Monday, February 14, 2011

Oh, Yeah . . . The Weekly Weigh-In

Gosh, I almost forgot. And I know all of you are just dying to hear. Today was Monday and that means the weekly weigh-in around our house.

Yes, both hubby and I decided last week at the end of our four-week change of eating habits regime that we would continue on for the indefinite future since we both want to drop several (okay, many) more pounds.

Hubby would be the first to admit he had a ba-a-a-d week and indulged in a wee bit of chocolate and a couple (few?) beers which he has not been doing at all.

However, (and I don't know how he does it) he showed a loss of 2 pounds this morning. That gives him a total loss of 9 pounds for five weeks.

Mama Plump (I mean Mama Pea) thought she was going to have a fantastic week and show a loss of 2 or 3 pounds. Why? Because I truly felt lighter. Even my "fat" pants have looked and felt looser. What did the scale say? Zero pounds lost this week. None gained, but none lost. How can this be? Maybe I should have eaten some chocolate and knocked back a few beers. Sigh. My total loss is 6 pounds in five weeks now. Hrumpf.

I don't think I'd be feeling very good if I cut my portions down any more. Guess I just have to bite the bullet and get more exercise to burn more calories.

Trying to lose weight is the pits. If I don't start dropping more pounds soon, I'm going to stop eating all this healthy food and eat only potato chips and pie. If I ate a piece of pie for breakfast, chips for lunch and more pie for dinner, I bet I'd be consuming less calories than I do now. Hrumpf.


Sparkless said...

I've found that a day a week when you go over your diet is a good way to shake up your system. It tells you body that it can burn fuel cause you aren't starving and there is lots of food. You can only do this once a week though and not go over too much but it does work. Now if I could just keep good eating habits for the other 6 days a week I'd be all set.

You most likely do not need to lose weight or your body has just reached a set point. This means you should do something different to get your body burning more energy again.

You should be proud that you are sticking to your healthy eating plan and forget about the scale. If you feel good and aren't starving that's all that should matter.

Mama Pea said...

Sparkless - Oh, THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU! Boy, will I go ahead and shake up my system tomorrow! Wa-hoo! ;o)

I am seriously still 20 pounds overweight for my height. I do admit that I carry it well and most people don't think I look that much overweight. But I just know I feel so much better when I'm not lugging around that extra 20 lbs. so that's why I still want to lose it.

Thanks for the encouragement!

2 Tramps said...

Remember that muscle weighs more than fat. So perhaps your pants don't feel tight but your weight hasn't dropped because you have gained muscle. Both of us here still think you two are doing great - still speaking and no fork wounds... You will make it - it just takes time. And you are providing inspiration for the rest of us, too!

Leigh said...

Well, you know what they say, that inches and pounds aren't necessarily lost at the same time. Still, you're doing really well!

Fiona said...

I may be talking total nonsense (I have been known to do that from time to time) but I'm wondering if January/February is metabolically a tough time to lose weight. Many mammals hibernate during this time of the year, there is less sunshine, many folks, myself include, suffer from season-specific complaints, such as SAD that induce tiredness -- so maybe your body is holding onto those "extra" pounds as some kind of primal survival mechanism? As said, this could be complete rubbish -- regardless, I still think six pounds is pretty great!

Sue said...

I still think you have done a great job--it's obvious by how your pants fit. Slow and steady wins the race-always remember that!
But I also think exercise is key--and I know I haven't been getting ANY this winter!
I am SO looking forward to getting out in a few weeks (Arizone-YEA!!)
And by the time we get back home, even my huge piles of snow will be gone and then its time to starting sowing seeds (YEA!!!) and working at yard cleanup.
You've done fantastic. Keep up the good work. And keep us posted. You have an incredible amount of willpower. I know you can do this!

Jane said...

Do not be discouraged. I could write a huge post and tell you all the scientific reasons you stayed the same, but just trust me that this is natural. The biggest looser is the worst thing to happen to the dieting public. That just does not happen in real life(nor is it healthy). Hang in there and it will come off.

Jane said...

I think it is best to lose the weight slowly,more likely to stay off.Just don't get discouraged. Blessings jane

Mama Pea said...

2 Tramps - I don't feel like much of an inspiration, but thanks anyway!

Leigh - I'm just so grateful at least I can "feel" the loss if not see it on the scale!

Fiona - You know, that does make perfect sense to me if we take into account the different times of the year, and what we would/should naturally be doing during those times. I just didn't want to wait to shed the weight until I wanted to appear stripped down without all my winter clothing on in the spring. Currently, my three or four layers are hiding a multitude of sins!

Sue - I so appreciate your support! Hmmm, Arizona. Sunshine. Vigorous walks in the warmth. Doesn't sound bad. :o)

Jane - I could see the last 5-6 pounds being really hard to take off but since I still have twenty to go, shouldn't I be seeing even little losses? No? Okay, I'll believe you and just keep keepin' on. Grumble-grumpf.

Jane2 - The fit of my jeans is keeping me from chucking the whole effort!

Anonymous said...

Oh Mama Pea! Those weekly weigh-ins can be motivation killers. I only weigh in every month, because I have a slow metabolism. I started my weight loss plan in the summer of 2008, and have lost 59 pounds thus far, I have 23 to go. I don't want to give up the foods I like, but I do make sure I stick to about 1600 calories a day. My trick is that I'm very active. That's the only way my metabolism will "allow" the pounds to drop, it's been a slow but steady journey. I'm in no hurry because I know I'm eating well and moving about! I think that getting more activity is a great idea!

Mama Pea said...

Rain - Oh. My. Gosh. Congratulations on your successful weight loss! Now, YOU are an inspiration! I have a slow metabolism also so I know that comes into play for me. Hubby and I have been discussing (just this morning) getting outside regularly for more physical exercise. Onward!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mama Pea! I like to tell people my story just so they don't feel so bad for not losing weight quickly, or in our slow metabolic cases, regularly! My once a month weigh in is almost like a trick for me, because every month, I see at least a 1 pound loss. If I weighed every week, it would be too discouraging, but any loss is a good one for me! I could eat 1500 cals a day, and never lose an ounce unless I do 60 minutes of activity each day (I don't call it exercise anymore!). I have to get that metabolism going early or it's sluggish all day. I have one of those little mini trampolines, it's so easy on the knees. I walk/jog in place for 45 minutes in the mornings before breakkie, then head out to the woods (weather permitting) for an hour walk or so in the afternoons. That seems to be a good method for me. I'm aiming for August to reach my goal, and by then, I'll be posting before/after pics! It's also a lot easier to be active when it's not winter right? I think it's great though that you and hubby are doing this together, that's such a great support system to have!

Susan said...

Don't forget to focus on how the weight you do have is shifting so that your clothes fit better. I agree with all the viewpoints - you've picked a difficult season for weight loss, it's hard to get out and do much and your body is trying to store up fat to "save" you. I think that once you get out and start working on that amazing garden, the pounds will fall off.

Erin said...

I was thinking the same thing as Fiona - and you are doing well, nothing gained, so that's great! It also takes women a bit longer to lose once we are over that "certain change" LOL... at least that's what I'm telling myself! You're doing great, and just keep paying attention to how you feel in your clothes, how they look, and how you feel physically - if it's all good, keep doing what you're doing!

Mama Pea said...

Rain - Forty-five minutes on the rebounder every morning! I am in awe of you. Do you know that's very good for your lymph system, too?

Not only is it good to have my husband doing this with me for support, but it sure makes meal preparation a whole lot easier. For both of us to eat the same thing rather than trying to make two separate meals. That is an unpleasant challenge!

Susan - Ha, pounds falling off! I love that visual!! And I know right where I want them to fall off first.

Erin - And once we're over that "certain change" you just can't put as much food in your mouth and expect to burn it off! It finds a hidey-hole (anywhere between your waist and knees) and takes up permanent residence!

Teri said...

Hang in there! You can do it!! I'm doing Weight Watchers right now and admittedly, I've not had a very good last two weeks. (((sigh)). Onward and upward! One day at a time! Keep up the great work!! :)

Mama Pea said...

Teri - Weight Watchers? From the pictures I've seen, you don't look the least bit overweight!

ThyHandHathProvided said...

Here's what I tell myself when I'm frustrated because my scale isn't moving when I'm trying to eat better/exercise more: Imagine what that scale would be doing if I wasn't doing those things- it would be going UP! Holding steady is better than going up any day:-). Keep up the good work.

My memory verse for the next two weeks begins, "Blessed is anyone who endures temptation..."(James 1:12). Can you tell I'm working on this, too?:-)

Mama Pea said...

ThyHand - You are so right. Staying the same is much better than going up. And going up, up, up was what I was doing before deciding to change things. As for temptation? Get thee behind me and push! (Away from what I think I want but certainly don't need.)