Friday, January 14, 2011

Snow -- Yippee!

Nothing to blog about today but some boring, ol', black and white snow pictures. And I'm so happy I have them to share! We woke up to about 8" of new snow on the ground this morning. Finally! A bit of snow for us. It's beautiful.

Out the front door looking across the deck.

Deer trail into the woods. We saw a gazillion deer tracks in the snow this morning.

Snow piled up against the mailboxes out on the road.

Hubby shoveling on roof where we get a built-up of melting snow which forms an ice dam if we don't keep it cleared. He stopped short of shoveling all he usually does because he encountered "black ice" on the south side of the roof and fell on his posterior. Luckily, he didn't slide at all (whew!) but stayed firmly attached to where he went down.

While he was working on the roof, I went to clear around storage buildings in the back. Guess what I saw? A rabbit! We haven't seen a rabbit on the property for maybe 2 or 3 years. We were beginning to think they had all been eaten by owls or some other predator. This guy looked pretty healthy . . . and not at all afraid of me.

Chicken Mama left her plow truck here with us for the afternoon while she's in town at work so hubby is out now clearing our driveway and yard area. Before she arrived, our good neighbor drove his truck over offering to plow us out. We thanked him but said we'd be able to handle it. Sure is nice to have thoughtful neighbors . . . and a daughter with a big snow plow to loan! We have a snowblower and a blade on our heavy-duty Gravely garden tractor but a plow on a truck is one heckuva lot faster.


The Apple Pie Gal said...

Thank goodness he didn't fall off the roof! That is dangerous stuff!

Your snow is lovely and yes it was wonderful that ChickenMama left her plow truck there for you!

We have reduced to having ours plowed by listen...we have a plow and spreader! What's up with that?


Jane said...

Those velcro seated pants sure come in handy on a roof top ;)

Susan said...

It is beautiful, isn't it? I try to feel the love, as I walk around through the 1/4 mile of waist-high pathways I shoveled on Tuesday. It sure isn't winter without snow, though, is it? Happy Winter!!

p.s. Is that a bee hive I see out in front?

Sparkless said...

Whew! Glad to hear he didn't fall off the roof. Next time have him tie a harness on himself and tie it off to something so if he does slip he won't fall off the roof. Safety first.

Your snow looks heavenly. All our snow is now melting. boo hoo

Mama Pea said...

APG - We gave our old truck with plow to Chicken Mama so she would have a back-up because she would be STUCK-ED if her main plow broke down. Now, of course, we kinda wish we had it back!

Jane - I asked him what kept him from sliding when he fell down. His exact words were, "My other body parts." What?? Huh?

Susan - I was pretty pooped after shovel our piddly amount today. Can't quite imagine you doing all your waist-high paths.

P.S. Ha! We do have bee hives, but what you see is a bird feeder hanging from a branch of the birch tree!

Sparkless - Will you send my husband a note telling him he must do just that when he's up on the roof? I guess wives nagging just don't count. :o(

MamaTea said...

Enjoy the snow, my dear! Glad you're getting some! Glad to hear that hubby didn't hurt himself. Snowy roofs are such a pain in the rump, even without falling down!

Val said...

I am so proud that you love the snow too! And I sure am glad that your hubby is safe. I just posted more snow pics tonight. I love it.

Stephanie said...

I agree Mama Pea:) Family and plows are a huge blessing...we got slammed with nearly 2 feet Sunday, and I am grateful for my younger brother...he had us cleaned out in a matter of minutes on Monday:)

mtnchild said...

We've had light rain here in Oregon so we have a lot of slush and ice. I'm waiting for the next snow storm to pretty things up again.

Sooo glad hubby didn't go off the edge!! I've had some close calls on my roof and there is barely any slope - old house trailer you know!

I have a good friend who clears my circle driveway - I just couldn't shovel all that! But, I have a jeep that's pretty good at getting through this stuff.

Love the snow!

Sue said...

Jealousy Jealousy....and happy dance for you! I'm so glad you finally got a good snow. I just looked out the window and it's snowing lightly here. All I'm asking for is enough so that we can dust those snowmobiles off and go for a ride. (no, we're not those obnoxious types that ride through yards, etc)
Do you guys have a 2 story house? If it's just a single story, I'd get one of those roof rakes-we have one and they are so nice to have.....I hate the thought of a dear hubby up on a roof-that's asking for trouble!

Jenyfer Matthews said...

Hmmm...never thought much about needing to shovel the roof! Does everyone have to do that? Or does it depend on the pitch? I'm quite sure my father doesn't do it!

Erin said...

No rabbits? Wow, I'm surprised! Ours probably aren't suited to your climate otherwise I'd send you some, we have dozens LOL!

Mama Pea said...

Mama Tea - Got 3" more before bed last night, then high winds all night which made for some substantial drifts. Zero degrees today. I think winter has arrived!

Val - Snow lovers unite! :o)

Stephanie - Our drifts made by the wind last night will need some more plowing but daughter is stopping by tonight and has volunteered her truck and plow again. Bless her!

Yvette - Yep, we can get in and out (could even before the plowing yesterday) with our trusty vehicles but it's nice to get down to the packed snow. Hope you get another covering of snow soon!

Sue and Jen - We created a bad spot in the roof (funny angle) when we added on our garage. If we don't keep it snow free, the snow melts and forms an ice dam which creates all kinds of problems so that's why hubby has to keep it cleared. Although it's not a second story, it's too high for a roof rake. He just needs to be super careful.

Erin - We've been amazed we haven't seen any rabbits for a couple of years . . . and have wondered what the heck happened to them. It's a mystery.

Lorie said...

Lovely pictures, just lovely. Please send some our way!

Mama Pea said...

Lorie - We supposedly have about 8" more coming starting tonight and going into tomorrow. Wa-hoo! I'll see what I can do about sending some your way. :o)