Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Day at Swamp River Ridge

Here's a snippet of our day out at Swamp River Ridge giving Chicken Mama a helping hand on a chore or two that needed a helping hand. I didn't get to chronicle all the day's activities because I kept finding myself in one spot with my camera in another.

Chicken Mama wanted to store some things in the little hidey-hole up above the walk-in closet in her bedroom which is accessible only by ladder. Seems the last time she crawled up there to put some things away, the ladder fell down so she thought this would be a good thing to do when someone was there to help.

Her dear ol' dad was on the floor handing boxes to me halfway up the ladder and then I could hand them to her up in the storage area. Worked pretty slick that way and we had the boxes she wanted up and those she wanted down switched in no time flat.

Then we were off to a different storage area over the garage where she wanted to do some sorting. She found the box of Halloween costumes and couldn't resist becoming a sultry redhead for a few minutes complete with black feather boa.

We also carried boxes and boxes and boxes (well, it felt that way) of books down to ground level where Dad got the job of transporting them via wheelbarrow up to the house.

Next was the light over the side door that heavy snow sliding off the roof had damaged.

Tucker was very concerned so found one of the few remaining snow banks to sprawl on from which to watch.

And we all know how this goes . . . one person is needed to hold the fixture while the other connects the wires.

Along about 4:30 I volunteered (puleeze let me rest!) to go in and start putting a pizza together for dinner. Chicken Mama had already done the hard part: making the crust.

While I was doing this, father and daughter crawled under the back-up snow plow truck to see if they could determine what was wrong with the transmission. I was just about to grab my camera and run out to get a picture of the four legs sticking out from under the truck when I knocked a really nice, close-to-antique glass off the counter which shattered into a million pieces. (I had had two alcoholic drinks by that time but that had absolutely nothing to do with my coordination. Or lack thereof.)

I cannot tell you how good this pizza tasted. It was cut into eight pieces. Two people ate two pieces each and one person ate three and a half pieces. (Burp. 'Scuse me.)

The above picture shows that I believe in spreading my wheat seed contaminated soil around the county. This is the hyacinth I bought for Chicken Mama at the same time I bought my oxalis plant and which I repotted before giving to her using the same potting soil. At least the stand of her wheat didn't completely crowd out her plant.

All in all, a fun day, a good day, and I'm going to take a hot shower and go to bed. Night-night.


Erin said...

Great photos, nice of you to share your day! Love that "nook" for storage, very clever and useful. Looks like you got plenty done yesterday, I know she appreciates it, all that organizing stuff always takes a back burner to other things, so when you get it done it feels so good!

Jo said...

Your daughter has a beautiful home. When you find some time, you wanna come down south and help me with some things on our extensive spring 'to-do' list?? We've got plenty to go around!

Chicken Mama said...

I know I was on the phone for much of dinner (and not paying attention), but you ate THREE & A HALF PIECES?! Hahahaha!

Claire said...

I am so happy that W has the two of you to help out with all the chores! Any chance you want to come south for some more odd jobs? ;)

Mama Pea said...

Hey, Erin - She's got a couple of those little storage areas and they sure do come in handy . . . 'cept for the fact that they're only accessible by ladder!

Hi, Jo - Oh, lordy, lordy. Hubby and I made our spring/summer to do list a day or so ago and it was downright depressing. Maybe we should all form a big work crew and make the rounds of all our homesteads for the next couple of months. Bet we could get a lot more accomplished that way. (And what FUN that would be!)

Hey, Chickie Mama - Must have been the fresh garlic on the pizza that provided a spring tonic for me. I was wishing I had another one just like it for dinner tonight.

Claire - So you wanna join our summer work crew, too?? (It would be nice to have a doctor along . . . not that any of us might be clumsy or accident prone or anything!)

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