Sunday, January 2, 2011

Practicing Relaxing

Hubby and I have decided to take it easy this week following New Year's. Maybe if we start the year out this way, it will be the incentive to allow ourselves to be a little kinder and gentler to ourselves and allow more "down time" than we have before. I think we gave it a good start by sleeping until 7:30 this morning. And it was STILL dark when we got up at that!

I did some first-of-the-year/first-of-the-month type things today along with paying some bills. Lots of putzing on little things, even took time to work on my quasi-braided/crocheted rug . . . aw, shoot, I just thought of something I forgot that reeeally should have been done this day. Oh well. As hubby always asked his third graders, "Is it a mountain or a mole hill?" Guess I'll just have a little mole hill to trip over tomorrow.

Everything outside is still coated with ice. I tried to get a picture of the garden beds . . .

. . . and the front yard with their covering of hard, white ice on top of the snow, but I'm not sure you can see the glare and glisten I was trying to capture.

'Bout the most exciting thing that happened around here today was when Chicken Mama and her "adopted" daughter showed up to do a hair cut in our kitchen.

S has beautiful, thick hair which Chicken Mama said was easy to cut. I wanted to slide Papa Pea into the chair after S because he needs a trim and cutting his hair is a job that I've hated for the past 47 years, and I'm sure will continue to hate for 47 more (!), but Chicken Mama rebelled saying her limit was one hair cut a day. Dang. My loss.

Papa Pea wandered into the salon area a little before dinner time saying he'd cook tonight. My daughter and I looked at each other wondering just how to reply to that. You see, we both know he can't cook. Not a lick. Fer nuthin'. No how, no way. But he was pulling a funny on us. He went on to say he'd buy dinner for all of us if someone else would go into town to pick it up.

Now do you think I was going to pass on an offer like that? He and I split a pizza and CM and S both ordered Greek Salads which were huge and tasty. (The pizza was, too.)

It was my kind of take-it-easy day . . . with the unexpected bonus of not even having to make dinner. This week is looking better all the time.


Hope, Joy and Faith Farm said...

Love those little surprises... so nice and just makes the day feel special with no cooking and clean-up. Hmmm... let me know when the next hair-cut day is and I'll bring my hubby over. He has so many cowlicks I stopped cutting it years ago.

Enjoy your time to relax and unwind!

The Apple Pie Gal said...

Wow, you really do have a good coat of ice on everything!

Glad you slept in and are trying a kinder approach. Now is the perfect time of year for regrouping and fueling up!

It's a new year and great things to come! Including hair cuts for PapaPea :)

Mama Pea said...

Hope, etc. - Okay, can't use cowlicks for an excuse for my husband. Got any other ideas that might actually work on getting me out of the hair cutting? Or at this point should I just throw in the scissors and be glad he's still got hair to cut?? ;o)

APG - Could you see the ice? It is really treacherous walking out there. Our back yard where we park vehicles is all ice. Hubby joked the other morning that he would feel safer with ice skates on.

Great things and hair cuts for Papa Pea do not belong in the same sentence. My main objection is that I feel I do such a poor job. Of course, he says, "It's fine. You do a great job." This is from a man who rarely looks in a mirror.

Sue said...

I think we should line up all the guys and just fire up the cutters and move along like an assembly line. My objection isn't the actual cutting, it's the set-up and clean-up. Blech-hairs everywhere. I guess I'm just a little surprised at the amount of folks that do their own cutting.

Sounds like you had a very nice start to the "relaxing" New Year.

odiie said...

Sure looks icy there. We got more snow than ice. Much more snow.
I guess I'm blessed when it comes to the haircuts. My honey does his own. Just takes the buzzers and it's gone. He does the same for our son. I don't do haircuts and everyone is glad of it. :)

Jane said...

I love your new year. Sleeping in, no cooking, free haircuts. I would say 2011 is your year Mama Pea.

mtnchild said...

You do have lots of ice - I can see the glare. I'm glad you and hubby are starting out the new year in a relaxed manner ... me too!

It is 7 or 8 deg right now, and I do not even want to take the trash can to the road ... too cold to breathe. Well, at least the wind isn't blowing.

May you all have a wondrous 2011!

Mama Pea said...

Sue - I'm surprised, too, at the home hair cutting. I always used to cut our daughter's hair when she was little and I suppose not a lot of people could afford to take 3 or 4 kids for "professional" cuts these days either. And, yes, it surely is a messy proposition. Our main problem is the dog always wants to come sit near the operation . . . and in all the hair on the floor.

odiie - Hey, maybe that's the secret. If I gave him a really embarrassing hair cut once, he just might stop asking me to do it. Nah, knowing him it wouldn't bother him that much. Sigh.

Jane - 2011 is gonna be my year? I'll take it!

Yvette - We had -3 when we got up this morning. But like you, we have no wind (halleluja!) and the sun is out. I've got three dogs here today and two of them are currently zonked out on the deck in the sun. Can't be that bad, huh?

Susan said...

Great minds think alike!! I hadn't read your post before I sent my latest into the blogosphere, but I think we are on to something!

Mama Pea said...

Susan - Great minds? In my case, it's a mind that continually sabotages my efforts by going about my daily duties with such unrelenting let-up that I don't take care of myself and no longer know how to relax! Sthpthbbbbbthhhbbb. That's a big ol' raspberry to continuing on in this way!

Erin said...

Same thing here, paying bills as soon as we got home! It was so nice to forget about everything for awhile LOL, but now it's time to even up and start my financial planning for the New Year, most of my resolutions involve saving more, and questioning some of my purchases :) .... (yarn not included, of course!) Enjoy a little down time, you & Papa Pea certainly deserve it for being such great tour guides and inviting us to be part of your family over the holiday season!

Mama Pea said...

Erin - You're home already! I was just folding laundry an hour or so ago and imagining you with very tired bottom ends with still hours to go. You must have put in a LOT of hours yesterday. So glad to know you made it safe and sound. Won't it be wonderful to be in your own beds tonight?