Thursday, December 2, 2010

A Quickie

I just finished dinner dishes and am procrastinating for a couple more minutes before going back to my quilting. I've been encouraged by the progress I've made on Chicken Mama's wall (door) hanging today but plan on getting in a few more hours on it tonight.

This morning in her blog post Chicken Mama mentioned my advent calendar that I hang each year on December 1st. Yikes, it's December 2nd and I hadn't even thought of it. 'Course, that could have something to do with the fact that I still have my Thanksgiving decorations up and haven't even pulled any of the Christmas stuff out yet. But because my dear daughter reminded me of the advent calendar, I just had to go retrieve it and put it up.

Please pay no attention to the turkey gobbler on top of the refrig. I've asked him to leave a couple of times but he just keeps hangin' around.

Isn't it funny (Funny? No, more like woefully discouraging.) that when you concentrate all your efforts on one particular project, all the rest of the things you do every day to keep life running smoothly fall apart with the speed of light?

My desk top is a good three inches deep now. I know there are things on there that should have been taken care of earlier this week. I just hope none of them are overdue bills. And you should (or NOT) see the ankle-deep debris kicking around on my floors. Well, pshaw. I'll get to it all. It ain't goin' anywhere until I do.

Okay, I'm going to grab something to drink and . . . back to my quilting.


Erin said...

That calendar DOES cover the whole fridge! Don't worry about the stuff on the floor, that was delegated to Zoey, right? Hope everything goes smoothly in the quilting studio tonight, and I LOVE that desk lamp...

The Apple Pie Gal said...

I keep saying I need to make an Advent! Yours is a giant!! It's ok that the turkey is still hanging, we understand and are probably guilty too! I know I am!

What's wrong with your desk??? We should all post honest to goodness photos of our desks just to make you feel better!

Wait, I am sure there IS a desk under here/there somewhere, right?

Mama Pea said...

Erin - Neither Zoey nor hubby seem phased by the litter on the floor. I'm the only one it bothers! Thanks for the well wishes and compliment on the lamp. I looked long and hard before finding one I liked.

APG - Pictures of all our desks sound like a fun topic to me! Maybe we should include a divulgence of "unusual" things found there, too. Anybody have 4 ear candles and half a chocolate covered cherry?

Freedom Acres Farm said...

Nope, just a a bucket of match box cars & a Mary Ingalls paperdoll. Any points for those?

I think we need a progress picture of the quilt!!!

Sue said...

Your advent calendar brought back sweet memories of my grandparents in Germany--they sent us some each year (along with the HUGEST box of chocolates and cookies!!). We so looked forward to the arrival of that parcel.
Your calendar is HUGE--I love it!
I could have stashed whole candy bars in one that size!

Jane said...

My father never let us decorate for Christmas until Christmas eve. It was his tradition. So don't feel bad, your not behind schedule. At least not on our families time table.

Lorie said...

I have got as far as having son pass down the decorations from the attic, the fall decorations are in a pile on the floor waiting to be packed away (see you are not the only one with piles on the floor). Away today, visiting a college tomorrow in DC and Sunday crammed packed with church activities, well, not sure when those decorations will make it out of the boxes. But I and stare at them and hope....hum, where are those elves when they are needed?

Susan said...

I am still trying to figure out which - if any - of my Christmas decorations will survive the Boyz. I fear none can withstand the flying felines. That is the largest Advent Calendar I have ever seen. It's amazing! I am sure we will be hearing a long sigh of relief from the north country by tomorrow morning. Make sure we get pics of the open house AND the long-awaited watercolor quilted door/wall hanging!

Jenyfer Matthews said...

I have a large wall hanging that serves as a countdown to Christmas - it is a tree with 25 pearl buttons on it. Every day the children hang a jingle bell on a button until they get to the top of the tree - Christmas day. My wall hanging is easily as large as your Advent calendar, and though it does not contain candy, the children still find it thrilling!

Mama Pea said...

Freedom - You get points just for being a busy mom of little ones!

Just posted pics of the finished (yay!) wall hanging.

Sue - Ah, the wonderful memories from childhood! What an integral part of the holidays getting that box from Germany must have been.

Jane - Oh, gosh, I wouldn't have liked not decorating for Christmas until Christmas Eve. But if that was what was always done, you'd never know any different. It's all what we get used to.

Lorie - I feel better now. I always assume I'm the only one trying to do too many things and always feeling behind! LIFE keeps getting in the way, doesn't it?

Susan - When we were first married we had a cocker spaniel and she pulled the whole darn tree over (more than once!) going after the popcorn strings. I know kitties are even worse than dogs when it comes to tree decorations. Good luck!

Jen - Awww, I want one like that!! :o)