring for sure.

  2. "As you can see, the hoopla over the winter storm was just that . . . blah, blah, blah."

    HA! and EXCUUUUUUSE ME?!! Maybe YOU didn't get it, but I'm trying to deal with 8" of cement this morning!! (Working on throwing some pictures up on the blog right now.)

  3. Jane - We survived a couple of near miss tornados when we lived in Illinois and I still get a queasy stomach when I hear of one. I think you've nailed it: This is a nasty spring for sure!

    Chicken Mama - We were afraid you were probably getting it! Ten degrees colder will do that. Let us know when you head in. (Or maybe you shouldn't today.) Your drive will be rough.

  4. I planted my first cold frame-snow be damned! I figure the stuff will sprout when it's good and ready. Adds to the illusion that I'm completely insane (or really really desparate for fresh spinach!)
    Glad you lucked out, sorry that Chicken Mama didn't. Sounds like she has a mess on her hands.....

  5. Yes, how is that possible? We had snow, then sleet, then sleety snow and it was 36 degrees when I left home?

  6. That photo of your cold frame bed last year is crazy! Here, too... too cold at night still for tomatoes, yet they are so big and getting droopy indoors, I'm quite concerned for them!

  7. Sue - You are one crazy gardening chick! I buy organic spinach at our co-op and ya know what? It doesn't taste at all like what I get out of our garden. Good for you for thumbing your nose (that was what you were doing with that hand gesture, isn't it?) at Mother Nature and getting out there and planting that bed.

    Susan - What can we say? It's spring. %$@#&* spring. :o}

    Erin - After I posted that shot, I thought I should have gone out and photographed the same bed the way it looks today. 'Cept all you would see was a big blank white patch of a picture!

    Starting tomatoes . . . it's so HARD to get the right timing on them. I think we all (about 98% of the time) start them too early. When you plant them, do you strip off many of the lower leaves and plant them right up to their little heads?

  8. I do! I've already repotted them deeply once, and will do so again when they go out... it's really only 2 varieties that are showing stress, but they are both my biggest heirlooms, ugh!

  9. Plenty of things to do read a few magazines? Go on! Have a seat on the john and read away! Looks like you've still got time before winter exits!

  10. Erin - Tomatoes . . . who doesn't struggle with them from start to finish??

    APG - Do I hafta stay in the bathroom?