Monday, February 8, 2010

Yay, We Got Some Snow!

It was only 3-4", but at least it was enough to cover the ground.

This is a picture taken in approximately the same spot as the first one I posted in my last entry while complaining about the lack of snow.

And this is another shot of the second picture in that previous post.

You can see the difference, can't you? Sure ya can!

We have bright, blue skies and sunshine today but about 65 miles south of us they are reported to be in white-out snow conditions with already 12" on the ground. We would have liked to have gotten a bit more here, but at least our precipitation wasn't rain this time around so we're thankful for that.


  1. We've gotten about five inches over the last 24 hours, and will probably get a few more tonight. The problem is the layer of thick ice that covered the roads just before it started to snow. And the drifting. Our schools were closed today, we'll see what tomorrow brings!

  2. Hi, Erin - We sure were glad to see even a little bit more snow . . . but you're right. Your pictures look like they could have been taken in Minnie-soda!

    Hey, Jo - We've still got a layer of ice from the rain we got a couple weeks ago. We thought maybe the new snow would give us a little "grip" walking and driving but we're still slippin' and sliddin'!

  3. I'm glad you got some snow. I sent some up special just for you!! You can have as much as you want, we're getting hit again...

  4. Hi, Jody - Really too bad you couldn't arrange to send a little MORE of your copious amounts of snow up here. We'd gladly take it and you're getting more than you ever wanted! Such an unbelievable winter of snow you've had.

  5. Glad you finally got a bit more snow! It started snowing around noon when we were out birding the Sax-Zim Bog on Sunday. Snowed pretty hard there and we drove all the way to Mpls in snow, but it didn't seem to be piling up much.