Saturday, April 2, 2011

Like Something The Cat Dragged In

Yup, that's what I feel like this morning. I slept terribly last night because of dreams filled with terrible angst. These dreams are always the same but with variations on the people, place and circumstances. I'm stuck in a situation where I have to do something that is, for one reason or another, impossible to do. As I'm laboring over my task, there are always many people coming into the area thwarting my every move. And it's imperative that I interact with these people in a cheerful and pleasant manner. (Go ahead, psychoanalyze me.) In the dream I work so hard trying to accomplish the task that I wake up physically exhausted.

My dear husband took one look at me this morning and said (tongue in cheek), "My goodness, don't you look bright-eyed and bushy-tailed this morning."

Besides feeling physically exhausted, I am also a vision of loveliness . . . not. I mean, for Pete's sake, what 67-11/12 year old woman gets a first-class teenage pimple on her left lower eyelid, I ask you?? Am I being punished for some past sin?

I've had it for four days now and it hurts every time I blink my eye. And I'm tired of it. When I wake up int he morning, my eye is all goopy and stuck shut. (TMI?)

Not only is the lower lid swollen but also around the tear duct and into the corner of my eye. I currently have three layers of sag and bag under the eye. The lid is swollen, the usual "bags under the eye" area is swollen and then just for good measure, there is one more separate swollen poofy little pouch on the top of my cheekbone. I tell ya, I'm losing modeling jobs left and right because of this adolescent outbreak.

Guess what the good news is from our local weather reporting station? We are to be on the alert for a late winter storm (or is it early spring storm now?) starting Sunday morning and going to Monday morning with a possible 8" of new snow. Goody. What snow we have left was beginning to look a smidge on the gray and dirty side. This will freshen things up a bit. Snow lovers that we are, there comes a time when you want to put away the snow shovels and start thinking of gardening tools instead. Methinks that time has arrived. Snow, snow, go a-way. Come a-gain some other day. Like maybe next November?

I will take my grouchy, full of doom-and-gloom self away now. Although I've managed to feed us a good breakfast, I haven't made my morning latte yet. I shall go do that immediately and be a different person by the time I slurp my way to the bottom of the mug.


  1. Sounds like you could benefit from a warm compress on your eye! Maybe it's a stye, not a zit? Wishing you a speedy recovery

  2. I agree with Jenyfer, not a zit, something else. You need a drawing salve to get that down. And I think you need to eat a little bread, or cake. That will help with the rest ;)

  3. Jen and Jane - Thanks, gals, I thought of a sty at first also but it has all the characteristics of an old-fashioned zit. Don't worry 'bout me, I'll be fine. I think it's just in a super-sensitive spot (let alone unusual!) that doesn't have much room for swelling. Because I just KNEW it would help my overall physical (and emotional!) health, I DID have a piece of cake yesterday. It was awful. Yucky. Didn't like it a bit. HAHAHAHAHA! ;o}

  4. You are such a hoot! Losing modeling jobs.....too funny!!!

    But seriously, you send any of that white SHI% my way and I swear I'm coming after ya with a shovel.
    Then your modeling career will be finished for sure!


  5. Ahh what an awful night you had. A teabag (regular old tea) warmed in water and wrung out, placed over your eye may draw out the awfulness of that swelling - I've used it many times (a fresh one each time of course :-) and it works wonders.

  6. Sounds like a classic stye! My dr. says they essentially are a zit... I one really bad a few years ago and she pricked it for me, classic nasty white head on it and all... I'd give it a compress for sure. Sorry you had such a fitful night, I hate it when that happens!

  7. Aww that's just not right to have a zit/stye. And that dream is a classic anxiety dream (gotta use my psych degree).
    I hope the zit heals up soon and tonight you get a fantastic sleep.

  8. You might have a chalazion, which is different than a sty. Try googling "chalazion" and see if the symptoms match. Chalazions are stubborn and resistant to home remedies although warm compresses every 2 to 3 hours offers relief and helps drainage. If you have a chalazion, I'd advise seeing a doctor. Good luck and I hope you get rid of it real soon.

  9. Oh man, so sorry to hear you had such a crappy night! Has your day gotten better at least?

    Well, I am sending you blemish and snow free thoughts to you!

  10. Sue - I love it when you just let whatever is in your head come on out. You're hysterical when you let loose!

    We've got a beautiful, sunny afternoon here with a temp of 46 which is the warmest we've seen since last fall. But they are still saying that fluffy white stuff is coming . . .

  11. Piecefulafternoon - Welcome and thanks so much for commenting. Well, I have plenty of tea bags lying around. Even some used! I shall try that . . . can't hurt. Thanks for the tip.

    Erin - Zit, sty, sty, zit. Whatever I'm ready for it to go away. I think my bad night/dreams has a lot to do with what all has been going on around here. May it end soon!

    Sparkless - Psych degree? You have a psych degree? Why the heck didn't you say that before? Now we all know who to run to with our "issues!"

    abc123 - Okay, I googled both sty and chalazion and I'm pretty sure I don't have either of them. Call me stubborn but I think it's just a pimple/zit. But it sure is nice to have all you guys giving me great suggestions which I will follow through on.

    APG - Yepper, my day has definitely gotten better. And my eye is too because it no longer hurts when I blink. (Now it's completely swollen shut. I'M KIDDING!) It really does feel better. And I sure do appreciate all you gals taking care of me!

  12. Mama Pea, use a hot tea bag on your eye a couple times a day. Steep in hot water, squeeze out the excess water, and then when it is hot (not to burn, but as hot as you can stand), place it on your eye for a good 10 to 15 minutes.

    I have been using this for years for various issues with pinkeye and other eye issues,works amazing! You will feel some relief right away.

    Feel better soon!! :)

  13. Stephanie - Thanks, m'dear. I am using the hot tea bag remedy for sure.

  14. Thanks Mama Pea, I responded to you by email!

  15. I am sorry about your zit, but mostly for the bad dream filled night. Even tho I love horses, I sure hate those night"mares" (I picture them as sleek black horses with red eyes, snorting fire). Hope you sleep better tonight!

  16. Yeah, we are due for rain Sunday. Sorry you're getting more whiteness. But spring is on the way! We've had a lot of eagles going through here recently, do you ever see them up by your place?

  17. Ruth - I just recently found out that the word "nightmare" was originally derived from seeing mares at night! Zit/pimple/sty/whatever is much better this morning. All of the great suggestions helped chase it away, I think. Thanks for your concern.

    Jo - We do see a few eagles (more in the fall) but their main fly-way seems to be about 60 miles south of us.

  18. Well, it's Sunday, was the weatherman right???

    Whatever it is on your eye, I've had those too. Terrible nuisance. Jane's idea of a drawing salve is good. So is the cake. I just sterilized a needle and pierced mine. Sounds not too bright I know, but it got rid of it.

  19. Leigh - Just put up a post about our weather. My eye is much better today and on the mend. I think everybody's suggestions and concern helped! Thanks for your concern.