Sunday, September 19, 2010

Another Great Hike

I almost forgot about posting the following pictures taken last Friday. We had planned on getting out to do some paddling in the canoe, but Mother Nature gave us a blowsy, wet start to the day so we switched plans to puttering around home.

Then around noon, the sun came out and a couple of hours later, we had decided to hike a short but steep trail that leads to a fantastic overlook. I'm not jesting about this being a steep trail; I was leading the way up and had to stop at least three times (okay, closer to every ten steps) for my body to recover sufficiently to go on.

We didn't get to the top until late afternoon so the light and colors weren't as spectacular as they can be, but still very much worth the hike.

Not a bad view to take in after making it to the top.

Good-lookin' guy, good-lookin' scenery.

There is an almost 180 degree view over which to oogle.

On the way down (MUCH easier going this direction), I tried to show just how steep the trail is but my camera couldn't capture the (puff-puff) perspective of (puff-puff) the incline. You'll just have to take my (puff-puff) word for it.

A Friday afternoon gorgeous hike and view and we had the area to ourselves. Well, except for that geriatric guy with the walker that really put me to shame. (Just kidding!)


jane said...

It is views like that, that make me wonder how anyone could ever live in a place like New York City or the like. Imagine spending your whole day with out seeing one tree or a blade of grass. Nature is just so good for the soul.

Erin said...

Lovely! Where is this at? I have had such a disorganized, zillion chore weekend that it was really nice to see this post, I'm living vicariously through you today :) Good news is that I'm just about DONE with the fall cleanup and ready for hosting our squadron families next weekend, there's going to be about 60 people here so you can see why I've been going crazy, hopefully will have time to post on the blog soon.

P.S. don't you just love catching our husbands in great photos like these? Really puts the "wow, I'm a lucky girl" back into things LOL!

Stephanie said...

Definitely worth the hike!! We have a place like that here, right near my parents, where you hike up through the woods to a cliff, and can see for miles. It used to be that hardly anyone knew about it, now everyone does, and they ride their 4wheelers and such up there too. But that's ok, they cleared a nice hiking path lol.

Kelly said...


Mama Pea said...

jane - But you know those city people wouldn't be happy here in the boonies with so much "nature" around. They'd feel afraid or at least uncomfortable without any one or any thing around. Those of us who prefer the unpopulated areas and those who live in the high rises in the city . . . almost like two different worlds, isn't it?

Erin - You are such a crazy woman. Amazing, too. Planning and having a party for 60 people? Seems like you do this frequently!

P.S. I know I am a very lucky girl!

Stephanie - Hope you can get out and enjoy the beautiful hike and view by you soon.

Kelly - We do, indeed, live in an awesome area. We're really trying hard to get out and enjoy it more these days.

The Apple Pie Gal said...

Now I know why IL seemed so blah...can't says I blame ya!

Mama Pea said...

Apple Pie Gal - But you know what Illinois has that we don't have? The long, colorful, beautiful fall season! Oh, how I miss the colors and splendor of all your deciduous trees!

Susan said...

I am so glad to see you are sticking to your guns when it comes to doing fun things not related to garden/house labor! What a beautiful place you live in. Thank you for taking us on your hike!

Mama Pea said...

Susan - It's getting harder to break away from the home scene as we see a frost date creeping toward us. There's so much in the garden/outside area that goes quicker and easier before things start to freeze. But I promise we'll keep working on the old R & R stuff right with everything else.