Friday, August 6, 2010

I'm Taking the Challenge

Sort of. Yesterday Erin at Garden Now - Think Later challenged everyone to a Summer Fridge Post. She asked us all to show all the garden produce we have stuffed in our refrigerators that we don't know what to do with. Veggies that nobody in the family likes. But still good stuff you just can't throw out.

I don't think I qualify in the strictest sense of the rules. My refrig is stuffed, there's no doubt about it but it's with produce I definitely want and know what to do with but can't quite seem to find time to DO it.

Our blueberries are producing like crazy so here sits a big bowl of the little gems waiting to be either made into jam or frozen. Or maybe even transformed into a Freshy's Blueberry Pie!

These pickling cucs are cached away in a crisper drawer of the spare refrig. They're destined to become Bread and Butter pickles within hours.

Half the green beans are ready for processing but I still have this big bowlful to be trimmed and cut.

So there's nothing in the refrigerator(s) that I'm not going to use. Well, except maybe . . .

There is this big basket of zucchinis that I've been moving from spot to spot because they definitely won't fit in the refrig. And I don't know what to do with them. Nobody wants to eat more zucchini. But they're still good and I just can't throw them out!


  1. That pesky zucchini. How come your refrigerator looks so organized and clean with all those vegetables in it? I would be too ashamed to photograph mine - it's the Wall o' Vegetables in there.

  2. Sure you can! Just put one zuke in each hand and then squinch shut your eyes and go all spastic. Repeat process till basket is empty and you're breathing hard. Not a zucchini will be left in sight.

  3. Susan - You'll notice the pictures are zeroed in on the fruits/veggies? I have no desire for anyone to see the catastrophe that is my refrigerator right now. Every time I open it I say, "I have GOT to clean this out soon!"

    JJ - Do I need to capture this on video?

  4. You know..... I seem to remember in my husbands younger days when he made a potato gun out of PVC pipe and he and his buddies knocked down my fence with it.... I definitely think zucchini is a better choice for ammo than the prized potatoes!

  5. Mama Pea- all those veggies look awesome! Don't throw those zucchini! Seriously, if you REALLY can't find anything to do with them, I'm sure someone else could. ;)
    Erin- I couldn't agree more. Potatoes were NOT meant to be shot out of a potato gun! They're definitely meant to be eaten. With butter. And sour cream. Or gravy. Or fried, or french fried or hash browned, or...

  6. When I had way too much zucchini we offered it to friend and foe and it disappeared!! Not everyone has a garden here. ;)

  7. We are down to okra, tomatoes and peppers. We get a few squash here and there. We love grilling our zucchini. I cover with olive oil and a little Dales Steak seasoning sauce. Yummy. It is so hot here that everything is just drying up!

  8. Erin - Oh, I'd vote for zucchini any day! One of those babies would make one hefty torpedo!

    Patty - I think we've had only one meal with potatoes all summer (well, I guess I have made a batch of potato salad though) and you mentioning eating one with butter and sour cream 'bout made me drool. ;o)

    Beth - Gosh, I would have guessed most everyone would garden in your glorious climate!

    Valerie - Hubby and I were just talking about grilled zucchini at dinner tonight! Our garden and lawn (and everything!) is very dry right now, too. We could use a good soaker.

  9. Lol over the zucchini torpedo. Wish I was just down the street, I would come take those off your hands! I love to freeze enough to do a weekly batch of bread over the winter, but I never seem to have enough.

  10. Kelly - I wish you lived close by, too! I'd even deliver the zucchini.

    A batch of zucchini bread every week? You guys must REALLY love the stuff! We like it, but I don't think a loaf a week would go over very well!

  11. Have you tried zucchini pancakes? They are like a potato pancake, serve with butter, S&P, or just hot off the griddle. We love them. Also, they freeze wonderfully. I use the second recipe down on allrecipes for zucchini pancakes.

  12. Deanna - No, I have never tried zucchini pancakes but we love potato pancakes made with shredded potatoes so I'm betting they would much alike. Thanks for the suggestion and I'm going to try them!