Monday, January 24, 2011

Two Weeks Down, Two Weeks To Go

Today was the end of the first two weeks, or the beginning of the last two weeks (depending on how you look at it), of our month long experimental changed eating plan.

The first week hubby lost three pounds, and I dropped two. (Rats. My competitive spirit took a blow.) I did a little better at weigh-in this morning. Hubby lost three again . . . and so did I! So he's down six pounds in two weeks and my tail is still draggin' behind (figuratively speaking, of course) at five pounds.

Hubby was very surprised at his loss because he says he hasn't been able to detect any change in his body yet at all. But I had a feeling I had lost a bit more this past week. The girth around my middle hasn't felt quite as . . . um, uh, . . . prominent.

This man of the six pound weight loss, this man who has NEVER been on any kind of a weight loss program in his LIFE, says losing weight is simple. It's easy. There's nothing to it according to him. (I may just have to smack him upside the head a couple of times before I can get on with things.)

P.S. Just got up a new post on my quilting blog if you're interested. I'm working on a winter wall hanging for my daughter's office and there are some pictures there.


Anonymous said...

We just got back from my daughter's post op surgery. She had lost something like 24 lbs in just over half a year. She is only 15, and of course her comment was "I didn't do anything different..." Not true of course, as she did change her eating habits (smaller portions) and was doing a bit more exercise. But, it was much easier than if I tried to lose 24 lbs. Congrats on your success!

Carolyn said...

I didn't catch the blog post that mentioned what you guys were doing differently in your eating or exercising.

The Apple Pie Gal said...

If you get tired of beating him up, you can tag me in!

Congrats on the progress and feeling good about it!

Sue said...

Congrats!! Five pounds is great!
And what is it with men??????? I swear Don can eat a box of chocolates and lose 3 pounds. So unfair. So yes, you can legally smack a man when it comes to weight loss!

Jane @ Hard Work Homestead said...

You go Peas!!!! Trust me five pounds is A LOT to lose in two weeks considering one to two pounds is recomended for long term weight loss. Remember you did not gain 5 pounds in two weeks. So if the weight loss slows down do not get in the dumps. It is natural and a sign of healthy weight lose.

Jenyfer Matthews said...

I thought Papa Pea was smarter than than - doesn't he know who does the cooking? You could always go on strike - or just "supplement" his portion, ha ha

No, I'm not competitive at all ;)

Lorie said...

You are doing great. You don't want to loose it too fast and by your pics neither of you have a big amount to loose, so it you are progressing beautifully! It is the nightly glass of wine that I miss the most. ;)

Mama Pea said...

Ruth - As we age (ugh), it truly is harder to lose weight. And sooo much easier to put it on. But we can all do it. We just have to be in the right frame of mind and want to do it for the right reasons. Good, good for your daughter!

Carolyn - Welcome and thanks for commenting. Our exercise hasn't changed as we're both normally active. We have cut out eating in between meals, no desserts or sweets, only natural sugars such as in fresh fruit, smaller portions of our usual good food. Oh, and the beer and wine have been put on temporary exclusion, too.

APG - I love it when a friend is willing to help out!

Sue - My hubby has always had a better metabolism than mine. His body just seems to burn off anything he puts in his mouth without too much effort. He's long and tall so I don't think he weighs too much but he is fighting a roll around the middle which he's never had before. But that's because he DOES have a sweet tooth so by cutting out desserts and sweets between meals, the pounds are falling off of him.

Mama Pea said...

Jane - Well, I COULD gain 5 pounds in two weeks if I tried!

Thanks for the special encouragement. I know you know of what you speak, so I am listening.

Jen - I actually do feel at times that for all the physical work he does, I'm not currently giving him big enough portions. But he's feeling good so until he passes out, I guess we're doing okay.

Lorie - How 'bout that glass of Bailey's on the rocks in front of the fire before bed at night? I sure don't NEED it but it would taste sooo good!

Erin said...

very nice! I am hoping to drop 15 this year myself, I've already dropped a few just from cooking square healthy meals now that hubby is home. While he was deployed, it was all too easy to cook "kid style" food and get away with it, definitely not healthy! Your weight loss sounds like a good rate, slow and steady is best!

Mama Pea said...

Erin - Thanks for the encouragement, Friend. Um, just WHERE do you plan to take your 15 pounds off of? You already wear . . . what? . . . a Size 2!??

Erin said...

I wish! Nope, I'm a size 10, have been for about 8 years now but should be a small 8. Before kids & and the premature menopause thing, a 4 LOL! See about that perception thing? Like there's NO WAY you are a what, 14 or 16 like you said? NO WAY. I think it's the darn manufacturers that have changed. I understand moving up a size or 2, but I went from size 6 to a 10-12 in a year but only gained 10 lbs? I'll never get it, I'm just glad the jean sizes aren't printed all over the outside of the denim like a horrible branded pattern heehee!