Friday, September 3, 2010

I Should Be In Bed

What in the world am I doing blogging instead of being in my bed catching up on my beauty sleep?

Most of our California family (I'll explain that in a moment) left this afternoon. There were tears. There were promises to return this winter. We have been trying to get the California contingency to move to Minnesota for y-e-a-r-s, and I think we may have finally succeeded. It's lookin' good for pulling some of the clan back together after a separation of 40-some years.

C is going to extend her visit by a week so she changed her return plane reservation. But K and B and daughter L needed to go back home as their vacation time is over and two dogs and two chickens are lonely for them.

Although hubby and my normal routine has been non-existent for a week and "work" has been almost totally neglected around this here little homestead (is there still a garden out there?), and I'm really short on sleep, and have a desire to hibernate for about a month in order to regain my stability, having family here has been wonderful.

I relaxed tonight by totally vegging out and watching my favorite movie, "Dirty Dancing." (Patrick Swayze. What a beautiful man he was. So sad to think about his death at too young an age.)

Okay, Mama Pea, snap out of it! There are things to be done starting with a good night's sleep and then getting back on schedule tomorrow morning.

By the way, I think summer in northeastern Minnesota is over. We've had rain for the past two days (very welcome!) and temps in the 50s with a strong wind blowing. The tree leaves they are startin' to scatter hither and yon. It's hard to imagine anymore 80 degree weather now.


Sue said...

Our temps dropped yesterday afternoon, and I awoke to 45 degrees and a blustery wind. I'll be firing up the oven for some baking and a stew is on the menu for supper as well. Yee ha! I am quite happy to bid farewell to summer.
Glad you had such a lovely visit and hope you caught some good sleep last night.
Happy Happy Fall!!!!

Lorie said...

Glad you enjoyed sweet family time. There is nothing like it. Have a wonderful holiday weekend and may you get that much needed sleep.

Stephanie said...

So glad you got to spend time with family! It is so important!!

We are cooling off here for a few days too, thank goodness. It has been 100 this last week with the heat index.

Sweet Dreams Mama Pea!

Erin said...

You definitely need some sleep! It's amazing how thrown off you can get by visitors, even when they are the good kind you want to keep around! I had to chuckle at the "convincing the Californians to move to MN", that usually works the other way around! You don't have to convince me though, I can't wait for that day to come! I have been crazy busy around here with storms, fall garden, being the organizer for the deployment spouse group (yes, got roped into that!), organizing Sep & Oct parties for that, and kids going back to school Tuesday, kind of wish I could fast forward to November sometime!

Mama Pea said...

Sue - You are SUCH a gardener that I'm kinda surprised that you're eager to be done with summer this year. (Lotta work, isn't it?)

I did sleep well last night but as I lamented to hubby at the breakfast table, "I'm still tired."

We made a small fire in the wood stove yesterday, too. Felt great!

Lorie - Our Labor Day Weekend is going to be spent close to home getting back on top of things. But that's just fine with us. Too chilly here for an outdoor Labor Day picnic anyway.

Stephanie - Please keep your 100 degrees. We've had enough hot weather this summer! I am so ready for "sweatshirt weather!"

Erin - I'm not surprised at all that you're the organizer for the deployment spouse group since you're no doubt the most organized person within 5 states!

I know California can still be beautiful, but family is desiring a little less populated area and a smidge cleaner air.