Sunday, November 7, 2010

Slow Sunday

Or at least hubby and I are trying to make it so. Which is not easy around here as you navigate the land mines of jobs to-be-done (all giving you the evil eye) on ye ol' homestead.

So far I've brewed my morning latte, sat in front of the open wood fire with hubby while he did some recreational reading and I did some knitting.

Then I roused myself enough to make us a good breakfast. Next I set some rice to cooking for Zoey. (Yes, we are continuing to cater to her with a special diet hoping to put some weight on her for winter. Sigh . . . inability to put weight is so NOT one of MY problems.)

I did a batch of dishes.

Put some Christmas carols on the stereo. It's a genetic thing I've passed on to my daughter . . . the playing of Christmas music before the Christmas season. (Like way before. Sometimes in June.) I always felt guilty doing it until she convinced me that Christmas music is simply a GENRE of music meant to be enjoyed at will rather than only during a short, specific time of year. (I can go with that. Doesn't take much to pacify me.)

Then I made myself a second cup of java and came back here to my computer to play. Allowing myself as much time on the computer as I want is not something I frequently do.

Now I'm thinking it would be a great afternoon to do some baking. Fruitcake? I've yet to make my first batch to squirrel away to mellow for the upcoming holidays. Apple pie? Wouldn't want all those wonderful apples from our bountiful harvest to shrivel up and expire, would I? Blueberry-Raspberry Muffins? Using our frozen berries works perfectly because they don't smoosh up when you mix them into the batter.

Can you tell I've been trying to avoid sweets and eliminate eating in between meals? Food may be all I can think of but as long as I just think and don't eat I guess I'm still winning.

Thought I'd throw in this picture of Chicken Mama programming her parents new cell phone that they've had for quite a while but still can't manage to do anything with other than make an outgoing call. She handles her frustration with them very well.

Dinner tonight? Creamed Duck and Garden Peas over Mashed Potatoes, Baked Red Kuri Squash, and Waldorf Salad. Sound good? What time will you be here?


Jane @ Hard Work Homestead said...

That's why I hate diets. When you tell yourself you can't have something, that's all you want. So tell yourself you are going on a pie only diet, after day one you really wouldn't want pie again.

Mama Pea said...

Um, that would be only after I ate nothing but pie that one day. All day long. Lots of pie. Lots and lots of pie. ;o)

becky3086 said...

LOL, yup it might work but would take a while for me to get sick of pie. I don't have a cell phone anymore and when Phil does hand me his, I don't know how to use it at all.

Mama Pea said...

Becky - You and me both on the pie issue. I loves 'em!

The thing with the cell phones is that they are so danged complicated anymore. You get the most basic one and it still has about 4,021 more functions than you want.

The Apple Pie Gal said...

Yeah for "You" day! Didn't it feel nice to have that liesurely second cup of joe? I am glad you got to do it. :)

I see nothing wrong with Christmas music! The cards are in the stores and the trees are up, so why not? I listened to Martina McBride Christmas yesterday. Do you think that is something loopy we all must do?

I think they ladies are on to something with that pie diet. I vote you go for it. Sweet pie, savory can that be bad?

You have a very good daughter! :)

Dirt Lover said...

I found your blog this morning and really enjoyed reading! Thanks for the different viewpoint on the Christmas music. I usually try to cram in as much of it as possible from Thanksgiving until New Year's Day, but about this time of year, I really look forward to it. I think I'll listen to some today! And, yes, I like pie, too! I have a horrible sweet tooth, and today just happens to be the perfect day to bake. It's rainy and cold outside. Beautiful!!

Tami said...

I came home a few weeks ago to find DH on the computer playing Xmas music. For 24 years now he's always ready for Xmas in October and Spring in December. SDD (Seasonaly Defective Disorder)

Re: the cell phone. I am the last hold-out. I don't even own a cell phone, don't know how to do anything other than call out on DH's phone. So when the time comes, I'll need a tutorial myself. (grin)

Mama Pea said...

APG - 1) Yes, it did feel good to not "work" today. But now that the day is winding down, I'm starting to feel crummy that I didn't get anything worthwhile done. (Send help for my guilt-ridden psyche.) Maybe if I start drinking wine NOW, I'll be able to get over it.

2) What's loopy about it if it makes you feel good??

3) This is not good. You've actually got me thinking seriously of a pie diet.

4) Yes, I do. But she's already getting worried about when we're old and feeble and she has to tie us in a high chair at meal time and feed us with a spoon. ;o)

Mama Pea said...

Lori - Welcome and thanks for commenting!! Can't say I truly have a sweet tooth. I just like ALL good food! But I'm particular about the "good" part.

P.S. When your e-mail popped up in my In Box, at first glance I thought it said "Dirty Lover" and I was hesitant to open it wondering what weirdo found me now. (Do I need counseling?) :o)

Tami - Hey, if it helps his SAD I say go for it!

I truly-duly have a short circuit in my brain when it comes to modern technology. My hubby is way better than me but we'd both we out of luck many times if it weren't for our techno-weenie offspring.

Erin said...

By "mellow" do you mean several more weeks to pour booze into that fruitcake? LOL, I'm Irish, what do you expect?! I knitted before breakfast as well, woke up the normal time and used my extra hour for that while the kids were still in bed instead of sleeping - time better spent anyways, at least I was awake to enjoy my solitude. So what, is it dark now about noon there? :)

The Apple Pie Gal said...

Haha! Dirty Lover...I can see your hesitation!

My SIL always tells my MIL she better behave herself because someday, she'll be wiping her a$$ for her...ha! Now there's something to look forward to, huh?

Never had homemade fruitcake, so I will look forward to hearing about that. Does it come with a hangover???

Mama Pea said...

Erin - Yupper, the fruitcake can get pretty volatile if it "mellows" enough!

It was pitch black out tonight at 5:30!! I'm typing this at 6:04 and hubby just walked by and said, "It feels like it's 8 o'clock right now." We just gotta get used to this early darkness thing, I guess.

APG - A friend of mine tells the story of when one of their sons called her and her hubby and asked for a favor. (I don't remember if it was a loan or just what.) Anyway, they chose to say "no" to him for whatever reason. The next day friend's hubby said to her (tongue in cheek), "I've been thinking. P is probably going to be picking out which nursing home we go to someday. Maybe we should reconsider his request."

Mama Pea said...

APG - If you have nothing else to do, should you care to look at it, I did a blog post last year on the fruitcake I make each year. Scroll down to the Search box on my right hand side bar and enter "My Mom's Fruitcake" and that should take you to it. :o)

Anonymous said...

My brother has a cell phone??? Unbelievable!!!

Mama Pea said...

Anonymous - Listen, Mr. Smarty Pants, we've had a cell phone for so long that our first one was 2-1/2" wide and 7" long. It was such a relic by the time we upgraded that I was embarrassed to use it out in public!

mtnchild said...

If I don't use a function on my cell phone for awhile, I forget how to do it!! I have no idea what all the new techno gadgets are, and since it doesn't spit money at me, I don't care! LOL

Good luck with the pie diet! I can barely manage to eat one piece even though I love pie, especially berry pies.

Jenyfer Matthews said...

I could deal with an all pie diet for quiet a while I think. Just think how practical it would be in the long term - most pies you don't really even need teeth to eat :)

I can remember my sister's first cell phone - it looked a little like something you see soldiers carrying around in OLD war movies. It was huge! So big she used to have to hide it under the seat of her car! My current cell phone fits in my pocket and though I bought a cheap one, it still does more than I know how to deal with!

Sue said...

So I'm not the only one that plays Christmas music early. I had some going just the other day-putting me in the mood for the snow. This could explain why I'm burnt out on Christmas by the time it gets close.........

Diets don't work at all for me. The minute I try to eliminate something, I go half crazy thinking about it. And boy, it's nice to have a little something in the oven on a cold day. I'm just cutting back. A wee bit. Not so much you can tell!

Kelly said...

I am in my thirties and only do outgoing calls if it makes you feel an y better. Isn't that what phones are for after all, CALLING!?! ;)

Thunder thighs and I are best friends, baking at home is at least not filled with things that one can not pronounce.

Susan said...

Rats! I missed dinner! I am waiting for one of those days - I was forced to bake and cook for company ALL weekend and, though I do enjoy cooking, after two days it becomes...tedious. I loved your menu - I am a duck-lover and would choose it over chicken, hands down. Yum!

Mama Pea said...

Yvette - So many of the new gadgets are made so complicated . . . much more so than they need be . . . or so it seems to me.

After thinking it over, I've nixed the pie diet. ;o) I would like it way too much and undoubtedly put on 75 pounds!

Jen - You crack me up. When we got TOO old, we could exist on pumpkin and custard pies. Those would slide down without even having to gum them up much!

Sue - I don't think it's the music that causes burn out by Christmas time. I think it's more all the materialism junk that is associated with it these days.

I do so know what you mean about having a home baked goodie in the oven . . . or just out. Such a warm, cozy, fragrant atmosphere!!

Kelly - I definitely feel that homemade goodies filled with really good ingredients aren't NEARLY as harmful (maybe not at all!) as the poisons that are in commercially prepared products. So there!

Susan - But I'll bet ya dollars to donuts your company thought they'd died and gone to heaven with all your wonderful cooking this weekend!

Holly Days Closet said...

LOL I thought I was the only one who played Christmas music that early.

Mama Pea said...

Holly - Gosh, there are a lot more of us sneaking in the Christmas music early than I ever would have guessed! To that I say, "I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas . . . "