Monday, May 17, 2010

Leaving Home

For me, a trip to the big city is an all-day affair. Spending five hours on the road driving. Leaving early and getting back home at the very end of the day. Exhausted and with a scary balance in my bank account.

Ninety-nine percent of the time, my husband and I make the trip together because for the time and expense involved, it only makes sense that we both shop for the items on our respective lists and come home with a full truck load.

But right now, I need to make a solo trip. I need to spend some time looking, thinking, having the whole day to make some intelligent decisions on several purchases. I also need (like I really NEEEED) a couple of new bras. I don't mean to inflict too many intimate details on you here, but my body seems to be changing (okay, so I have put on a little extra weight), and I know I'll have to spend who-knows-how-long in the dressing room trying on one undergarment after another before finding one that actually fits. (Do males have ANY article of clothing that gives them this much hassle and consternation??)

Sorry, I got off-track. The point I'm trying to make is that leaving home is not something I want to do.

For several weeks now at the beginning of each week, I've made the decision that I will gear up and go to the city shopping on, say, Tuesday. Monday night comes and I realize I can't go Tuesday because there's something that's time-sensitive I simply must get done on the homestead. Okay, I'll go Thursday. Nope, can't go Thursday because such-and-so is happening on Friday so I need to get ready for that. On and on it goes, week after week.

Bottom line, I have so much to do here at home that I don't want to leave, even for a day. And that's a good thing, because I'm happy here. For that, I should be very grateful. What could possibly be better than to feel you could be happy and content living forever on your own little homestead which is a sanctuary in this crazy world? So you see, I have no desire to leave.

Well, except for that bra issue . . .


  1. I don't envy you - I switched to tank top style sports bras years ago rather than go through the self abuse of dressing rooms and mirrors that laugh at me! Now I just fling some in the cart while doing a drive by of the exercise clothing at Target, lol! If you find a good one, make note of it so next time you can order online if it still fits! (Good advice from someone who can never remember to do this!) How often do you go the the Big City? Hubby and I seem to differ on how often we should go, like he says "never", LOL, but I am thinking that we will have to drive a big gas-hog truck when we go visit my parents in the Cities since we will probably roll the big supply and home improvement trips right into every weekend we spend with them!

  2. Hey, Erin - How often do we venture into the city for a shopping trip? Gosh, it varies so much depending on what we're working on and what supplies we need. I suppose it averages out (year round) to less than once every month. It's not uncommon to not go for a couple of months. We haven't been for over a month now but just prior to that we make two trips within a couple of weeks.

    There are definitely times when it pays to drive the big truck and make sure you come home with it chock full. Living a distance from the "big stores" requires a certain amount of organization but you get used to it.

  3. I've been thinking about this post all the way home from my trip to the not-so-big-city today! Ella and I had to take the dog to the vet for a check-up, shots etc and I thought we'd run some errands too. We drove only 35 minutes to a city of 15,000.... and I couldn't wait to get home! When did I become such a homebody? I grew up in Toronto, for heaven's sake -- a city with a bajillion people in it! And now, when I leave my little village of 1,400 (which we live 10 minutes OUTSIDE of, in the middle of nowhere!) I get all flustered and homesick. I'm sitting here recovering with a nice pot of tea. We were only gone for about three hours. Can you just imagine the state I'm in when I get back from a real big city shopping trip??? Geesh!!!

  4. Fiona, m'dear - I think your comment has just put a blog post in my head. Tomorrow maybe . . . ?? (Thanks!)

  5. BRAS - that's a good topic.
    Daughter was getting ready for her school trip and then a week trip with a friend and her family. I was doing laundry and took one of hers out of the washer...this is HORRIBLE! playing 3 sports, we replace those a little more often. Actually part of the problem is not throwing out the junk and just rotating in the new. so after 2 other after school events, we drove to the city to be 5-10 minutes before the close of the store and I had her measuring in the car with my internet instructions printed out...then said just grab some, 5 or so and we'll try them on later..right next door was Walmart, not my choice, but still open, so we hit that too. Just grab some and I'll bring back the rejects!! She got some and I picked up a few, too! Even though she sputtered as a non-shopper, I think she was happy and has some real pretty stuff in her underwear drawer these days!!

  6. Hey, Karen Sue - Oh, the woes of the female population! ;o)

  7. Ha - now think of me doing all my REAL shopping once a year when I come back to the US on vacation and then dragging it all back to Egypt with me! Same concept, longer distance :)

    I do understand the homebody thing - don't live on a farm but I still like to be puttering around my house with my writing and my quilts better than just about anything else.

  8. Hi, Jen - Now YOUR shopping trip is one that I would not want to attempt! I'd have nightmares worrying about what important thing I absolutely wanted to remember to get . . . but forgot!