Sunday, March 20, 2011

You Can't Beat "Spring" In NE Minnesota!

What an absolutely gorgeous day today . . . for being inside with a crackling wood fire to warm the house and the bodies in it!

When hubby got up this morning, it was raining. When I dragged myself out an hour later, it was snowing. Now it's 34 degrees and so gray and damp and foggy and drizzly you wouldn't believe it. Without lights in the house, we wouldn't be able to see a thing.

The forecast is for falling temperatures and up to 6" of snow this afternoon/evening. Possibly mixed with freezing rain. If that happens, the red banner across the top of the weather page says we should be prepared for hazardous conditions on the roadways. Well, I would suppose so.

Yessir, it is a PERFECT day for being home. And baking!

Applesauce Muffins.

Lemon Pound Cake.

Almond Cookies.

Poppy Seed Bread.

Sour Cream Chocolate Cake.

Hard Rolls.

Please send mailing addresses. I will need to get rid of the baking immediately or I WILL EAT IT ALL.

P.S. Last of the "growing strawberries" post up a little later today.


  1. Are you seriously making all that stuff?

    My plans for today include planting potatoes, spinach, and onions, but I'm dragging my feet. I'm much more in the mood for a cozy afternoon by the fire. The grass is always greener (yadda, yadda, yadda)...

  2. Rain and 34? Uh, oh... I feel the annual mudfest coming soon to a driveway near you! It sounds like a perfect day for hitting that quilt studio, girlfriend! Set a baking deadline of say, an hour ago? - and get in there! :)

  3. Sounds like a perfect day to bake, quilt, rest, read, or just enjoy being.
    It's actually sunny here today.

  4. Mama Pea, you are cut from some tough stock. How you make it through all that winter is beyond me. I think the lower half of Alaska is getting better weather than you. Oh, and I want dibs on the Pound cake since it has been years since I had one.

  5. Oooh Mama Pea! Wow, you are amazing. That is quite a baking order! Enjoy a few bites!!! I think I'll be baking some choco-peanut butter chip cookies tomorrow when I'm snowed in!

  6. JJ - I thought of making all that stuff, but didn't do any of it.

    Do we live in the same country? In order to do any planting today I'd have to dig down through a couple feet of snow. You're right . . . the grass IS always greener.

  7. Erin - No baking. No quilting. Researching and planning today. But it's a perfect day for that, too.

    Sparkless - Do a favor for me? Go outside and let the sun's rays fall on your skin for a few minutes? Ahhh, that felt good! Just got back in from getting in wood and I'm chilled to the bone.

  8. I'm in Ohio now you know - bring it on!!!

  9. Jane - Ha! Alaska's temperatures are FREQUENTLY warmer than ours!

    My lemon flavored pound cake is good, too! My daughter likes to keep individual slices of it in her freezer for snacking . . . half frozen!

    Rain - No, didn't bake because I WOULD enjoy a few bites. And then some. One of these days I'll cave and do some baking 'cause I sure do miss it.

  10. Jen - You're talkin' pretty brave for a person who's used to dry, 80 degree weather, Missy!

  11. Now that it's spring, they're issuing a blizzard watch for tomorrow and Wednesday. I wish I could stay in the house by a fire. All the critters outside won't give me a break. We have cattle ready to calve. It usually happens when the barometric pressure changes and we get that blizzard. :) But I'll post pics of the little ones, only thing cuter than newborn calves is newborn goats.

  12. odiie - Yep. You can almost count on animals giving birth during blizzard conditions. Good luck getting everybody and everything set up and secured before the blizzard hits. Sounds as if it will go south of us but you may be in for it!

    Looking forward to the pictures.

  13. LOL - I was talking about you sending me your baked goods :)

  14. Jen - OOOOH! Duh. Anyone as svelte as you are (she's 'bout as big around as a pencil, Folks . . . think Susan Lucci) needs to get a care package of baked goodies!

  15. I'd probably end up giving it all to my children - I can't keep those children full!