Wednesday, July 28, 2010

So the Question Is . . .

Can I possibly make it through this gardening season with these shoes?

They've become like old friends. I can't work in the garden without them. I have defective feet. I have to wear tie shoes. Crocs or flip-flops won't do it for me.

Problem is I'm experiencing serious leakage in the right foot toe area. On a dewy morning my whole right foot quickly becomes wet and squishy.

On a dry day dust and dirt filter in leaving my once white socks . . . well, not so white anymore. When stripping in the evening before showering, my bare foot doesn't look so good either.

I've considered a liberal application of duct tape but that might hamper the flexibility of these super-comfy foot coverings.

What's a girl to do?

Eeeeek, I can't wear these!

The glare from these will scramble signals from satellites.

Beneficial garden insects will flee the premises.

These are still serviceable. I've only got a couple/few more months to go in the season. My good ol' garden shoes and I will make it. Some way. Or not.


ThyHandHathProvided said...

I would give duct tape a go. Jamey has duct taped several shoes and claims they are good as new.

I get very attached to shoes as well. I can feel your anxiety. It will all be okay:-).

Sparkless said...

Try a hot glue gun to glue some of the holes shut. Hope you make it to the end of the summer.

Judy said...

If they fit well and you love them, I say do the tape! It's not like you are going to wear them to town to go dancing, or are you ????? :0)
Comfy shoes are hard to part with.

The Apple Pie Gal said... them up and carry on! Wear what you love to do what you love!

Mama Pea said...

Omigosh! Such support! And here I fully expected everyone to say, "Oh fer Pete's sake, toss those sorry looking shoes and get on with it!"

Duct tape (and maybe a little hot glue gun) scores again. When we had the firewood delivery business, I would go through my gloves so fast that in no time I had all fingers, thumbs, and palms wrapped with duct tape so that you couldn't tell that I wasn't wearing gloves MADE out of duct tape!

Sue said...

Duct tape wins again! What a versatile product-half my tools have it on their handles(splinters).
You could also try a bread wrapper over your sock-saves em from the dirt and wet. Just trim it down so you don't look like the neighborhood weirdo (ahem-yes, I am)
It's soooo hard to give up a favorite pair, isn't it?
Best to you!

Susan said...

Another vote for taping - a careful application shouldn't hamper your flexibility. What would we do without duct tape?

Rainsong said...

Is Shoe Goo a thing of the past? Maybe it is only for the sole of the shoe, but that would be something I might look into IF it is still in production.

Yikes, that is a big hole that probably should have had some attention a few centimeters ago, but who has time for that in high summer?

Erin said...

Heck yes! Duct tape is the new fashion, dontcha know? Don't wear those new shoes out there! And don't even utter the word "Crocs"...yuck I hate those! There's a whole "I hate Crocs" world out there, google that phrase in all your spare time, funny stuff and pics of really bad Croc fashion LOL. Pretty soon you'll be in mukluks again and you can put off the shoe thing until next year :)

Leigh said...

Love it! Some shoes are just hard to let go of. I've been looking for some new gardening shoes, but nothing seems to suit. Maybe wet feet aren't so bad after all (???)

Mama Pea said...

How have I managed to survive so long without all the helpful suggestions from all of you duct tape pushing, enterprising bread wrapper wearing, Shoe Goo using, dedicated gardening shoe sympathizers? (You're all a little crazy . . . but that may come from too many hours in the garden under a broiling sun.) Thanks all!!!