Friday, November 26, 2010

End of Holiday, End of Big Snow

It had been forecast that a snow storm would hit late Wednesday afternoon and last through Thursday morning. Terrible timing for those people traveling to be with loved ones on Thanksgiving.

Our snow started around dinner time Wednesday night, and we had an accumulation of three inches in one hour.

Oh boy! We were sure we were in for it. Then . . . the snow turned to rain. Ish. Talk about a wet, slushy mess. The temperature was just on the verge of freezing and we heard the roads were terrible.

That was the end of the snow in our part of our spread out county. Chicken Mama had all snow where we had mostly rain. She ended up with another 12" of snow added on to the 14" she had gotten recently. If my math is correct (which it usually isn't), she must have about 2+ feet of snow on the ground now.

Our neighbors are out of town for eight days but left their plow truck with us to use in case of snow. Early yesterday morning hubby went to plow out their long driveway and enough of their yard so it was easy to get to their back door entry. Then he did our yard area and driveway. It took him more than three hours of laboriously moving very heavy, wet snow/slush. Last night the temperature dropped to 4 degrees so he's very glad he did the work before the snow froze into a concrete-like mass.

The above picture and those below were taken in mid-afternoon yesterday after the rain had pelted the snow.

The yard and some of our apple trees.

Can you see by this picture that the pond was covered with a layer of slush? Inches of slush on top of very thin ice. So much for ice skating.

Our Thanksgiving Day didn't turn out quite as we had expected. The snow altered our plans because our daughter had those 12" of new snow to deal with before she could head in to our place. She cleaned her yard and house area and then called to say she was leaving with the plow truck and would plow a single lane down her four mile winter driveway on her way out. (No easy task when you're plowing 12" of wet snow.) Then when she headed home after a much shortened Thanksgiving Day here, she plowed her way back in widening the road.

She didn't arrive here until after three o'clock on Thanksgiving so we didn't have the long, leisurely day we had all looked forward to. It was still nice, although short. Very short. We were glad to get the call she arrived home safely last night.

So ended Thanksgiving Day for 2010. All in all, we've got a lot to be thankful for. Especially enough snow cover for insulation so that we don't have to worry about water lines coming into the house from the well freezing or bad things happening to septic lines going out!


Jenyfer Matthews said...

Things to be thankful for: Chicken Mama made it to and from safely.

Did you end up hiking or lolling by the fire? Looks a lot like a lolling day to me!

The Apple Pie Gal said...

That darn weather! Your pictures are so pretty though! And after ChickenMama's ordeal, geesh! You really do have alot to be thankful for with just that plight ending safely!

Jane said...

Those are the days when you really want everyone safe and sound at home. And 12 inches of snow just miles away. Holy moly.

Stephanie said...

Wow, you guys really had a busy Thanksgiving! Glad to hear all are safe:)

We got a tiny bit of mix of ice this morning, but it has already melted.

I hope it was a truly blessed day!

tami said...

I had to laugh at your comment..

<< So that we don't have to worry about water lines coming into the house from the well freezing or bad things happening to septic lines going out!>> life it's all about the plumbing isn't it?

Mama Pea said...

Jen - Our day was so short that we spent the whole time yakking away like we hadn't talked in AGES. I think it was because we haven't had any extended period of really catching up for a while. So, no, we didn't get in any exercise as we had thought about . . . but maybe the morning of snow removal counted for enough of it!

APG - I'm wondering if I have a whole winter ahead of me of worrying and wondering!! Ugh.

Jane - Yep, our area is truly strange that different parts of it can experience such divergent weather at the same time. We've driven through a blizzard twenty miles from here but upon arriving home, there's no snow in sight.

Stephanie - Thanks, Stephanie. The morning was a lot more work than relaxing!

Tami - Ain't that the truth!?!

Erin said...

I remember well lines freezing like it was yesterday, it was that traumatic! We had a windmlll/water pump ABOVE GROUND exposed LOL on top of a hill in the MN winds and winter weather - that baby would freeze tight and we'd all have to pack up and go stay at grandma's house "in town"! The thought of "washboard ice skating" made me laugh! Glad at least Chicken Mama got to your place for awhile, I was wondering after she posted about her trip home the night before.

Mama Pea said...

Erin - Chicken Mama did give thought yesterday morning to postponing our Thanksgiving Day until today. But then she went out and decided since she had to plow out the 4 mile driveway anyway, she might as well keep coming to our house. It was just a shame the day was so short by the time she got here. But, as you well know, so it goes in the winter in Minnie-soda!

Dirt Lover said...

Oh, yowzers! And I thought it was cold here at 23! Course, I'm here in "Sunny" CA, where anything below freezing will find me looking like an eskimo. I think we should be thankful for a phone line that will work in this kind of weather. There would be many sleepless nights this winter without one. Glad everything turned out ok.

MamaTea said...

Snow cover is something to be thankful for, but dang it...did it have to come the day it did? What a wild day in MN! Glad everyone was safe and that you were able to salvage some of your day. :)

Mama Pea said...

Lori - What in the world are you doing in CA with a 23 degree temperature?! You're not used to that!

Mama Tea - But isn't November in Minnesota absolutely notorious for awful, bad, terrible weather?? Kinda comes with the territory. :o(