Friday, June 25, 2010

Back in the Pumpkin Patch Again

Remarkably enough, the thick stand of oats and barley we cut down in the pumpkin patch recently had dried enough by late yesterday morning to till it under.

The northwest corner of this patch is just full of rocks. (I think they grow there.) One that hubby encountered was so big he had to break it apart with the humongous maul before being able to move it. (If you don't think banging on that for a while jars every fiber in your body . . . !)

"No problem. I think (grunt) I can (groan) move it (grit, grit) now."

Once again, the job of getting it all tilled in took longer than we expected.

Finally done!

Now all we have to do is move the rocks and rake it smooth so we can plant some buckwheat.

Hubby asked me at dinner last night which job I wanted to do: Move the rocks or rake the soil smooth. I thought about it and replied, "Neither."


Erin said...

My husband absolutely loves "rock gardens".... LOL, we'll get him to do it all, see how much he loves it then!

Susan said...

Correct answer! This homesteading business is not for the weak of heart or back, is it?

Fiona said...

Looks great! I'd like to try some more green manures in our garden... I've just appointed you my "go to" person, lol!
And I agree with Susan - -stick to your "neither" :)

Mama Pea said...

Hi, Erin - Good deal! We'll provide the rocks, he can construct the gardens!

Hey, Susan - Homesteading does keep one active both mentally and physically. But I still think it's better to wear out than rust out. (Is it a sign of wearing out that both my arms have been "going to sleep" during the night lately?)

Hi, Fiona - And I'll direct you to my better half who enjoys doing all the research on that type of stuff. He's the brains, I'm the brawn of this partnership! (Well, 'cept for when there are heavy wheelbarrows of rocks to move. :o))