Thursday, March 11, 2010

Soon I Will Be Very Thin

Several years ago, I pulled the crown off of one of my teeth when eating a wonderfully, ooey-gooey, sinfully scrumptious, super-sticky caramel roll. It was such a sickening (not to mention costly) feeling that I have not been able to eat a caramel roll since then. (Just think of all the calories I've avoided over the years!)

Last night while munching a bowl of popcorn, my back molar on the bottom left side cracked from stem to stern, back to front. Once I managed to masticate and swallow the mouthful of popcorn (and hope I wasn't swallowing part of a tooth also), I discovered that although the tooth is definitely now divided into two pieces, one half seems very secure but the other is quite loose and wobbly.

I called our local dentist first thing this morning. Both hubby and I used to go there but when we decided to have all of the mercury amalgams removed from our mouths, we started going to a dentist a five-plus hour's drive from here.

Funny thing is that we've as recently as yesterday morning (!) been talking about getting re-established with someone closer to home. Looks as if this will be happening soon. Like this afternoon.

I was very grateful that even though the telephone receptionist in the dentist's office said they were already double-booked because of "other emergencies" today, they would squeeze me in at 3:10 this afternoon to at least check out my situation.

Now if I can just keep from swallowing the loose part of the tooth until this afternoon, I'll consider myself lucky. And as of this moment, I have no desire whatsoever to ever, ever, EVER eat popcorn again.


  1. This post set my teeth on edge. Literally.

  2. Oh, and I hate to break this to you, but... I don't think you would be getting very fat eating popcorn...

  3. Hey, JJ - Well, the getting thin part was said very much tongue in cheek. But if my teeth keep breaking down like this, I may have trouble gumming my oatmeal . . . with lotsa brown sugar which I think is the only way to go!

  4. eeek, I was making "a face" the entire time! I am so lucky I haven't had anything like that happen to me, but I will have to add your story to my mom's and best friend's as one of the "once I knew this person who...." LOL, hope all goes well at the new dentist!

  5. Bubble Yum for me... and I have molars that are determined to be over filled and really should be capped, but I did 6 one year and I am still reeling from the $$. Maybe this year.

  6. :(...:(...Thinking of you with a long face and then laughing at Jennifer Jo..she is Too funny!

  7. Good luck this afternoon. That must be a terrible feeling.

  8. Hi, Erin - I once read that the closer a pain is to your brain, the more intense it is. Maybe that's why so many of us get panicky when we have to go to the dentist?

    Karen Sue - I stopped chewing gum years ago because I once got a toothache from it!

    Hi, Beth - I, too, LOVE Jennifer's sense of humor.

    Hey, Conny - Yup, we so take our teeth for granted . . . until (dum-da-dum-dum) something goes wrong!!

  9. The only time I lost a crown I was eating a mini donut! That took away my mini donut cravings for a long time. Glad to hear you're dentist was able to fit you in right away.

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  10. Ouch!

    I went to that local dentist last year and had her look at some old fillings I have from when I was SIX years old. She said they looked fine but she could replace them if I wanted to. Elective drilling wasn't so appealing so I kept them!

  11. Hi, Ruthie - Methinks you're crown must have already been pretty darn loose if munching a mini donut pulled it off! My hubby cracked a front tooth once biting a carrot stick. (I tell ya, ya can't even win by eating healthy!)

    Hey, Jen - "Elective drilling??" Love that phrase . . . and would run away from it quickly . . . as you did. Boy, that dentist you had when you were 6 must have known what he was doing . . . or you have very good teeth!