Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Congested Highways

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Sign on the back roads on the way to the farm to get milk.


  1. I would love to see sled dog traffic!! Really, how common is it in your area? (Common enough to rate a road sign I guess!)

  2. just. plain. awesome. !!! Can't wait to show hubby when he gets home, he is even amused by our snowmobile highways back home, so he'll really love this one!

  3. Hi, Jen and Erin - Mushers don't typically run their dogs on the roads, but signs like this will be posted near areas where mushers live and/or keep their dogs. They run/train in the woods but will occasionally have to cross a road from one woods trail to another or, for instance, come out of their home place and travel a short distance down a road before turning into the woods where they pick up the trail.

    We DO have many mushers living in the area though.

  4. so, what do you do?? stop, speed up, go left or right, race them??

  5. I love this. Even when I lived in Alaska, I don't recall having seen any signs quite like it. Nothing around here more exciting than "moose crossing."

    Although, that said, when I first moved to Maine I laughed a lot at all the "hidden drive" signs, which I'd never seen before. As we drove past each house, I'd try to imagine just what sort of "hidden drives" those people might have!

  6. I love how, in Canada (700 yards through the woods from where I'm sitting right now), there are 'Night Danger' warning / road signs with pictures of moose underneath. So, does that mean we're supposed to start calling them 'night dangers' vs. 'moose'?

  7. If this photo were on Facebook, I would click on the "LIKE" button.
    We don't have any signs like that here in SE Minnesota.

  8. Hi, Karen Sue - I don't truly know what dog sled etiquette is, but we slow down and stop to give the dogs the right-of-way.

    Hey, MaineCelt - Yeah, we have the "hidden drive" signs around here, too, and most of the time I have to just shake my head when I pass one.

    Chicken Mama - Seems like there should be signs saying, "Day Danger" also as hitting a moose in the daytime would be a little upsetting, too! (Or are all Canadian moose nocturnal??)

    Hi, Ruthie - I'm sure there are a lot of people from out of the area that see these signs and don't know quite what to make of them.