Saturday, October 23, 2010

Oh, Ya!

It's another wild Saturday night on the old homestead for sure!

One more box (why did I save the biggest for last?) to do tomorrow.

Last year we ran out of applesauce about the first of December.

There's not going to be a repeat of that this year!


  1. Doesn't that just tick ya off when you run out of something!?

    Good job...can you see the light at the end of the tunnel?

  2. YUM!! That applesauce looks so delicious! I really need to learn how to can - we have two apple trees on our property. I'd rather have more and give the possums and raccoons less :) Great job!

  3. Oh-you're such a party animal! LOL!!
    The applesauce looks delicious! I did up a ton this fall too-the apples(unfortunately store bought-a late frost did ours in) were HUGE this year and so sweet. I freeze mine in stackable individual containers as it's just me eating it. Silly Don, he doesn't know what he's missing. Ah well, more for me!

  4. Oh, I know it smells so good at your house. Just like a warm cozy fall evening should. Looks so good and you sure will enjoy way past December with all those apples.

  5. I am jealous you still have something to can. All I get to do is eat the stuff I have canned. I feel more secure putting it on the shelf than taking it off. I am a canning hoarder:)

  6. APG - My hubby suggested I can the sauce in quarts this year because we seem to eat a pint in one sitting. Geesh, you'd think I was feeding a family of six! (And by the way, how the heck did those pioneer gals manage to put up enough food for a family of six??!!)

    One more big box of apples to do today . . . but I want to make a batch of apple-raspberry jam from it, too.

    Teri - Oh yes, do try to use your own apples. Supposedly any food grown right in your own vicinity is assimilated by your body and utilized to keep you healthy a lot more so than stuff grown thousands of miles away and trucked to you. Gotta take advantage of your own good apples!

    Sue - Well, I DID have a couple of glasses of wine right at the end of my evening. ;o)

    I used to freeze all my applesauce instead of canning (so much easier) but I always found myself with FROZEN applesauce when I wanted it NOW.

    Lorie - Funny, yesterday afternoon I thought, "Boy, what smells better than cooking apples!" Then I thought of baking bread, or sauteing onions, or strawberry jam, or . . . :o)

    Jane - I'm with ya there, Girl! I hate to see my supplies going down!

  7. Never too much applesauce! I've used it in cookies too and they turn out well! I had every intention of posting today, but I'm getting ready to start another pair of socks, so "the world stops" when I'm doing that LOL

  8. Ooooo. It looks like you end up with a nice, chunky sauce. Am I right? It looks delicious.

  9. Erin - I know! It is always so exciting and invigorating to start a new knitting project! (New quilting project does the same thing for me!)

    ThyHand - Yep, we both prefer a chunky sauce rather than pureed. We've been "sampling" leftovers from each batch and it sure is yummy.

  10. Your applesauce looks great! I don't think you can ever have enough apples in the house. I'm tempted to buy another bushel to put up myself LOL.

  11. You are making me hungry just looking at that!!! I am going to have to learn how to make it, since I love my applesauce brownies:)

  12. I have one-quarter of a bushel yet to make into applesauce and can, and, for some reason, I cannot bring myself to deal with it. Time's running out, though...

  13. Joyce P - We've got a bunch we're keeping just for fresh eating. Hope they keep well!!

    Stephanie - Oh, you can learn easy-peasy. I think applesauce is one of the easiest things to preserve. (Now I didn't say the FASTEST but the easiest!)

    Kelly - The samples we've had are good and I'm hoping the flavor will only improve as it mellows.

    Susan - Okay, young lady, you get right in the kitchen and whomp right on through the last of those apples! They're nothing compared to all you've already done! ;o)