Monday, April 26, 2010

Mission Accomplished

One of our first projects for this spring was to fill both our wood sheds with cut and split fire wood.

On March 28th we finished completely filling the first wood shed which is slightly smaller than the second one.

When the first shed was topped off, the second one looked like this. (Looong way to go there, folks.)

That was almost a month ago and although we said we were going to work on filling it every day until it was full, things (dang those "things") kept coming up that took precedence over our fun-filled wood cutting endeavors.

But we kept at it whenever we could and today we finally, finally got the second shed full.

Whew! Does it ever feel good knowing that between the two wood sheds we have about 18 cords of cut and split wood under cover with five whole months of good, warm weather for it to season in before we'll have to touch it.

Yup, it was a very good day today. Well, except for one thing. Eeeeek! I got my very first ever TICK!! (Shudder, shudder, double shudder. Eeuuw, I hates them things!)


Marty said...

That's great. Guess I can look for a flight now!

Katidids said...

It's such a wonderful/comforting feeling knowing most of the heat for next winter is ready! I always loved looking at a ready wood pile. We always did ours in the winter for the next season. It seemed to split easier. Now, you can move on to other *things*

Jennifer Jo said...

Good job on the wood!

Your first tick? Seriously? I've already found two on me this year and the season hasn't even really started!

ThyHandHathProvided said...

What a beautiful sight- all that stacked wood. We long for a wood day:-).

Jody M said...

Excellent work! Congrats!

Your first ever tick? Gosh, I can't tell you how many ticks I've had. Dozens! None so far this year, though.

Fiona said...

Great work! But I've got one question though -- do you make housecalls??

beth said...

congratulations!!!!That IS something to "crow about"!!
Sorry about the tick. EEWW!

Mama Pea said...

Hi, Mart - Oh, no worry. We still have approximately 5 cords of maple in 8' lengths left for you. Although we have no more room in the wood sheds, we'll let you cut it up and stack it out in the sunshine to dry all summer. :o)

Hey, Katie - For sure, wood does split much easier when it's frozen! Before we had a wood splitter and did all the splitting by hand (and ax!) we preferred doing it in the winter.

Hiya, JJ - People are saying the ticks are really bad this year but this was the first one on our property . . . and on me!

Hey, ThyHand - I hope you get your wood stove soon. There really is nothing like the warmth burning wood gives off.

Hi, Jody - Yeah, something weird that I've never had a tick attack my succulent (!) body before considering if there is a mosquito or black fly within 5 miles, it will find me before anyone else!

Hey, Fiona - For you m'dear, have chainsaw, will travel!

Hi, Beth - Believe you me, I'm getting a LOT of feel goods every time I look at those wood sheds!

Erin said...

The woodsheds look awesome! That's even more satisfying then looking at a homegrown tomato, it must be a great feeling going into summer with that not even on your mind! First tick ever? Wow - we have all had at least 4 by the start of summer every year, yuck! Ticks & Roaches are the only two things that will completely sicken me. Love the new header pic!

Mama Pea said...

Hi, Erin - Haha! It takes just about as much effort to grow a homegrown tomato up here as to fill the two wood sheds!! I will consider myself an accomplished gardener when I manage to grow enough tomatoes to can for the year . . . which probably won't happen until we have a greenhouse.

Thanks for the compliment on my new header photo. We sure do desperately need rain to green up the scene.

Erin said...

We had a gusher of a storm last night, and I immediately thought of you all and how much I wish I could send it your way - right up until the intense cloud to ground lightning started, that is! You definitely don't need that combined with the dry tinder conditions... I have your area on my mobile weather alert thingie and know that I will be doing a rain dance for you this evening (my kids already think I am a wacko, so this won't phase them at all!)

Judy said...

I love the look of a full woodshed early in the year! There's nothing like backing up to the woodstove when it's nasty cold outside. And the wood splitter is a dream come true for us. Hubby loves it so much, he splits all the wood and then we both stack. I've never had a tick, hope never to have one.

Claire said...

First tick EVER? I'm impressed!
I'm also very impressed that you already have all your wood for next winter! That's amazing! And a big item to cross of the list.

Mama Pea said...

Hey, Erin - Right now, forecast is for rain starting tomorrow night (YAY!)and continuing for a couple of days. Oh, if only! If it actually happens, I'm giving you total credit via your rain dancing efforts for us!

Hi, Judy - Yes, my husband has a penchant for backing up to the wood stove. So much so that he has more than one singed garment to show for it! (Some people never learn.)

Hi, Claire - This is the first year I can ever remember having so much put by so early in the season. The two wood sheds are enough wood for two years of intense cold weather and possibly close to three if we have a couple of mild winters. Yippee!

RuthieJ said...

Congratulations!! What a great feeling it must be to have that job all done.