Friday, October 22, 2010

I'm Still Here and Thanks for Checking

I usually have enough drivel to impart that I get out a posting nearly every day. So blessings upon you, dear readers, who have inquired as to my well-being since I haven't posted for a couple of days. This is to let you know that I'm not cutting back for the winter months nor have I succumbed to some dread disease that immobilizes my typing fingers nor have I taken off for Tahiti with the mailman. It's just been a busy week and since I'm a routine schedule kinda gal, I've been a little thrown off.

Hubby was gone for two days and I was AWOL yesterday. Added to that, we've been having work done on our driveway because of the damage a couple of our gullywashers caused this summer. It needed to be shaped up so snowplowing will be easier this winter, and so we won't have so much of a muddy mess in the spring.

I'm still trying to get on top of (or out from underneath?) the last of the preserving for the year: squash and apples, apples and squash, squash and apples.

The siren call of my quilt studio has been very strong lately. For my emotional health and stability, I need to spend time in there. Soon. It quiets me down and helps me put the emphasis on all I do accomplish rather than on all that I don't get done. When it comes to quilting/sewing, it's all pleasure rather than (as with so many other things) putting hours in on a task only because it NEEDS to be done. (You know, those kind of tasks that if you were rich, you'd hire done in a New York minute.)

We finally had our first hard frost night before last. No snowflakies for us yet though. We're very lacking moisture again and would be glad to see some steady rain before the frost starts to penetrate the ground.

It sure is nice to know you are thinking about me, and I appreciate it. My perhaps not-very-funny sense of humor tempted me to just enter, "Help! I've fallen and I can't get up!" as a blog post, but that wouldn't have been very nice, would it? Hahahaha!

Bye. Time to get back to my stimulating conversations with the apples.


Susan said...

Thank you for checking in, Mama Pea. I have a wild imagination... I am down to the last quarter-barrel of apples and, frankly, I hate them. So I feel your pain. I've got spinning to learn!

Erin said...

Okay, I now know hubby didn't pile bushels of apples on top of you or anything! I hear you on the quilting thing - although I don't know my way around a sewing machine yet, I have learned just enough knitting that it is becoming very relaxing and pleasurable, and I really look forward to getting the kids in bed every night so I can do it. I have found out the hard way that I can't knit socks with children yelling and running around!

And Susan, spinning, nice! Good luck, I am sure that will give you much satisfaction when you learn!

Jane @ Hard Work Homestead said...

Hard to believe we have to worry about snowplows already. At least we don't have to worry about the lawnmowers for a while.

Anonymous said...

The way you feel about quilting is how I feel about crocheting:)

Glad to hear you are well, sorry so busy though. Same here, but hoping it settles in the next week. Volunteered to help mom, so that threw my schedule off:)

Have a great weekend, and hopefully you can rest a bit.

Mama Pea said...

The last quarter-barrel of apples!?? Does that mean you actually had a whole BARREL of apples to process?? HO-ly . . .

Erin - Ah, I can just picture you sitting with your knitting and your evening glass of wine. Bliss!!

Jane - Thanks HEAVENS we don't have to snowplow and mow lawns at the same time! Between weed whipping and lawn mowing, I think the snowplowing takes less time!

Stephanie - My mom was a crocheting master. She could see a pattern made up somewhere and go home and reproduce it. I've done a little of it but lots more knitting and sewing. Funny thing is it's my daughter who is now a fantastic crocheter . . . just skipped a generation, I guess!

Sue said...

Well, glad to see you're still with us and didn't run off with that mailman!
(Though, perhaps, Tahiti sounds kind of nice right now!)
We're expecting rain the next four days-I see a good session on the couch with a book and a fuzzy blanket............

Mama Pea said...

Sue - Yupper, we've got rain forecast until Wednesday night when there is a chance of it turning to SNOW. Although while checking things out first thing this morning, the sky didn't look like rain . . . but it did feel very damp. Sure hope we get it.

Now before you plop yourself on the couch with that book and fuzzy blanket, get your tushie over here to help me get through my apples and squash!!

Chicken Mama said...

Mom, I don't think I'd go as far a "fantastic" crocheter, but I AM so glad I figured out how to do it! Almost finished a sweet little baby hat while waiting at the car repair shop on Monday. Should be for a boy, I suppose: it's a soft mint green.

And, while I'm tickled to have inherited THAT trait of Grandma's, I wish I HADN'T inherited her knees, etc.! :)

The Apple Pie Gal said...

Sometimes you just gotta 'check out'. I really do hope you are feeling better!

In just a bit longer from the sounds of it with the weather up there, your winter wonderland will open wide and you can finally have some piece. Yes PIECE. As in Quilt pieces.


beth said...

Hope you are answering that quilt siren. I hear that siren too. Quilting is great mental health, huh? Tahiti sounds very nice...doesn't it?

Mama Pea said...

Chickie Mama - Anyone who can create crocheted items like you do WITHOUT a pattern gets labeled "fantastic" in my book!

I wish you hadn't gotten Grandma's bad knees, too. (Sure am glad I got skipped on that one!)

APG - What? You're not a snow lover? Our love of winter and snow was one of the reasons we left your neck of the woods. You're a better woman than I am to tolerate that freezing rain and damp cold that goes straight to the bone! Brrrrr. Yay for piece time!!

Hi, Beth! So good to hear from you. Isn't it nice that we have something to do that soothes our soul and isn't illegal or immoral? (It can get a little expensive, but we won't go into that right now!) ;o)