Friday, April 9, 2010

When Is A Bucket Like A Dinner Bell?

We keep two stainless steel covered buckets in a corner on the kitchen counter.

The one on the left is for chicken scraps, the one on the right is for the compost pile.

The chicken bucket gets all kinds of good things thrown in it. Vegetable peelings, leftovers past their prime, stale bread, plate scrapings, popcorn hulls, and such. This gets taken out to the poultry yard and dumped on the ground every day.

When the chickens see someone come out the back door carrying this bucket, they know treats are on the way, and they drop everything and come running.

Watch out! Here they come, and they are on a mission. Lots of goodies are about to be available.

Everyone is eager to see what surprises the bucket holds for them today.

"I know she said this bread came out with the consistency of a brick, but I think it tastes pretty good!"


Marty said...

Judy, why do you have a salt & pepper shaker on your desk???

Mama Pea said...

Hi, Mart - Because, you silly boy, I was working on the KITCHEN TABLE! Whenever I have a big project to do, the table seems the best place to spread out on. (The empty, clear, usable area on my desk is about one foot square!) Besides that, until the project spread on the table is completed, I can tell your big brother that we have to eat out because the kitchen table is unavailable. (Like THAT would work!)

Katidids said...

Thats hoot! Our goldie has suddenly decided he likes vegies..he follows me to the compost pile. If I don't give him some he'll dig & root for his own treats!
Poor Marty has led a sheltered life! I though all table/desks look like yours! Mine is always piled wit knitting projects! I make sure we have a corner cleared to eat at night.unless its nice enough to eat outside..But thats about it LOL!

Erin said...

what great pics! and it looks like things are drying up well in the yard!

Mama Pea said...

Hi, Katie - What is it about the kitchen table? Since the kitchen truly is the 'heart of the home', the table just seems like the logical place to use for all imaginable kinds of projects. I've always dreamed of having a big enough kitchen to have TWO tables in it. One for eating and the other one to be used for all those projects. Wouldn't that be handy??

Howdy, Erin - Unfortunately, things are drying up too well. Our forest fire danger has now gone from HIGH to VERY HIGH. We haven't had rain in ever so long and didn't have that much snow to melt from winter so we're in dire need of moisture. Can't win, it seems. We have a jump start on spring but too dry conditions.

MaineCelt said...

I have compost pail envy.

Or maybe my chickens do. They don't get a dinner bell, but they sure come running every time they hear the rustle of a plastic garbage bag!

We get kitchen scraps from a local restaurant at the end of the day. I keep the bag in the cab of my truck overnight, then empty it onto our outdoor compost pile in the morning right after the chickens get let out. Oh, do they ever come running when they hear the bag rustle and see me hoist it up! Day-old cinnamon doughnuts, all manner of organic veggie and fruit peelings, and the occasional pasta salad...happy chickens!

Mama Pea said...

MaineCelt - Pavlov's chickens we have on both our homesteads!

Teri said...

Thats a hoot isn't it? When our girls come running like that for treats I think they look like little feathered football players coming down the field, pusing each other out of the way. They are great fun aren't they?

Mama Pea said...

Hi, Teri - Welcome and thanks for commenting . . . and because you did, now I've found YOUR blog and will be checking in on it regularly.

"Feathered football players!" Yes! That's it. A perfect analogy! I'll think of that now every time I see the flock come running.

Anonymous said...
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