Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Spring Has Arrived!

Uh-huh, sure. I don't mean to be such an old bah-humbug about it, but truth be told, we've got nearly two more months of winter up here before spring really makes an appearance. (That would be in an "early" spring year.)

But what a glorious day we've had today. Not only does it look like spring out there (the air actually has a different look to it . . . no, it really does), but it smells like spring. We've had our front door standing open most of the day. (Well, okay, there IS a storm window on the top of the outer door but still . . . ).

Now at a little past 3 p.m., the temperature on the north side of the house in the shade is 47 degrees.

We've had so much melting going on today that the areas where we've shoveled paths are almost down to bare ground.

As much as I love winter, I've gotta admit all of the sunshine and melting today has given me a much needed shot of energy.

March is often our snowiest month, but if we continue to get intermittent days like this one, the accumulation of the fluffy white stuff both that is already on the ground now and any that might fall yet is definitely on a downward spiral.


  1. Take the time to enjoy the nicer weather... We're back to our typical Oregon weather of rain and wind after a month of spring-like weather. I am hoping my fruit trees aren't too confused...

  2. I was thinking this morning that we are on the path to spring - you're right, the air does smell different. I just cannot wait until the ice/snow pack melts; that will make me happy. Bring on mud season! Please remind me in March that I actually asked for it.

  3. Here too! Tomorrow it's going to rain all day, I think that will create quite a slushy mess, and more roof avalanches. I'm with you, I do love winter, but when you get a little taste of the milder weather, it does boost the spirit doesn't it?
    :) I chuckled when you said 2 more months IS an early spring, lol, it's so true isn't it...because up here on the top of the mountain, the snow sticks around until May! The temps are usually nice, but the snow just doesn't want to say au revoir, it's stubborn that way!

  4. Wow, it looks like your snow is melting rather quickly. We still have about the same amount of snow on the ground here and the temps are getting nice :)

  5. I am amazed that you have your door open in 47 degree weather. I need a warmer temp outside than inside before I even think of cracking a window. But that is that antifreeze in your veins again, isn't it.

  6. Ruth - Yup, that's always the problem with spring time. It goes from too warm to too cold and the perennial plants don't know how to handle it.

    Susan - Oh! I flinched when you said "bring on mud season!" I really hate mud. If I were ever going to leave our place for an away vacation, it would be in mud season!

    Rain - When we first moved up here 35+ years ago, the winters were more severe. One June we found a patch of snow and ice under some straw by our barn!

    Robin - I was actually shocked by how much melted just today. There must be something to the fact that the sun is getting warmer as we move closer to spring!

  7. We thought we were having an early spring until we got up to almost a foot of snow yesterday morning. It did finally warm up and melt down to about three inches but more arrived this morning and is melting yet again. I would like snow that stays awhile...

  8. Jane - Do you realize how WARM a 47 degree temp IS outside for up here?? ;o) Heck, I didn't even wear a turtleneck today . . . for the first time in nearly four months!
    (The sun on that side of the house made the air there MUCH warmer than 47 degrees. I could have sunbathed out there this afternoon, I'm sure, without getting goosebumps!)

  9. Have to enjoy these kinds of days when we can get them! Who knows, spring might be closer than you think. :)

  10. Oh, I so needed this post today! I hit the 'I am DONE with winter' wall today (again!) after slipping on some ice by the barn and landing in equine poop. The good news is, it was frozen and I was wearing my coveralls. The bad news is, it was still POOP!!!
    Bring on spring now, please?
    P.S Your home looks so lovely!!!

  11. We have less snow on the ground than you do! I can see most of my front lawn.

    We had a wonderful sunny day today too. I bet my crocuses will be coming up in a few weeks if this keeps up.

  12. 2 Tramps - A FOOT of snow yesterday! Now that's quite a snowfall. I guess you should have been living out on the NE coast this winter to have experienced all the snow you wanted! They sure did get dumped on.

    Leigh - That's true. We actually have had a couple of early springs/early into the garden years in the past few. It could happen again!

    Fiona - Oh, what insult to injury. Not only to fall put to land in poop! Thanks for the nice words about the house but it was strictly the sun streaming in that made it look so good. :o)

    Sparkless - Spring flowers soon? Now that's something to really look forward to!

  13. Our long winters ARE a lot easier to contend with when we get these occasional thaws. Yesterday was spent puttering in the garage with the big door wide open. The sun was streaming in and though I really didn't have anything to do, I still found things to do, just to be out in it!
    I find it truly amazing how fast the snow can disappear up here. When I lived in Illinois, it took FOREVER to get rid of it, and you slogged around in MUD for the full month of March. Here, my snow can go in less than a week (but, we're expecting more snow and cold this weekend so we won't be losing it anytime soon!)
    Usually when we leave for vacation it's piled 3 to 4 foot high....and all I care about is that it's GONE when I get back at the end of the month!

  14. Last week our temps climbed up near 50 and we were in t-shirts working in the yard! Felt so good, was funny though since we still had a bit of snow in the shady part of the yard! We have frost and temps in the 20's at night but today we are supposed to hit 70 and possibly break the record of 80º tomorrow?! I think we are in for an early spring and quite possibly the signal of another strange and wild weather year. I'm waiting for the new gardeners to get the fever and start planting - forgetting it IS February! We have frost until April 1st but I bet some will try to get a jump and be sorry for it!

  15. We hit 55 yesterday!!! What a gorgeous teaser we're getting.

  16. Spring? What's that??? We had snow yesterday. No, really, we have had some great weather during the day, but as soon as the sun dips behind the trees, it cools off real fast. This BIG Pacific NW storm gave us about 5-6 inches of snow ... gggrrrrrrr!! I do hope we get more; our winters have been getting less and less snow, but we neeeeeed it badly for the ground water.

    I think we are to have more snow, but I'm still looking for the 3-4 FOOT snowfall ... I might have to wait a long time, but still. I'm not fond of mud season either, but I guess it goes hand in hand with melting snow.

  17. Sue - Methinks you are more than ready for your vacation, m'dear. Glad you have a warm, snowless place to go to. And I do hope all your snow is gone when you return home.

    Erin - That's the trouble with an early spring even up here. Each and every year we succumb and are cruelly tricked into thinking it will stay warm. Are we ever-hopeful . . . or just dumb??

    odiie - And for so early in the season!

    Yvette - If only we could have just exactly the weather we wanted when we wanted it! (That would probably have its drawbacks, too!)

  18. I hope we don't get any more snow this year;since I am ready for spring. My favorite time of year. Oh,Ihave daylilys coming up.How's that for spring! Blessings jane

  19. Dirt! Yeah for you! I hope you see more soon. Melt! Melt! Melt!

  20. Jane2 - Daylilys coming up?? Just a minute. Let me go dig down into three feet of snow to see if mine are sprouting yet! ;o)

    Lori - No melting today. We're back in the deep freeze . . . moving around on a lot of ICE!