Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Boring, I'm Sure

My posts have been lacking pictures of what's going on around ye ol' homestead because I don't think anyone (myself included) has much interest in shots of old snow or ice-covered drive and walkways.

My days are filled to the brim as they usually are but with the humdrum little tasks of February days.

It's 8:30 a.m. as I write and I keep waiting for it to get light outside. Well, it actually has dawned but we're expecting a few inches of snow today and the look to the air is more like dusk than first of the day.

I need to make a run into town to collect a rather large special order I put in to our food co-op. And also drop off some library books that are due today. I feel so irresponsible when I'm late and have to pay that huge 25 cent fine. Other than that, I'm holed up here at home today workin' away on the usual list.

Even though we're still not eating bread, bread making is on the agenda. I want to take a loaf to our good neighbors who have been plying us with wonderful fresh fish recently. First we got a quart jar of D's pickled herring, then two different batches of fillets and two big containers of fish cake batter which is my hubby's absolute favorite. D has been buying the fish from a friend who nets them on an inland lake. Herring pulled from underneath the ice this time of year can't be beat for flavor. I prefer winter fish to any caught in the summer time.

The devil got a good grip on me yesterday and put all kinds of ba-a-ad things into my mouth. (Was that the reason for my unpleasant dreams all night?) But I'm back on the straight and narrow again today now that I've gotten that out of my system. (Out of my system . . . let's hope it's REALLY out of my system and not clinging to my hips.)

Yupper, this whole post IS boring. So I'll stop and go get some bread set to rise. What kind should I make?


Erin said...

Any kind of bread is awesome when it's homemade! Hubby was drooling listening to me read to him about the herring :)

mtnchild said...

Ooooooo, fresh pickled Herring!! I love it. I guess that's the Danish coming out, but I do love fish and seafood. I have the same boring snow, icy patches, and icicles that you do. We are suppose to have snow this week too, but it is a bit on the skimpy side. I have a few flakes falling now and then, but I really have to look hard to see them ... LOL
Stay warm.

Rain said...

Well, I made a honey wheat loaf today! Well, the bread maker made it, but dang if it's delish and healthy! I can always tell when the machine is about to start cooking, the dogs start to sniff the air, those noses are bionic! I've never tried Herring! I can imagine how juice the fish would be caught in the winter, that's one thing I really want to learn, is to fish. I think I'm too squeamish though, have to get over that fear! We've definitely got the ice for it, and the rivers and lakes here are full of fish for the summers. And no my dear, your blog posts AIN'T borin'! I love reading about other people's lives, everyone's story is different and interesting!
:) Look, you got me thinking about more bread and ice fishing!!!

Susan said...

Your posts are never boring because it's always like talking to a friend. I love it! I also love herring - when I lived in the Netherlands, I'd head for the markets where you could get yourself a nice, pickled herring to eat by hand, then you washed your fingers in the handy bucket of water with towel. Yum! As far as bread - I think that anything you make would be wonderful.

Sue said...

You're a pillar of strength--I don't know how you resist the bread. The smell of that baking is enough to drive me mad. And what's this crap about not liking chocolate? I saw your comment on EIEIOMG's. No hot bread. No chocolate. Are you human?
I admire your self control. I will now go hang my head in shame......

2 Tramps said...

Ditto with the others - you are never boring. When you were bad I hope it was good! I have not had my lips on a Snickers for many months and I have to stare at them while in the checkout line at the store... One of these days I am going to fall in a big way and dive into all that chewy caramel, nut and chocolate goodness!

Mama Pea said...

Erin - Well, pack that Subaru and get your little butts up here! D promises more herring to come!

Yvette - I love fish and seafood, too. But like all other wonderful things in this world, we're destroying them also. Even up here there are some lakes where the fish are so contaminated that they are not safe to eat. Sigh.

Rain - That's so funny about your dogs going into drooling/sniffing mode when your bread is baking! Thanks for the assurance I'm not boring the socks off you. I, too, think it's so interesting to get a peek into other people's every day lives. (Does that make me nosey??)

Susan - Thanks, m'dear! I feel like I'm listening to a friend when I read your blog also. I'll bet the pickled herring in the Netherlands was super! My hubby won't eat pickled herring. He says it's too close to sushi which he won't touch with a ten foot pole!

Sue - OKAY! When this bread comes out of the oven I'll eat a slice! (It's not my fault, Sue made me do it!!) I'll eat chocolate (I'm not allergic to it or anything) but I just don't crave it like some people do. I can take it or leave it. But wave a potato chip under my nose and you just might lose a finger to the snap of my jaws!

2 Tramps - Okay, confession time. Snickers is the one candy bar I will eagerly eat. But it has to be frozen. Now that is go-o-o-o-od! Dang, we have good taste!

Rain said...

I guess that makes me nosey too, let's just say....curious shall we?

Sparkless said...

I couldn't live without bread! But good for you for sticking to your diet. Even a small lapse is okay. I've never had herring. My husband isn't a fish eater although I love most types but salmon is my fave so far.

We got an inch of snow this morning but it's melting fast. It was just enough to cover of all that dirt and dog poo. Early spring is never pretty when the snow melts.

Kim said...

Your blog is definitely not boring. You just made me want to start baking away! Now I'll be planning what to bake this weekend! :)

Mama Pea said...

Rain - Yeah, I like curious. We'll be curious. (Although when I looked it up in the dictionary, it also said "nosey." ;o)

Sparkless - I love it when the dog poo gets covered up. But hate the yucky-mucky mess it is to pick up in the spring! Although I have to give my husband LOTS of credit for keeping up with poop patrol all year long. In winter it's really pretty hard because the dog can walk on top of the snow but he would have to put on snowshoes to go pick it up.

Mama Pea said...

Kim - Oh, thank you so much! We certainly don't lead an exciting life, but we manage to keep busy and if that's interesting to my readers, I'm very grateful. My blog sure does help me keep track of what's going on and when . . . and I truly think it helps "center" me personally. Thanks again.