Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Tomato Gods Have Smiled

After whining and complaining about the taste (none) and texture (cottony) of our cherry tomatoes this year, a miracle has happened.

About a week ago, the tomatoes went through a metamorphosis and began tasting purdy darn good. Like a real tomato even! And the texture is now crisp and juicy. Go figure. They've improved to the extent that I can't keep from popping several in my mouth when I'm picking them.

I suppose we shouldn't question why they have improved so drastically but rather simply enjoy them to the utmost.

Tonight after dinner I went out to harvest beets in preparation for Pickled Beet Day which is on the schedule for tomorrow.

We're getting a wonderful crop of beets this year. They are smooth skinned with nary a blemish in sight and, so far, they've been tender and sweet.

The average size is probably around 6" long, but some have been as big as 9" in length.

Have I mentioned I'm running out of canning jars this year? I guess that's a good sign in that it must mean I've canned more than usual. I may have to purchase more jars at our local hardware store before we make a run to the big city where they're a little more economically priced. But regardless, what a thrill it's gonna be to see my pantry shelves lined with all those jars. (It may even make me forget all the work [and sweat] that has gone into the canning!)


The Apple Pie Gal said...

Wow! You and Granny both need to put jars on your wish lists! Either that or start going to more estate and garage sales and finding them by the hundreds!

Leigh said...

Just came by to tell you that you won the Pay It Forward book exchange! Congratulations! Contact me at leighsfiberjournal at gmail dot com and let me know where to send it.

Your tomatoes look soooo good! So do the beet actually. Now I wish I'd planted some last spring. I'll just have to settle on putting them in this fall.

jane said...

I think everyone has canned their brains out this year. A lot of places around here are sold out of jars. I have been picking up "just a few more cases" each week too. It must have been a better year than we thought it would be.

Kaytee said...

I'm having a lack of jars problem too! I've bought 7 cases in the past week, and I still think I'll be short on quart jars.

Yay for the tomatoes! Nothing better than a fresh tasting tomato...that tastes like a tomato!

Erin said...

Congrats on those tomatoes! I know that's the pinnacle of a warm summer for you! I think a real working garden's success can be measured by what your shelves and freezer look like come fall, and yours is definitely qualifying - those tomatoes are just like icing on the cake! I'm running out of jars too!

Mama Pea said...

Apple Pie Gal - Ha! If only we had more estate/farm sales up here. Unfortunately, we're not in farm country nor is it easy to grow a garden so you just don't see many canning jars floating around!

Leigh - I'm pickled tink to have won the Pay It Forward book exchange. And a worthwhile book it will be for me.

I'm so jealous of all you gardeners who are able to get a fall crop from your gardens. We only get the one shot up here.

jane - Eeeep! Apparently I haven't purchased jars for a while. Sticker shock when I priced them locally today!

Kaytee - Welcome and thanks for commenting! I think (at least I hope!) I'm done needing quart jars this year but I definitely need more pints. Gonna have to bite the bullet and shell out the cash for about four more dozen, I think.

Erin - Thanks! I'm still kind of in shock that the cherry tomatoes turned so good! Wa-hoo!

Susan said...

Mama Pea, what type of beets are those? I really like the longer shape. I am taking a canning breather - definition: I ran out of jars.

Mama Pea said...

Susan - The beets are Forono which I ordered from Johnny's Selected Seeds. They make such nice slices for pickling or cooking that they've become my favorite for the last several years.

I broke down and purchased two more cases of canning jars this morning. A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!