Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Splendiforous Day

I had a great day yesterday. I took the whole day and spent it in my quilt studio. My husband made me do it.

Our daughter mentioned the other day that we wrecked her life (well, okay she didn't put it exactly in those words) because she was raised by two workaholics. She's right . . . about Roy and me being workaholics and setting a bad example for her!

Not allowing myself to do just what I want to do is something that I'm really battling with at this stage of my life. I don't wanna BE a workaholic anymore To say that it's hard to change a life-long habit is a great, big, fat, ol' understatement.

This is what I had on my list for yesterday and what I felt I needed to get done: Water houseplants, computer clean-up work, balance checkbook with monthly bank statement, order garden seeds, make kombucha, give husband a haircut and beard trim, wash lettuce in refrig, package double batch of Mexican Tortillas I made day before and had put into freezer to quick-freeze, clean out wood stove ashes, clean eggs, and clean house.

Roy insisted I NEEDED to spend the day quilting (hmmm, wonder what he was trying to tell me?), and that I shouldn't even think about doing anything else all day including no meal preparation.

And I did it! Yay for me! And I had a wonderful day. Now I want to do it again. And again. And again. Any volunteers to come live with us and do my list everyday so I can quilt, quilt, quilt until I tire of it? I gotta warn you though, it will be a long, long time before I do.

This gorgeous sunset yesterday was icing on the cake.

The colors are not enhanced one whit. This is what it looked like au naturel. A splendiforous sunset for a splendiforous day.


Jody M said...

I'd really like to develop some workaholism, but both my parents were kind of, how should I put it? Lazy is a strong word. Matt is a workaholic, though, and I am picking it up.

Mama Pea said...

Hi, Jody - From your posts, you don't sound at all like that "strong word!" I never set out to be a workaholic . . . it's just that there is always so dang much to do. [I think it's our lifestyle. Living in a condo and paying a monthly maintenance fee would probably change my daily list a bit. But don't wanna do that. :o)]

Chicken Mama said...

Mom, you wrote: "Not allowing myself to do just what I want to do is something that I'm really battling with at this stage of my life. I don't wanna BE a workaholic anymore."

Well, I heard this yesterday . . . on Facebook, of all places . . . and it is SO good! Here it is:

We are Human BEINGS, not Human DOINGS.

I.e., we are not supposed to be constantly "do"-ing . . . rather, we should just . . . be.

Ohhhhhhhmmmmmmm . . . .

P.S. We had the gorgeous sunset, too . . . must have been something in the atmosphere. Do I use ' . . . ' too much? You think . . . ?


Erin said...

I say "good for you!" even though I feel your pain on letting things go. Sunset is gorgeous! Hubby is laughing at your wanting a picture of his hat... He says "see? It's beautiful and other people want to see it"! Yeah, right....

RuthieJ said...

I'm so glad you had a good day working on your quilts Mama Pea.
(I don't think being a workaholic is a bad thing either--or maybe it's just because I'm one too!)

Karen Sue said...

OH, how BEAUTIFUL! It is an added blessing to the gift of the day.

Mama Pea said...

Yo, Chicken Mama - Yes, that is good! It goes along with what we always hear of the importance of "being in the moment" . . . rather than "doing in the moment."

And if you use " . . . " too much in your writing . . . well, you inherited it from me. Because if you took away my " . . . ", I wouldn't be able to write anymore.

Hi, Erin - I think we deserve a picture of HIM WEARING his hat! I say that's a secure man who can knit his own hat, wear it, and admit to it . . . regardless of what it looks like!

Ruthie - I think workaholism is fine up until the point where it isn't fulfilling or giving you joy. Then you have to ask "what is all this for?" At least that's where I'm coming from anywho!

Hi, Karen Sue - Isn't it a true miracle how absolutely beautiful a sunrise or sunset can be? And it's free for us to enjoy!!

Jennifer Jo said...

Well, that sure was sweet of your hubby. What a guy.

And what an incredible sunset! Wow, wow, and WOW.

Mama Pea said...

Hi, Mama JJ - The novel I'm currently reading revolves around a bunch of wacky, unrelated people who live together as a family. One of the things they do every single day is congregate out of doors to watch the sunset. They treat it almost as a time of prayer or meditation or self-rejuvenation. When you think of how beautiful most sunsets are that doesn't seem like a bad idea to cultivate! And yet, how often are we all "too busy" to do that?

Karen Sue said...

Oh, what is the name of your book? I'm still gathering up a list for the year and always on the lookout for another. Had to move my nightstand to make room for some stuff going out/coming in and I have a stack of books on top with are a threat to my life and the drawers were too full to put any in. Time for a sort. Hey if they've been in the drawer for more than a year, must be I don't want to read them THAT bad. Probably should start on my shelves downstairs and then work out from there. How did I go from reading a book to cleaning out all the book areas in my house?!?!?

Mama Pea said...

Hi, Karen Sue - The book I'm reading is an old one (1999) by Dorothy Gilman called "Thale's Folly." It's very light reading . . . just a book I picked up at the Library.

It sounds to me like you don't need anymore books on your "To Read" list! Careful of that stack by your bed. It may fall on you!!

MaineCelt said...

Maybe you need to set aside one or two days every week for your "quilting sabbath," and observe it religiously? (Hee hee, you could make some amazing quilted clergy vestments, I bet!)

Mama Pea said...

MaineCelt - A "quilting sabbath." What a lovely label. It simply inspires creativity!