Monday, November 22, 2010

A White Thanksgiving

Call it global warming, call it merely a historically repetitive cycle we're going through once again, but we've not had a Thanksgiving with snow on the ground for many years in these parts. It looks as if all that is going to be changed this year.

On top of the three or so inches on the ground, we've had snow falling since noon today and although there has been no great accumulation, the ground is definitely white, the temperature is great for snowing at 27 degrees and the forecast is for a few more inches by midnight.

This snow on top of soft ice will not make for good ice skating on our pond for our Thanksgiving Day fresh air and exercise so we're thinking of hiking the loop up through our woods in back instead. That is if anyone can be roused from chairs in front of the fire. Not that there will be anything wrong with enjoying that either. A day of total lounging around sounds pretty good.


The Apple Pie Gal said...

I love the pumpkins and evergreens! And I am thinking that sitting in front of the fire is hiking in the woods needed.

Unknown said...

How lucky you are. We just have bare trees with leaves on the brown surface that used to be our green yard.


Jenyfer Matthews said...

You know, as much as I love being up there in your area, the only way I want to get around in weather like that is on snowshoes! Pretty but treacherous. And great weather for hanging out in the quilt studio (hint hint!)

mtnchild said...

We are going to have a white Thanksgiving here too! Lots of white .. I think in the last 2-3 days we've had 10-12 inches. Thank goodness I went to town today and didn't wait until tomorrow. I'm going to hibernate.

Sue said...

Yesterday I spent the entire day outside making wreaths and garlands--because it was SIXTY degrees out. I am SOOOOOOOO bummed!
I want my beloved snow! Stop hoarding it up there!!
On a bright note, they say MAYBE it will snow Thanksgiving--YEA!!

Mama Pea said...

APG - Now don't go encouraging me to stay plopped on my butt all day like that! Besides, with this early snow of ours we need to get out and pack down the hiking trail with snowshoes to get a good base built up. (Maybe I'll send my husband.) ;o)

Cindy - That's why this early snow is so nice. After the leaves go, our landscape is so BLAH. Now it's gorgeous again!

Jen - It is treacherous, too! We had the freezing rain and now with this new snow on top of that conditions ARE slippery.

You're right. I should spend the rest of the winter in my quilt studio!

Yvette - Hibernation! Great time for your crafting! Go for it, Girl!

Sue - Pictures, pictures, pictures, please, of your wreaths and garlands! It's unusual for you not to have snow yet. We'll all send you snow wishes. Boat loads!

Erin said...

Yay! Can you picture me getting up from my desk and twirling around with glee?!! I'm jealous of your white stuff, our Thanksgiving looks to be the standard here: 45ยบ, rain, wind and mud LOL! I bet as long as the wind doesn't howl you will be able to posse everyone up and out for a hike - just withhold dessert until after you are back in!

Chicken Mama said...

To quote Erin, "Posse everyone up and out for a hike"??? Please.

What Mom didn't mention is that this has always been a good-natured battle each Turkey Day. She thinks everyone should get their rusty-dusters up off the comfy furniture after the big meal.

Me? I will be either in the Lazy-Boy or on the couch, FEET UP! I'll happily keep the fire roarin' while she and Dad make that tromp. Thanksgiving is for . . . relaxing! That said, I *may* challenge someone to a rousing game of Nerf ping-pong . . . but THAT'S IT! :)

Jane @ Hard Work Homestead said...

Our forecast for Thanksgiving here is 2 inches of rain. A cold rain. That is a suck your boot off on the way to the barn muddy mess. Plus I have two holes 3x3x4 in the yard to mount the poles. Those will fill up like little ponds. They get every other forecast wrong, so I am hoping they are wrong on this one too. Snow would be better.

Susan said...

That sounds loverly. We might get up and do a round of the cul de sac. Whoopie. I can't bring my dogs because it would be "too much". So I usually try to scoot out as early as possible. I'd like to get home before dark and take the pups on a nice, long walk.

Erin said...

Chicken Mama, if we were up there for Thanksgiving dinner, I'd make like I was all excited to go hiking, then when we were a couple hundred yards away I'd make a break for it and run back to the house and you and I could eat all the desserts! (And I'd never get invited back, no doubt!) Enjoy your warm fire!

Mama Pea said...

Erin - I can hardly believe we are actually having a white Thanksgiving. This always used to be the case when we first moved up here but we've even worried about a brown Christmas in the last several years. I'm twirling around with glee, too!

Chickie Mama - You're such an old lazy lump. Bah-humbug!

Jane - Why does it ALWAYS rain boat loads whenever you dig a hole for some project?? Seems like it's guaranteed. Your mud sounds like the worst part of it to me. Hate the stuff.

Susan - Hope you have good driving conditions for your Thanksgiving travels. Do you have Friday off?

Erin - You'd get invited back. We're used to ornery, recalcitrant people!

Freedom Acres Farm said...

We're loving the snow and early winter except for the fact that we have 22 meat birds to butcher on Friday. Not sure how that'll work in 17* weather :-( The rest of the weekend will be cozy by the fire. But it'll be good to fill the freezer!!

Anonymous said...

Hope you and your family have a blessed Thanksgiving!!!!!!!

Mama Pea said...

Freedom Acres - 22 birds in one day? Hope you have a good team to work on that one. But it will be a lot of homegrown meat to have in the freezer!

Stephanie - Thank you and a blessed holiday to your family, too.