Sunday, September 26, 2010

First Light Frost

Although we haven't had a true "killing" frost yet, we did have our first light frost overnight last night. It was 32 degrees when hubby arose this morning and there was skim ice on the bird bath.

Before going to bed last night, we brought in these two plants that were out on the front deck.

The geranium and mum plant were given to us by our California family when they were here visiting a month ago. I'm planning on putting the geranium up in hubby's office (lots of sunlight) for the winter and the mum is juuust starting to bloom right now.

I'm trying to baby it enough so that we can see it in full bloom. The blooms are very small but there must be a thousand of them on the plant . . . no kidding. It will be something to see.

Because Jack Frost hasn't zapped the grass yet, for the most part the poultry yard is still green and growing. (Albeit verrry slowly!)

BUT heavily trafficked areas such as around the chicken house and the various pens are not lookin' so good.

The last week has been wet and cool which leads to having to trod through this yuck, muck, and mud when doing chores. I always wonder how much is just mud, and how much is poultry poop. It all looks the same.

Methinks we'll be doing a bit of straw spreading today in these really squishy areas.

I hope all of the hens are remembering to wipe their feet before entering the nest boxes.


Erin said...

Oh, I bet the woodstove felt good in the early morning! It was horrible muggy and in the 90's again here this weekend, just puts me in a foul mood when there is no fall temps since it's my favorite time of year. The one thing I really like about VA is that the mums are perennial here. Every year for about 4 years I bought potted plants for my fall yard "display" and then plant them in the ground after Halloween - this year it looks like some of my mum "bushes" are about 3 ft in diameter! Just starting to barely bloom now, but should be coming on strong in 2 weeks or so.

Susan said...

After a glorious weekend, we are due for almost a straight week of rain. My poultry yard (aka my backyard) turns into muck, too. Those characters scratch up anything rooted and leave a nice slick surface after a couple days of rain. Waaay too much of the outdoors enters the indoors around here.

Leigh said...

Oh no! It had to happen sooner or later didn't it. I think our fall is right around the corner. No rain during September but warm dry days. This morning rain and cooler temps. sigh

Mama Pea said...

Erin - You're still having 90 degree weather??? Oh. My. Gosh. You have my all my sympathy. I would be dead by now.

Susan - Wouldn't you love to be a "country gentle(wo)man farmer" and have paved walkways, asphalt driveway and all muck covered with fresh, clean straw at all times? Heck, let's throw in a housemaid or butler to take care of our chore boots at the back door, too. (Hee-hee!)

Leigh - You should have some time yet before your first frost. After our extremely hot summer, for some reason I had thought we would get a long, warm fall. But not to be, 'tis business as usual it seems.

Lorie said...

Wow! That sounds cold. We won't get that cold here in N. VA for quite some time yet. But we are finally having some glorious rain! We need it so desperately! Love those mums. They are big and beautiful here today too! I have already bought several of them. Can't resist this time of year. Just love those fall colors.

Stay warm and cozy by the fire.

Mama Pea said...

Lorie - We've had just that one cold night and now are okay again so maybe we'll stay above freezing for a while. We've been having a wee little wood fire each morning and then again at night when the house cools down. Feels good after the hot, hot summer we had.