Saturday, March 27, 2010

Full Wood Shed's A No-Show

We woke this morning to a rain/snow/sleet/hail mixture coming down outside. The temp quickly warmed a few degrees, and all moisture falling turned to rain which continued all through the day. Nothing torrential but just a fine, steady drizzle that definitely left your outerwear wet and drippy when you came in. It's true that because of our lack of snowfall this winter we can use the moisture, and the rain will help bring the frost out of the ground. So it certainly wasn't an all bad thing.

But there was no way we wanted to try wood working today. Besides the fact that we'd quickly be wet and miserable, it's not safe work because of slippery footing, equipment and the wood itself. So we decided to make today our "Sunday" --- day off/catch-up day --- and then tomorrow will be our "Saturday." (That should sufficiently throw me off for the whole coming week.)

The weather forecast (if we can believe it) says tomorrow will be partly cloudy with temperatures up into the low 40s. No precipitation called for so it looks like it will be a good wood working day, and that's what we'll plan on.

One of the things I took time to do today was to figure out just what garden seeds I need to start indoors this spring. I know I made a big proclamation that I was going to let the soil rest and not garden this year (mainly because of our desire to really push on getting the house done) but given our country's current economic woes and related uncertainties, I feel one of the most important things I can do is to insure that this fall our freezers and pantry shelves are stocked with the highest quality of organic foods possible. And those foods will come, to a large extent, from my garden.

But I am going to pare my planting down a bit from normal. I'll stick with the very basics (which will make for a plenty big enough garden anyway) and eliminate some extras that I always put in or experiment with.

I'll not start any annual flowers as I usually do. If I can't buy them from the local greenhouse (waaah!), I'll do without this year.

Okay, I've still got a couple more hours tonight to do with as I wish, so I'll sign off for now.


Erin said...

"I made a big proclamation that I was going to let the soil rest and not garden this year".... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! oh, and this one: "But I am going to pare my planting down a bit from normal. I'll stick with the very basics".... LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL! I only laugh because I said the same thing this year since hubby is deployed and it all seemed like too much work. Fast forward to now where there are 100 seedlings living in my house... it's an addiction! Time will tell if you can "keep it basic" ! Good on you for taking the day off yesterday, cold wind and rain and mud will suck the fun out of any task!

Mama Pea said...

Hi, Erin - Okay, first of all, you really know how to hurt a guy.

Secondly, you know me so well. :o)

Chicken Mama said...

Well said, Erin! ;)

Add to the list of "yeah, right"s Mama Pea not having any annuals this summer! No hanging baskets then? No cosmos in the garden? Nothing in the flower boxes? Uh-huh. Yeah . . . right.

MaineCelt said...

Yep. My Grandpa always said the same sort of thing, then planted a huge garden in his rich dairy-farm soil that produced enough giant cabbages and rutabagas to choke a draft horse... (which is how much, exactly? Oh, never mind.)

His daughter did pretty much the same thing, even though our soil was so full of clay we had to break up the clumps with a pick-ax.

Now, I have the opposite problem. We're determined to bring in as good an income as possible from this year's garden, so I need to plant as much as I can manage, and then some!

But...good luck with your theoretical downscaling, anyway!

Mama Pea said...

Hi, MaineCelt - I'm so interested! Will you sell your produce at a farmer's market this summer? What will your main crops be? Are you concentrating on something specific to be your "money maker" or just offering some of everything? Do tell all . . . inquiring minds want to know!

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