Sunday, May 2, 2010

Of Potatoes and Eggs

I'm wracking my brain these days thinking of recipes that will use more of our surplus eggs. My potato salad recipe has more eggs than the usual potato salad so I made some of that today.

For years, even though I tried multitudinous different variations, I was never happy with any potato salad I made. I think I tended to throw everything but the kitchen sink in as ingredients assuming more would make it better. Then I tasted this potato salad at a friend's house, and she kindly shared her recipe with me.

Turns out to be very simple with pretty basic ingredients. I love it and have made it regularly for years.


3 lbs. potatoes
9 hard boiled eggs
1 good sized onion
1 tablespoon prepared mustard
Salt and pepper to taste

Just to confuse the issue, I made only half the above recipe today since it will be only the two of us eating this batch. So pictured above are 1-1/2 lbs. of potatoes and . . . um, uh, how do you halve 9 eggs? I know! Four regular sized eggs and one bantam egg.

Sad to say, these are very close to the last of our potatoes from last year's harvest. Well, actually I have enough spuds to last well into the summer, but they have all caught spring fever and sprouted as if they were on steroids. We obviously failed to keep them cold enough.

But back to our preparations. Boil the eggs in the usual manner and cook the potatoes with their skins on. I really do think they have more flavor that way.

How do you know when the potatoes are done? By employing advanced technology. Stick a fork in them. If there's anything worse than mushy, over-cooked potatoes in potato salad, it's potatoes that are still crunchy! I stop cooking mine when the fork slides in to the center of the potato with little resistance.

Cool potatoes slightly, peel and cube them. Do the same with the hard boiled eggs. Place in mixing bowl.

Add chopped onion. Just how much is "one good sized onion?" We like onions so for the full recipe, I would add one cupful. It it's summer and I have scallions ready in the garden, I substitute them for a regular yellow onion.

Add prepared mustard, salt and pepper. When chives are in season, I take a couple of minutes to run out to the garden, grab a handful to chop and throw in for color.

Then mix in enough mayonnaise to get the consistency you prefer. I dislike dry potato salad so I use mayonnaise liberally.

That's all there is to it. Maybe I should have made the full recipe. Then I would have used up 9 eggs instead of just 4-1/2!


Holly Days Closet said...

YUM I love potatoe salad it's one of my favorites and here in AZ we eat it all year round.

Jenyfer Matthews said...

That's pretty much how I make mine - except for the eggs. I love hard boiled eggs, but my husband hates them!

Jennifer Jo said...

That's a pretty cute supper!

Erin said...

I love potato salad too, but didn't realize it until I had the german style. I detest mayonaise and the yellow stuff, and so I use sliced red potatoes with onion, crumbled feta or goat cheese, olive oil and vinegar - no eggs, so I guess I can't help you with those eggs, LOL!! Quiche!

Fiona said...

Yours is the fourth food-related post I've read this morning and I'm getting SO hungry! I love when suppers look nice like this.
My recipe is very similar but I add some celery & radish and a dash of cayenne. Potato salad --mmmmm!

Mama Pea said...

Hi, Holly - I make it year round here in MN, too! Why not?!

Hey, Jen - Although I really like hard boiled eggs (what easier for a quick, nutritious lunch?), I can understand why the texture might not appeal to everyone. But mixed into something like the potato salad? That would be different, no? (Husbands . . . whadda ya gonna do?!)

Hi, JJ - Thank you, ma'am. It tasted good, too!

Hey, Erin - I like German potato salad, too. Your description of yours just made my mouth water!

Hi, Fiona - If my garden was currently giving me radishes, you would have seen some on that pictured plateful. And they would be a great addition mixed in with the potato salad. Love those radishes!

Melissa said...

Potato salad is truly one of those foods that there are so many variations. I'm impressed that your potatoes lasted this long. Do you have a cellar? By the way-Happy Birthday! Hope you had a great time.

Mama Pea said...

Hi, Melissa - Thank you for the birthday greetings! The day came and went and now I won't have to be any older for another year! ;o)

Yes, we have a root cellar but it needs improvements. We have trouble getting it cold enough fast enough in the fall . . . it's just not cold enough when the time comes to put the harvest down there in the fall. Hubby says it's got to do with air intake and outtake vents that need work. We just need the time to work on it. But in the meantime, we're happy we have SOMETHING to use!

Judy said...

Thanks for this! Potatoes and eggs cooking right now. ;) I never would have thought to make potato salad to go with the hamburgers we are having for dinner tonight. Yumm

Patty said...

You make everything look so beautiful! :) It really looks delicious.

Mama Pea said...

Hey, Judy - Sure hoped you all like the potato salad. Should go well with the burgers!

Hi, Patty - Thank you, m'dear. I really do think that not only does food have to taste good, it should LOOK good, too. (Can you tell I'm really into food?) ;o)

Karen Sue said...

It's sort of funny that I like my mom's potatoe salad so well, I rarely make my own, just ask for it on Sunday Lunchtime meals. But she was talking about buying some at Walmart (yuck) and what they must put in it for it to last 3 weeks ++ I said EXACTLY! and why can you have bread or rolls in the bread drawer for WEEKS without getting moldy!?!??!

Mama Pea said...

Hi, Karen Sue - I think it's so true that often someone else's homemade food tastes better than your own!

We all need to be aware of the "bad stuff" they put in commercially prepared food. The food is "embalmed" so it will do the same for our bodies! Yuck.

Katidids said...

Looks like mine! DH loves potato salad but light on the eggs so, I leave mine as big chunks so he can slide them on my plate MMMMMMM! Potato salad and cold fried chicken & a nice big salad....I'm hungry again~

Mama Pea said...

Hi, Katie - Potato salad, cold fried chicken and a big salad? Now you've made ME hungry!