Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Cut . . . But Soaked

Even though our morning remained foggy, gray and very damp, the mower man decided he wanted to get the oats and barley in our small (14' x 23') pumpkin patch cut today.

Of course, as soon as he started mowing, the rain began to fall.

The first pass was a little difficult and messy but the rotary mower on our old Gravely garden tractor was up to the task.

Almost finished.

View from an upstairs window of the oats and barley laid low.

Now we'll have to wait for better weather to till the green stuff in. If that never happens, I suppose it would decompose nicely into the soil. I'M KIDDING! There will be a break in this weather soon. There will be a break . . . there will be a break . . . there will be . . .


  1. Ha! This is TODAY? As in, Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010? As in, not a single cloud in the skies above Swamp River Ridge? As in, lovely breeze keeping the bugs away while it's 70° in the shade?

    Man, oh man, but does that big lake ever cast a big shadow! :)

  2. Hi, Chickie Mama - You. Are. Kidding?? It's rained on and off several times today and except for one brief period right before dinner, has been foggy and very gray.

    We were working on the pantry, cutting in the garage and running back and forth in the rain again. Go figure.

  3. And THIS is why it's always hard for me to pack (let alone dress) when I come to visit - it can be sunny and hot at my Dad's and cold and gloomy in town!

  4. All I can think of when I see someone mowing in damp weather is mosquitoes all over me!

  5. Hi, Jen - Yupper, with our several micro-climates in the county, the business people in town claim they can tell where their local customers live by how they're dressed when they come to town. Back up over the ridge where it's typically much warmer, customers will be in shorts and tank tops and freezing in town. Those who live right on the lake will have on their turtlenecks and long pants. It's a challenge!

    Hey, Erin - The bugs this year have been as weird as the weather. We've had bad no-see-ums early on but very few mosquitoes. It used to be the black flies came out first, they died back and the mosquitoes hit full force for much of the summer. Then it was August before the no-see-ums showed up. This year (in our locale) we've had very few mosquitoes at all! Yesterday we both expected the bugs to be bad when we were outside but we got the mowing done without being bothered at all. You sure can't figure it out!

  6. Sounds like perfect quilting weather, LOL!